Butterfly Theme

Choosing a butterfly theme for your party can both be refreshing and dramatic. The debutante is similar to the butterfly in the sense that a debutante goes through changes in her life that are similar to the metamorphosis that takes place when a caterpillar changes to a butterfly. The debutante now becomes a woman.  She is now all grown up and ready to take on the world.  Just like the butterfly, she has grown beautiful wings that will help her reach her dreams.  Butterflies are very interesting creatures.  Similarly, there are a lot of things you can do to make this theme interesting and memorable.

Invites.      Make your invites the shape of a butterfly to give the guests an inkling on what exciting things are in store for your party.  You can also make the wordings more exciting by putting in something like “I am grown up now and is starting to embark on my own journey in life.   I have grown beautiful wings that will help me reach my dreams.  Please come and watch me fly!”


Venue. Garden venues are perfect for butterfly theme because you can play around with the use of butterflies, flowers and other butterfly-inspired materials for your decorations.

Decor.   Emphasize the theme by creating paper butterflies tied to nylon threads and hang it on the ceiling.  It would look like actual butterflies are flying all around the venue.

Dress. The butterfly possesses strikingly beautiful splashes of colors on its wings.  Similarly a debutante walking down the stage with her elegant gown and natural beauty can be likened to butterfly taking flight.  Make flowers and butterflies as your inspiration in picking out the perfect gown.  You can also create butterfly wings for you to wear on your grand entrance.  To turn it up a notch, have a butterfly release on your grand entrance.   It would surely be an awesome sight to behold once you walk on the stage with your spectacular gown and those elegant wings.

Party favors.  Souvenirs can be made out of preserved butterfly wings that are laminated. You could also go for the butterfly book marker or crystallized pen holders that Acclaim Butterflies are offering. http://acclaimbutterflies.tripod.com/mainproduct.html.

For other party favors, you can have edibles (candies, gummy bears, chocolates, etc) wrapped in japanese paper made to look like a butterfly’s wings.  You can also have soaps, candles, lotions, perfume (cologne) that have a sweet scent which I’m sure butterflies love.

You can also hire a face painter that will paint butterflies, flowers on the faces of your guests so that they can have their pictures taken on a cool butterfly inspired backdrop with their beautiful butterfly face paint.  The photobooth (pictures) can serve as your party favor too.

Another party favor that is very promising is giving away flower seeds.  Put in a word like “Please plant these seeds and take care of it.”  or something like  “Thank you for coming into my life.  May you continue to take care of me just like you would with these flower seeds. ”

Remember that in order to utilize this theme to its full extent,  you should embody the butterfly and everything that it stands for.   Life, love and happiness.

Photo Credit: © Tammy Hanratty/Corbis


  1. i really luv this theme. i think i will used this theme on my debu this coming october. but how will i budget using this theme? coz i really luv this theme.

    • hi diane,

      A butterfly theme is surely a nice theme to have. We have posted a party budget planner that I’m sure would be of great help to you. Focus on your decorations for a butterfly theme to take full effect. A garden venue is a nice consideration with this theme. You cannot go wrong with a butterfly release on your grand entrance. I’m sure the rates are reasonable for a 50-piece butterfly release. Make your gown colorful, as colorful as a butterfly’s wings. Pick hues that go well with each other so as to create a very cohesive color scheme. This is all for now and happy planning!

  2. hello,
    my debut will be on March 2010 and by that time I’m still here in the US, I wanted to have a late celebration in the Philippines as soon as I go back home. but right I’m not yet sure if I will have a debut celebration. but ever since I really dreamed of having a debut party. how much do you think will it cost for this butterfly theme? I also want to combine it with the rose theme. What do you think about that? Thank u for making this site. This one will sure help me in planning my debut party if I will have one. (: Good day.

    • Hi Xia,

      The butterfly theme is a doable theme. You can combine the butterfly theme with a rose theme. After all, butterflies love flowers, don’t they? There are lots of things that you can do DIY with these themes. Sprinkle rose petals on the stage, table tops, etc. You can fill your venue with rose arrangements and make butterfly wings and hang them around your venue. It will be totally cool if your venue is in a garden, but if it is not, you can make your venue, look like a garden by putting foliage, flowers and butterflies around it. Look for butterfly suppliers on our suppliers page and ask for their rates for a butterfly release. It will create a magical experience for both you and your guests when you have that grand entrance with a butterfly release. Hope this helps and happy planning.

    • hi shiela mae,

      first of all i would like to greet you an advanced happy birthday! i’m sure whatever theme you choose for your debut will work as long as it fits your personality. for this reason, i cannot answer outright what the best debut theme for you would be and how much it would cost because it really depends. what are your hobbies? are you into music? are you into sports? you have to consider all these things about yourself before coming up with a theme. debutantes who are fond of the beach often go for pool parties because they mirror their personality. as for the cost, it would really depend on how many guests are attending, what type of gown you would like, etc. sometimes, it’s best to work on a budget. if you don’t want to organize the party yourself, hire some event organizers because they know how to work around a budget and still give you the best party you can throw. contrary to what other people think, hiring party organizers can actually help you save money since they can get loads of discounts with suppliers they have worked with in the past.

      i hope this helps! 🙂

  3. thanks po!
    good day:]

    actually i want to be like a princess when that special day comes on me. it’s just like kim chui’s debut, but i dont know if what kind of her theme is that, you know what it is?but aside from that what is other’s you think so? because i want to go down on stairs wearing a gown like a princess too!

  4. I’m having a renaissance-themed debut for my 18th exactly one year from today. I already have a nice ballroom reserved with a garden pool on the outside. The problem is, I lack ideas on how to make my debut more renaissance-ish in terms of decorations, invites, souvenirs, and entertainment for the guests. It would be really nice if you helped me. Thank-you.

    • Hi Sarah,

      In the next weeks, we will be posting an article about the Renaissance theme that I’m sure will be able to give you some ideas in planning your party. It is good that you already have a venue because sometimes choosing a venue can be problematic, and planning your party one year in advance would put you in a relaxed state in terms of party planning. Read more on some of our articles to help you in choosing your supplier at this early stage. It will give you an advantage in terms of their prices as you will be able to avail of their current rate even though your party will be next year which I’m assuming prices have increased by then. http://debutideas.com/?p=945. We have a list of suppliers on our suppliers page http://debutideas.com/?page_id=8 that you may want to consider. Hope this helps and happy planning.

    • Hi Regz,

      For the Butterfly Theme, you can have a photobooth with huge butterfly wings on the backdrop so that your guests would look like a butterfly in their picture, you could also have cute butterfly figurines, floral designed hankies and scarves, potted plants (flowers), flower shaped chocolates and butterfly shaped cookies. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  5. thank you po. I will apply your suggestions to my debut. I’m am so excited for that day to come. Thanks again and more power to the people behind DEBUT IDEAS.

  6. hi yah I’m haven mah debut dis cumin august here in uk nd kinda struggeling bout wat kind of souviners suits in mah fairytale theme, do u ave any suggestion?plsz help plsz plsz and by dah way do fink green and purple would match? ty

  7. by the way, i liked this theme! my venue would be like a morrocan inspired theme. it’s a garden. i wud like to improvise the place and select my own theme. what theme wud be best? thanks!

  8. hi there!! my debut will be next month so we are preparing now my theme is butterfly and a garden venue.what are some ideas that i can add on the decorations? thank you and god bless!!

    • Hi Yam,

      The butterfly theme is very a very cute and earthy theme to do and your garden venue is just perfect for it. A garden venue actually need not be decorated much because the natural foliage is already a nice backdrop for your debut party. However, if you want to add just a touch of cuteness into it, you can hang origami butterflies near the stage to recreate a butterfly in flight


      Source: http://static.family.go.com

      and to add color to the garden’s earthy look, add some paper flowers too.


      Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com


      Source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PomLove

      Hope this helps and happy birthday Yam!

  9. hello,

    I am having my 18th birthday party soon and I don’t know what theme I should do. I just want my debut to be simple but elegant and unique. Do you have any theme suggestions? I am thinking something about pink and purple colors because those are my favorite but I don’t know what theme go with those colors. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Iris,

      Pink and purple combination is certainly a nice color combination. A Butterfly theme would work just fine for these color combination. Hang pink and purple paper butterflies around your venue for a very cute ambiance. You can also have a fairies theme where pink and purple silk and chiffons abound. You can also have a “It’s a Girl Thing” kind of a theme where you are showcasing you as a girl and now a woman. It is about girl power and women empowerment. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  10. im having my debut this june. i wonder what could i give as my games and prizes for a butterfly theme debut?
    hope you can help me. thnx 🙂

    • Hi Mj,

      Prizes and Souvenir items can be:

      – Butterfly ref magnets
      Personalized bag tags
      – Butterfly shaped scented candles
      – Small butterfly pillows
      – buttefly stuffed toys
      – Butterfly keychain
      – Buttefly cellphone charms

      Happy planning!

  11. hi. we are already starting to plan for my debut. but until now i am still not decided to pick my motif. honestly, i really want the pink and violet or violet and yellow. but i think that would be common. i want a bit unique. some said that pink is super common. pero kais, parang yun ung nagsysymbolize din nung pagka babae. parang ganun. gusto ko parin na may touch of pink parin ung motif ko. thats why i am still confused. aside from that is the theme. i want it to be like a princess. hoping for your suggestions and recommendations. thank you.

    • Hi Kristel,

      Yellow and violet are complementary colors. It would definitely be an outstanding color combination, and so is violet and pink which are girly colors. Every party is different. They may have the same theme or color motif, but they will definitely differ in some aspects. Make your party unique by being creative and infusing some of your personality into it. If you want the princess theme with those color combinations, then go for it. You can have 18 tiaras for your 18 candles, 18 princes for 18 roses or have one grand Royal dance fit for a princess. You will have one waltz song and your 18 roses will form a circle at the dance area with you in the center. You will then dance with one 18 rose every or so beat until you have danced with all of your 18s. You can also play a game or two. One example would be to hide a glass slipper under a chair and label it “Cinderella lost her glass slipper. A reward awaits the person who finds it.” or something like that. Hope this helps.

  12. hello i think i have a theme already its dance party small pool party .. what do you think is my souvenirs pls reply 🙁

  13. I’m not ready in my debut because I’m busy in my internship .. now i have some time to plan .. what should i do? i only have 1 week to give invitations and plan my program 🙁 i am not giving may invitation because i have no picture in there .. what pose and style of me will i put in my invitation? thank you so much

  14. hello! my birthday is on november 25 but i have to plan now because i’ll be busy.
    aint got no idea on how to make personalized wings.
    what should i do?
    what items do i need to make it?

    • Hi Prettyhar,

      You’ll be needing a wire, duct tape and panty hose for this.
      Cut enough wire to create the shape of a figure 8 in the size you want the wings to be.
      To avoid sharp edges, wrap duct tape around the excess wire. Each side of the figure eight will be a wing, so begin to shape them however you want. From that shape of the wings, you can still contour the wire in a way that it will resemble butterfly wings. as soon as you have shaped the wings correctly, pull the queen-sized panty hose over the wire. Use 1 panty hose leg for each wing. Tuck any excess panty hose fabric under the wire at the center of the figure eight, using duct tape to wrap around the center. Color the wings with your color motif. Decorate the wings with the glitter glue and other ornamentation. Let it dry. Once you have put on the rest of the costume, attach the wings by wrapping the ribbon around the center of the wings, then tie it around your waist and shoulders until it fits comfortably.

      That’s it and happy planning!

  15. Hi, Im planning to have a butterfly theme on my 18th birthday, and Im wondering what kind of games I could do to make my party fun and memorable….

  16. Hi, im planning to have a butterfly theme for my debut next year in June or July, so I just want to ask if what kind of games I can do to make my party fun and exciting!! 😀 thanks

  17. hi there ! ..can u help me find food for these butterfly theme .. my birthday is on sept.15 ..
    plss reply .. thankz ..

  18. hey debut ideas,

    i’ve seen this site hours ago, after i review for my exams. this site is a great help for me. i’m already planning my debut (my day is on september 15, but i will celebrate it on the 18th). i’ve seen the fairy and butterfly themes. i love it. it would suit the venue, pools and garden.

    thanks so much for the suggestions. 🙂

    xoxo ynne.

  19. Hi!!

    my birthday is on October 9, 2010. I will celebrate it on October 15, I like to have a butterfly theme or a garden theme but my problem is I can’t have it in a garden and my mom already reserved a clubhouse in our village for it so can you help me how to decorate it at a low cost? Can you also suggest any balloon arrangements for it? Thanks!! 🙂

    • Hi Liezl,

      A clubhouse would be a nice venue to work on. As I’ve said to another debutante who also will have a butterfly theme, drapes are a must when decorating large spaces. Buy cheap fabric of your color motif and put drapes around your venue and at the ceiling (most especially for unattractive ceilings). Another alternative would be to have balloon decors shaped like butterflies click here and then hang paper butterflies at the end of the balloons so that when the balloons sway, it would seem as though the paper butterflies are flying. Hope this helps.

  20. Hi. I will be having my debut this October and I’m interested in using this Butterfly theme. We are not that rich and the venue is just in our house. Can you suggest some ideas about the dress, the decorations, etc. that we can use? Thanks!

    • Hi Jean,

      Transforming your house into a venue with a butterfly theme believe it or not is very simple. First, choose a color motif. You need to have a color motif even if it is a butterfly theme, so that you can establish cohesiveness with your party. For instance, having two color combinations in the shade of pink would be cute and then combine this with white to create neatness. Once you have a color, buy cheap fabric of your color for the drapings. Drapes are a great way of decorating a venue. Since your house is your venue, drapes will be able to help you in hiding some flaws on the walls or even just giving you a backdrop on which to decorate. It also will give your house a softer feel and it will tie up the venue to your theme. click here for pictures. We also have butterfly inspired dresses in our facebook page for your reference. Hope this helps.

  21. hello po, gusto ko lang pong humingi nang tulong tungkol sa program nang debut ko. ang plano ko ho kasi ay mag modeling ako sa first part, ihahati ko ho yung part kung saan mag gown ako, fairyrunway kasi ho ang debut ko. maari nyo ho ba akong tulungan?

    • Hi Kens,

      Debuts need not be expensive if you plan it wisely. You can do it in the comfort of your own garden to save on venue rental. Ask some of your friends and family to cook for you so that you don’t need to hire a caterer or better yet, serve pica pica foods of cheese sticks, hotdogs, small ham sandwiches, chocolate fountain with marshmallows, fruits (grapes, apples, melon, watermelon, etc) and fruit punch. Plan what theme you are going to execute so you know what decorative things to buy at Divisoria. You can also buy your gown in Divisoria. You can choose a design that you want and they’ll do it for you. The cost is cheaper than in the mall. If you are opting for a dress, buy something that you can still use for other occasions like for going out with friends. For invites, you can have it DIY. Buy printing needs at Star Paper for great discounts. For souvenirs, it depends on what you want. You can have a do-it-yourself party favor like chocolate candies shaped into a heart or a star, etc. You can buy your chocolates at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao 45 P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City Tel: (02) 724-4964. Hope this helps.

  22. gud day!!,,

    • Hi Wendy,

      We think it’ perfectly fine to combine butterfly and masquerade. You can have a masquerade themed party wherein all the masks you and your lady guests wear are shaped like butterflies! That will be beautiful!

      Hope this helps

  23. Omg! Thank you so much!! 🙂 it helped a lot!!

    by the way’ do you know any invitation designs that would be great for a butterfly theme?
    because i can’t find any and i wanted to make one but idk how.. so if you have any suggestions, or examples that you could
    share.. that would be really nice.. thank you 🙂

    • Hi Tinay,

      You can have a small cake on top and then lots of individual mini butterfly cupcakes around it. We have some pictures of butterfly-inspired cakes on our facebook page. Click here. Hope this helps.

  24. haie po.. i want to ask if what will be the best theme for my debut next month..? i want a theme that is not too expensive, not for my part but to the part of my guests.. i want a theme that simple but memorable.. a theme that my guests wont complain about the costumes that they are going to wear.. i want to ask also if what will be the best gifts away for my guests in connection of my theme..? what color is best for my theme..? and what will be the best dresses do i need to wear for my debut party..? thanks and god bless..

    • Hi Sheil,

      Your questions boil down to what theme you like first. There are lots of themes that are not that expensive on the part of your guests. For instance, in a black and white party you could have them wear a black dress or cocktail which I’m sure every girl has, and white polo for the guys. Also in a butterfly theme, you could ask them to wear any colored dress or cocktail and polo. Anything but black. So, first things first. Decide on your theme first. What you like or love best because this will be easier for you to plan. And then the rest will follow. Happy planning.

  25. haie debut ideas… ahmp.. actually, i love to have butterfly or a fairy theme.. but,,,.. i don’t have any idea what are my guests are going to wear.. for the girls.. and specially for the boys,,,…what would be the boys’ attire for neither butterfly theme or a fairy theme.. and for the girls, what dresses are they going to wear, that is not too hassle and too expensive for them..? my mom wont allow me or my guests to wear any dresses that colored as black..

  26. Hello! I’ve been thinking of a butterfly-themed debut. But I want to have some other options similar to this. can you suggest some? thank you!

  27. Hello! What is the best debut cake design and unique giveaways for this theme? I really love this theme but I don’t know what design of cake will I follow and what giveaways will I give ’cause I don’t like that my giveaways are very common. Please help me…..

    • Hi Candy,

      We have here some picture inspiration of cake design for a butterfly theme. click here. For giveaways, you can have butterfly shaped chocolates, candies on a box with butterfly ribbons, cupcake with butterfly frosting or candy melts designs, butterfly cellphone trinkets or cellphone holders, preserved butterfly paperweights or bookmarks, etc. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Janine,

      Your invites are really pretty and knowing that you did it yourself makes it all the more special. We’re glad to be a part of this once in a lifetime event in your life. May we post your invite pics on our facebook page? We will give you credit and all. This will really help debutantes out there in making their invites.

  28. Hello? Im thinking of lavender and red for my motif’ on my debut but im having trouble about the table setting and how I organize it..
    So, I just want your opinion if lavender and red looks good together for a butterfly theme and I want to ask if what is a good color that goes with red (b/c its my fav. color) for a butterfly theme debut party (if lavender won’t work with it)… Hope you reply back! thanks

  29. Hello? Im thinking of lavender and red for my motif’ on my debut but im having trouble about the table setting and how I organize it..
    So, I just want your opinion if lavender and red looks good together for a butterfly theme.. Hope you reply back! thanks

  30. hi! i’m planning for my daughter’s debut party this coming september 2011. the color motif i had in mind is teal or turquiose. can you please suggest what color would best combine to this and is it okay for a butterfly theme party? thanks much and Godbless!

    • Hi Karen Brigette,

      Your guests need not adhere to the theme, but if you want it to be sort of a “costume party butterfly theme”, I suggest you tel your guests to wear something glittery. Or if not, make sure to have glitters on their faces — a sparkling face paint will do! Maybe you can hire a face painter in the venue itself and have him paint butterflies on your guests’ faces. you have to notify your guests though about this. You can also ask your female guests to wear butterfly wings if they have the resources.

      Hope this helps!

  31. Hello! I will be having my debut this September ang I want a Buterfly theme party. What motif would i choose for these theme? and for my guests? what they would be wearing? thankyou

    • Hi Aria,

      Since butterflies are celebrated as having vibrant colors, your party should be tastefully colorful. The colorful the better. Take inspiration on this picture from our album in our facebook page. Fairy’s Dream. Ask the guests to wear any color they want but if you’re going for a more formal look, opt for black tie for guys and chiffon dresses for females. Hope this helps.

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