A Traditional Debut Planner

6 months before:

  1. plan a budget with your parents
  2. decide on the number of guests you want to have and make a prelim guest list
  3. decide on your color motif and theme
  4. look for designers, choreographer, a mobile, florists, photographers and videographers. Look at their portfolios and sample work.
  5. list the members of your cotillion and warn them that rehearsals may fall on weekends. Ask them about their schedules so you both know what kind of commitment to expect.
  6. once you have confirmed your venue and cotillion members, have your invitation printed as early as possible. Order additional envelopes just in case errors are made while addressing them.

4 months before:

  1. finalize your guest list
  2. select the menu based on your budget
  3. decide on what type of cake you like. There are some bakers who can do very intricate designs, and there are others who can make simpler cakes on a budget
  4. book your vendors and make down payments: the florist, photographer, videographer, baker and band/mobile. Make sure that you have a written contract with all of them.
  5. discuss the type of cotillion you want with your choreographer, and make a schedule of rehearsals.
  6. finalize with your gown designs.

3 months before:

  1. schedule measurements and fittings of your gowns (with the cotillion members).
  2. start taping interviews with your family and friends for the video presentation
  3. finalize your menu and make the necessary down payments
  4. start having trial make-up sessions with different artists. Have your picture taken after each trial so that you can remember how each one made you up. There are times when how you look in person differs from your face in the photograph.
  5. begin rehearsals for the cotillion and other special programs
  6. decide on the souvenirs.

2 months before:

  1. book the make-up artist of your choice
  2. send your invitation envelopes to your calligrapher of printer
  3. conceptualize the dΓ©cor and set-up with the florist or the hotel

1 month before:

  1. send out your invitations
  2. buy your accessories: shoes, bag, hosiery, jewelry, undergarments.
  3. go for final fittings and rehearsals with the cotillion members.
  4. finalize the layout and logistics of the reception venue.
  5. if you hired a coordinator, tie-up all the loose ends and discuss the flow of the events and program. Otherwise, assign someone who can take care of wrapping up and settling the bill for you after the function.

2 weeks before:

  1. discuss the program with the hose
  2. give the final head count to the Banquet Officer of the hotel or your caterer. Don’t forget to add the coordinators, photographers, videographer, etc. to the headcount.
  3. reconfirm all your reservations with the florist, photographer, videographer, baker, band/mobile, make-up artist, etc.
  4. buy a token gift for your parents to thank them for giving you a wonderful debut

1 week before:

  1. arrange your souvenirs and guest book.
  2. do one last cotillion rehearsal
  3. relax for the rest of the week.

the day before

sleep early

the day itself

kick up your heels and have fun!!

after the debut

  1. have your gown professionally dry cleaned
  2. make thank you cards for all the gifts you received

( Source: Seventeen Philippines, July 2001 )

[Article by Charley Antonio and Hazel Villonco of the Bridal Cortege]


  1. hi there! can you help me please? the 7th birhtday party of ny my cousin is near approaching.
    please help me do the parts of the program. i really don’t know what to do.
    thanks for helping me. im looking forward to it. thanks!

    • Hi Joan,

      You can use our program that is made for debut parties and tweak it here and there. http://debutideas.com/?p=48. After all, a child’s 7th birthday party should be celebrated differently. It should not be just any other children’s party. You can have 7 candles and 7 wishes instead of the 18s. You can have something like:

      7 WISHES
      7 GIFTS

      Put lots of games as children love games. Hope this helps and happy birthday to your cousin.

  2. hello! im having my debut this coming February. i have a venue already. (at Moomba in Mother Ignacia). I’m having a hard time choosing my theme and palnning the whole party. can u help me..please?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Moomba has a safari effect going on, so you might want to draw some inspiration on that. You could have a safari adventure theme. Also Moomba is a closed space, more like a bar, right? You could also have a sort of rave party http://debutideas.com/?p=855 or a Glam-Rock party http://debutideas.com/?p=27. How about a 60s inspired Austin Powers theme and have your guests dress up in a 60s inspired outfit. That would be totally rad! Hope this helps and happy planning Nicole.

  3. hi debut ideas, i need your help.i really don’t know what theme will i choose.but i have this idea i want a SHAKESPEAREAN DEBUT PARTY.but i dont know what kind of giveaways and what are the plans or twist about my bday. can you hel me?pleease.

    • Hi Camille Torres,

      For a Shakespearean theme, gain inspiration with the movie Romeo and Juliet (Claire Danes and Leonardo diCarpio) especially at the party where they met. You can also gain some insight on costume and invitation wordings from the movie Shakespeare in Love (Gwyneth Paltrow). You can also use the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare to draw inspiration on how to decorate your stage. You could also incorporate this theme to a masquerade ball theme where all your guests should wear masks. A Renaissance theme can also be combined with this where you can have court jesters entertain your guests. For party favors, you can have crazy hats, masks, fan for the ladies, a photoframe with a printed Shakespearean poem in it, elegant jewelry boxes, etc. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  4. Hi! I’ll be having my debut on May but I can’t find the perfect theme for it. Please help me. My venue is at the Glass Garden in Pasig. Thanks!

    • Hi Mia,

      The Glass Garden is a really nice venue to have and a Masquerade Ball theme would be perfect for it. Have your guests wear masks for a very exciting and intriguing effect. I can just imagine you walking down the stair with your elegant ball gown on your grand entrance. A butterfly theme would also be perfect as it is a garden venue. You can also try the Renaissance theme with court jesters for entertainment. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

    • Hi Karen,

      The theme that you should choose is something that is close to your heart so that you will not have a hard time planning it. For instance, if you love fairy tales, then pick your favorite fairytale story and go with it. If you are more into dressing up, you may want to try having masquerade ball or a renaissance theme. The theme should also reflect your personality so that if you are a fun loving person, you may want to try the rave theme, glam rock, runway inspired theme or psychedelic theme, roaring 20s theme, etc. This is your party girl.. know what you want and go with it! Make your personality standout. Happy planning.

  5. May I know your idea about having a debut in Japanese theme like the cherry blossom zen you said or the anime style. whats your idea about this, my daughter will celebrate it this march. hoping you could enlighten me with your bright ideas. God Bless!

    • Hi Arlene,

      The Japanese theme is a great theme to have because it is very simple and elegant at the same time. For color motifs on this theme, you may want to try baby pinks with white and chocolate brown to create an elegant and mature feel but still preserving some cuteness with the baby pink. You can also have green and chocolate brown. For decors, put white japanese lanterns around your venue, have bonsai plants on the stage, and have a structured rectangular box and fill it with green button mums as your table arrangement. For invites, I am thinking of scrolled plain white (or pink, depending on your color motif) paper on chopsticks with a simple chocolate brown font. You can also look for origami designs to fold paper. For party favors, a bonsai plant would be ideal, but any plant will do. You could also try chopsticks, mini japanese lanterns, chocolates in origami boxes, japanese dolls, etc. As for the anime theme, your daughter can have a sort of comicon party where her guests will have to dress up in their favorite cartoon characters. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  6. hi !! i’ll be having my debut in feb. but i still need some thimgs .., i already have my 18 roses, candles, gentlemen, and thousands, could you give suggest another name to 18 gifts or something not very common.

    • Hi Anne Nievera,

      Do you have a theme in mind? It will be easier to think of the 18s when you have a theme. Anyway, for 18 gifts, these are some general terms you can substitute: 18 treasures, 18 jewels, 18 gems, 18 presents, 18 precious things, 18 valuable things, etc. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  7. hi do you have any “pakulo” in mind na pede ilagay sa program ng debut.. para maging memorable po ung debut ng sister ko thanks po// help naman po.. next month na po debut nya.. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jayson,

      It is nice that you are helping your sister out for her debut celebration. Anyway, usually debutantes perform during their parties because this is the perfect venue for them to showcase their talent to the ones they love. You could also incorporate games throughout the program so as to encourage audience participation. We have a list of some games that you may use for your sister’s 18th party. http://debutideas.com/?page_id=851. Sometimes it also depends on the theme, like if your sister has a somewhat street party theme, she can have a Mardi Gras grand entrance with costumes and all, or if she has a butterfly theme, your sister can have wings to go with her gown and then you can place a swing on your stage and that will be her debutante’s chair so that if she swings to and fro, it is like she is flying like a butterfly. Hope this helps and happy birthday to your sister.

    • Hi Anne,

      It will be easier to create an introduction if you know the debutante personally because you can say something about her childhood and then now that she has blossomed into a beautiful lady. A general introduction (a host that is not related to the debutante) would normally say something like this “Tonight calls for a grand celebration and it is our distinct pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, the reason why we are all gathered here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. So without further ado, let us all rise and give a warm round of applause, our lovely debutante, would you please welcome, Jam.” Hope this helps.

    • hello sannah, what usually comes to mind when we think of the month of June is Back to School. I know it may be boring since you regularly go to school, but you can actually put some twist to it. perhaps you can have a Japanese / Korean school girl theme where girls get to wear short skirts with knee high socks.

      There is a scene in My Sassy Girl where they went out partying in their own school uniform, which is kind of cute!
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPMtqBPlPhY (My Sassy Girl Scene).

      You can also go for a rainy-day theme, where all your guests, including you, can wear cool raincoats and bring umbrellas as props! Your theme doesn’t have anything to do with the month you are going to hold your party. You really have to go for a theme that’s within your taste and match it with your personality.

      Happy planning! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi! I will be celebrating my debut on September, can you suggest what theme would fit the month of September? I am thinking of having a nature fairy-inspired debut but I have no ideas on what I should do about it.

    • hi mads,

      a nature-fairy inspired theme seems very appropriate for the month. it’s also quite easy to play with. You can take advantage of an outdoor venue where nature is at its finest. Starting with a garden venue, you can decorate the area with glittery leaf garlands and if your party is at night, you can add Christmas lights to add to your magical theme. You can hang strings of light and add some candles and dim any other types of light in your venue. Also sprinkle glitter or confetti around the tables along with some flowers and leaves. You can make use of materials such as sequins, silk flowers, leaves, and glitters to decorate your debut venue.

      The most exciting part about this theme is how you can dress up for it! Have you watched Drew Barrymore’s movie, Ever After? She wore a beautiful dress there when she went to the prince’s ball. You can have wings just like her. =)

      For your invites, you can use gothic script:

      Then you can construct a poem like:

      Fairies, did you hear? Madel’s 18th birthday is drawing near!

      The party is at 7:00 in the evening, please say you’ll fly by. Madel’s god-mother awaits your reply!

      You can write on old parchment paper then roll them into scrolls. Another idea is that you can make the font very tiny as if the invite was written by a fairy! And since the invites will be hard to read, you can send each invite along with a plastic magnifying glass! You can also add glitter to the invitation for “fairy dust”.

      Good luck planning and Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi! Me and my mom are planning for my debut on December. Actually, my birthday was last January, but we’re here in the U.S and we weren’t able to go to the Philippines, so we’re doing it when we get home which is on December.

    Please suggest any theme that is appropriate with black and white motif (but I will be wearing red), simple yet elegant. And what would be a good alternate for the grand cotillion? And please suggest any other gimmicks that are unique.

    Thank you.

  10. hi, can you suggest any ideas that is “rocker chic theme”? my daughter will turn 18 this April, her motif will be pink and black. I want a party that has an ambiance of rock n’ roll at the same time will not ruin the traditional way of having a debut party, i don’t want a party that is kinda rebellious. i want it simple yet elegant. and do you have any substitute for 18 roses,candles,gifts..that is suitable for her theme..? thanks a lot..=)

    • Hi Ma’am Marlene,

      The rocker chic theme would be a great theme to have. I don’t think it is rebellious in any way to have pink and black party. Teen celebrity Taylor Swift had her debut with a pink and black party and it was totally cool. For her 18s, try 18 balloons in place of 18 candles where her 18 candles will burst a balloon to reveal a piece of paper written by them and then read them out loud. For 18 roses, make use of pink colored roses and rename it 18 pinks or 18 pink roses. We have other 18 alternatives here in this article that may help you in choosing an alternative for her 18s. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  11. Hi! I will be having my debut party on August and my theme would be Gossip Girl – New York style. Can you suggest other names for 18 treasures? candles? shots? dance? What should be the centerpieces of each table and what do you suggest be my special thing to do like dance or what? I hope you can really help me. Thanks!

    • Hi Monica,

      I think your chosen theme is innovative and unique so I think it could actually work. I think the main thing you want to get from Gossip girl is their fashion sense. Their somewhat preppy snobbish look are very fashion forward. Also the characters in Gossip girl loves to party all the time. With these in mind, you can now think of your 18s. For your 18s you may try 18 toasts, 18 wines, 18 champagnes for your 18 roses where your 18 roses will first share a toast and then dance with you. For 18 candles, try 18 hats, 18 headpieces, 18 scarves (depending on what you will give them) where YOU will be giving them a token for being your friend (this will serve as their souvenir also), and place it on their head after their speech. You may also want to try 18 Gossips where each will tell something personal about you and they will say if it is gossip or the truth. For 18 treasures, you may try 18 fashion styles where they will give you some things that are fashion related like clothes, bags, etc.

      For the table centerpieces, you may try cutting out small square windows of a box, place a candle inside to resemble a building in New York. You can also try to put fashion pieces at the table and adorn it with flowers and candles. For instance, a hat turned upside down filed with flowers, a small bag adorned with peacock feathers, candles with a scarf or a necklace laced around it. Make each table different. I’m pretty sure your guests would gossip over it… in a good way. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Monica,

      Modern songs would be the way to go for a Gossip Girl theme. Go for songs that are youthful and upbeat. If you know of some songs that they’ve used in the series, use that. There are lots of songs here in our song bank that are upbeat and youthful. Have fun picking! Click here

  12. Hello! Im having my debut this July and it would be New York inspired β€” where it would mainly focus on music and fashion. I was wondering if you could help me replace the names of my 18 roses, 18 memories, 18 shots and 18 treasures. Lastly, what advice can you give that would surely liven my 18’s and party up because it will be held in a bar. Hope you can reply to me asap. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Gabbi,

      Sorry for not replying sooner. Anyway, for your 18s, you can replace 18 roses with 18 favorite songs, 18 songs as these will be the songs that you and your 18 roses will be dancing to. You can also have 18 blooms (depicting a flower) or 18 buildings (depicting New York and its many high-rise and famous buildings). You can also have 18 songs (from plays shown in New York). For 18 candles, try 18 runways or 18 poses where your 18 candles will strike a pose before making a speech. You can also try 18 fashion items for 18 treasures where your 18s will be giving you branded items like bags, shirts etc. Retain 18 memories (Cats the play). Games are usually played in order to liven up a party. You can ask your guests to name some famous characters of TV series with location in New York, for instance, Friends, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, CSI-NY, Law and Order just to name a few. We have a few other game suggestion on our Games page. Hope this helps and happy birthday Gabbi.

  13. hi!

    i’ll be having my debut on october. i was thinking of doing it at Rustica at Sct. Reyes. I don’t want to spend more than 18k because I’m planning to go out of the country with my friends too. I think Rustica is a nice place but I don’t have a theme. My birthday is on oct31. i like to have a japanese inspired party but i think the venue will not be appropriate. 20 k is the max i want to spend. do you have any suggestions? is holloween a nice theme? maybe i will celebrate it the week before

    i’ll be waiting for your reply

    thank you so much

    PS- thank you for creating this site. it’s really helpful

    • Hi Nicie,

      I think you should go for a theme that will not be hard to pull off especially since you already have a venue. I think a Japanese theme will not be appropriate with your venue. As your birthday is October 31, yes, I think Halloween theme would be cool or you can always go for the twilight theme. How about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? click here for picture inspirations. Here is a link for samples of makeup. And some more pictures at our facebook page gowns and entrance to venue. Hope this helps.

  14. hi there,,can you pls give me an idea or suggest me something to say to a debutant,,’coz im one of her 18 candles and i rily dont know what to say,,i dnt have any idea ‘coz diz is my 1st tym to attend in a debut party,,can you pls.thank you…

    • Hi Nik,

      Speeches need not be long. 18 candles are given to people who the debutante thinks will serve as a light in their journey towards life. You can start your speech by describing your relationship with the debutante. Have you been good friends? for how long? etc. you can also describe her good qualities or the fun times you shared together? embarrassing moments, perhaps? then give her some advice in life if your older than her but if you’re the same age, probably you can give her a promise to be by her side when she needs you or promise to be a good friend or a shoulder to lean on. Hope this helps.

  15. hi there,,can you pls give me an idea or suggest me something to say to a debutant,,’coz im one of her 18 candles and i rily dont know what to say,,i dnt have any idea β€˜coz diz is my 1st tym to attend in a debut party,,can you pls.thank you…

    • hi nik,

      wish something for the debutante for her future. the candles actually symbolize how you light her path so use that to wish her the best for the life she will face in the future πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Anne,

      Themes are dependent upon what the debutante likes or loves. For instance if she loves musicals, or does she like to party. Tell your niece to read on some of our articles on themes in order to gain some insight on the different themes. She may be able to ascertain what fits her personality. Hope this helps.

  16. hi! my daughter will be 18th in december, any suggestion for her debut recital party? motiff? She’s in broadway music. Tnx

    • Hi Tess Garcia,

      Your daughter can pick a broadway musical that she loves and emphasize it in her party. For instance, if she is going to perform, she can pick a song from that musical. Even the stage should be decorated based on that broadway musical. Her 18s names can be changed basing from that musical too. Ask your daughter to pick a musical first and everything will follow. Hope this helps.

  17. hi i am turning 19 this november. but i want my 19 birthday to be like a debut again. i had discussed it with my parents and they both agreed. is it okay to have a debut but instead of 18 candles. it’ll be like 19 candles, 19 roses…? and could you suggest a theme for me? please send me an email. thank you

    • Hi Fralala,

      Of course themed parties are not just for debuts. They are for any birthdays. For themes, I would suggest that you pick something mature and elegant. A Masquerade ball for instance would be extravagant. Or how about the Phantom of the Opera theme (which is similar to the Masquerade). This will create magic and mystery for you and your guests. If you’re a big fan of the Twilight saga, you can also have a Twilight theme with red chocolates as party favors and with red candle centerpiece (creepy but nice)

      Source: http://www.everydaycelebrating.com

      I suppose you can still use the 18s in your program with the addition of another person because you’re already 19. If you did not do this on your 18th, then it’s not too late to experience it on your 19th. Just pick a maximum of 3 sets of 18s. Hope this helps.

  18. Hello I am planning for my 18th birthday and i need major help po.
    I want it to be nice and elegant but simple. How can I do that?
    and my theme color is pink.

    • Hi Justine,

      You have to first choose a theme for your party. Maybe this link can help — http://debutideas.com/?cat=5

      I suggest a simple butterfly themed debut party. Butterflies signify metamorphosis and they tell something about you now becoming a lady. It’s important to choose a theme first that’s based on your personality because from there, you can better decide on things such as your suppliers, your backdrop design, etc.

      If you have decided on a theme, ask us again and we will gladly help you!

  19. hi! i’m planning for my debut this april..
    i surely want a garden or beach venue but i’m confused of what would be my theme. oooh. :/ i really need a help ryt now.
    i’ve checked on your themes and i kinda like “aphrodite’s night” and “bringing the beach indoors”.
    do you have any theme in mind aside from these 2?

    • Hi Hannah,

      If the Aphrodite’s Night appeals to you, then by all means go for it! You are going to celebrate your 18th birthday and being a goddess even for one night would not be a bad idea. Themes are dependent upon the debutante’s personality. If you are the sophisticated type of girl or at least want to be, then go for the more formal themes like a black and white party, a masquerade ball, etc. If you are the imaginative type who dreams of becoming a princess or a fairy or a goddess, then go for themes that are princess/goddess related such as butterfly theme, fairies theme, alice in wonderland theme, and Grecian theme or Aphrodite’s Night theme. Hope this helps.

  20. Hey! Im having a las vegas inspired debut. can you give me suggestions on how to run my program? and for some fun games? thank you soo much πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ches,

      Here are some fun games you may want to consider for your Vegas inspired debut celebration.
      Also here are some Party Guides that may help you organize your debut party, create your program.

      To replace the traditional 18s in your debut programme, you can have 18 Casino Chips, 18 Dice Rolls (each person will roll 2 dices and the number that appears should be the number of fun facts about you they should share to the guests!), and 18 Wines. You can still have the traditional 18 dances or roses where you can dance with 18 special men in your life.

      Hope this helps!

  21. hi.im helping my sis who’s in other country to plan for her upcoming debut this dec here in phils.her theme is white party.can you suggest any “pakulo” to make it more lively.like sa designs,souvenirs etc.thank you so much for helping..

  22. hi debut ideas..! iLL be having my debut on the 30th of october.. im pLanning to haVe a masquerade theme.. but i really have a problem choosing the best color that fits to my theme.. any idea..?? tnx.!

    • Hi Miles,

      There should be no problem choosing your color because any color can do especially since you are choosing a masquerade theme. But we suggest that you use fresh young colors like pastel blue, violet or pink. If you choose dark red or dark green, that’s still fine but it will look very old in pictures, unless that’s the effect you want.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  23. hi, i want to ask how much do you spend for a debut? not too simple but not too extravagant, will probably have 100 max.

    thank you so much in advance. πŸ™‚ please help me.

  24. hi debut ideas.im having my debut on December. wat theme would you like to advice in that kind of season..?
    coz my parents want an Hawaiian party would it be appropriate? thank you!

    • Hi Marj,

      There is no such thing as an “appropriate” theme or a right or wrong theme. There are debutantes who threw unique birthday parties because they defied the usual. Some of them threw beach themed parties during the rainy season and it clicked! I think Hawaiian is a cool theme for your debut. You can put a new meaning with the month December for your guests!

      Hope this insight helps! =)

  25. nice day! my debut is coming this month of december and i don’t know how to plan and start my coming party. my motiff is black and pink. i want to be the organizer of my own debut but i don’t know where i should start. can you help me to find a web page where i can search a unique debut invitation cause i’m also the one who will do my invitation.. and i red the traditional 18th ideas and i saw the 18th guitars. i’m discussing with my friend and she said that she will going to have an 18th guitars also. i want that also but i don’t want her to think that i’m copying her idea so can you help me too to think a new 18 but have also a touch of guitars cause i’m a certified music lover and i love playing guitar. thanks, hoping for your answer.

    • Hi Marjorie,

      Sorry for the late reply. For 18s you may try 18 serenades instead of the 18 guitars your friend will have. That will be even totally cooler. Hope this helps.

  26. hello, my sisters debut would be two weeks from now but I still dont have any introduction speech for her..I want to make one but I dont know how to start it and what will be its contents…hope you could help me..=)..

    • Hi Samantha,

      You can tell an anonymous story — “There was a girl who blah blah blah” — or you can tell something about your experience with this person “Last year, one girl told me that blah blah blah…” — that girl turns out to be your sister! Include something like you’re proud of how mature she has become and ready for the world, or you’re really happy how your sister has grown up to be one beautiful lady, etc.

      Saying something personal and interesting will make your introduction even more special!

      Hope this helps.

  27. Hi! I will be having my debut on October 26. What theme would be perfect for me since I only want my debut to be simple but elegant. I also don’t like to have a fairytale or butterfly theme because I think its so childish. Please help me I’m so confused.

  28. hi good day, i need your help, i will be having my debut 3 weeks from now and until now i still dont have my theme but i will be using yellow color for my motif. can you please help me i want something unique theme for me to known what will be my guest costume or what are they going to wear thanks πŸ™‚ have a good day Godbless

    • Hi Armalyn,

      You can browse our ideas and theme suggestions for debut parties here:

      You have a nice color motif! But I think you should combine that with a secondary color like pastel blue or brown. And you don’t have to burden your guests to wear costumes. Some themes do not require so. But if you insist, or if your friends are “game” about it, then that’s great! πŸ™‚

      I was thinking of something like a nature-inspired theme since your color is yellow. Have you thought of a Sunflower inspired debut theme? That would be lovely too. Or something that speaks of summer. A summer party would be nice since all your guests need to wear are sundresses or anything that’s “presko” =)

      Hope this helps. Don’t forget to browse our theme collection so that you’ll have an idea.

      Happy planning!

  29. Hi ill be havin my debut on September and yet I only thought of the theme and the place. Here’s the place: http://fernbrookgardens.com and my theme would be Greek inspired. (Taylor Swift’s Love Story inspired) Can you help me making my invitations? I dunno what to put there. I want it t be uniqu yet cheap. And also, I love green and pink. How can I incorprate those colors? πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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