Debut: The Basic Manual

Getting ready for your upcoming debut party? Basics first! Sometimes, debutantes forget even the simplest of things! So before anything, read these super simple guides regarding your debut essentials. This will definitely help you get a step ahead in your debut planning.


Still sticking to your motif, choose the invitation that is simple, elegant, and proper for the occasion. Do not rely on electronic invites such as the Email. If you are confident however that your guests check their email regularly, you may do so, just be sure to get a confirmation by calling them to ask if the invitation was received. However, a hard copy of your invitation is still the best way to invite people. After all, this is also where you can showcase your own creativity!

Inviting through SMS or texting may be quite impolite. Remember, you are the one asking them a favor to attend your party. Texting should only be used for confirmation purposes.

Carefully prepare the list of names included in your program. Make sure names are not misspelled. And be sure the people included in your program know what to do. Send your invitations at least two weeks before the event itself. This way, your guests will not set other appointments on your big day.

Your Motif

Motif is usually reduced to the color that will dominantly be used in the party. But really, motif is more than just that.

When choosing your motif, you may consider your favorite color, which is the conventional way of doing it, but to make your party much more interesting to become a real event to remember, you might want to think of a whole theme, rather than just a color.

A theme is a guide to what the most of your party will be about. It may range from something romantic like renaissance to something more magical like fairy tales. It’s all a matter of imagination and creativity, and of course, personality, that motif, which you think is you.

Once you have set your motif, everything else becomes easy.


Choosing your music is like choosing the mood of your party. Just remember that it should not clash with your theme. If you have a Pocahontas theme, the most suited music would be Pocahontas Original Soundtrack. But who’s dictating? You are always free to be creative! Don’t stick to conventions. Choose the music you love most. Wouldn’t you want to remember your special day with a beautiful music?

For your 18 roses, you may pick a song for each and every dance. The song should suit the man you are dancing with. You may request a friend to sing your favorite song during dinner or ask the dj to play your most memorable song while parading around your guests.

Program and Entertainment

The program of your party is important in keeping your guests entertained. Remember, it is your party. You’re the star! But you are also the hostess, you have the responsibility to make the night as enjoyable for them as it is for you.

Most often, the right performers, and emcee do it all. To entertain your guests, you can abuse your talented friends into making them sing your favorite song for instance. In this way, you are giving an opportunity for them to showcase their talents. Parts like the Cotillion de Honor require a great deal of preparation however. It may take months of preparation before you can produce a perfect Cotillion de Honor.

It would also make your event more interesting, if you include special segments, or the “not usual” segments. But always take note of your theme.


Depending on your motif, you pick the dress that you think will bring out your best, that which will make you feel confident.

Most of the time, we feel confident when we’re wearing something that we think brings out our best figure. So consider the whole design of your gown, more specifically its cut. Be sure that it fits you perfectly well.

Deciding if a gown fits you perfectly well or not is more than just checking if it’s tight or loose. It’s really a matter of feeling. When wearing it makes you feel confident and comfortable, then it must be good on you.

It is easier to choose an outfit knowing what you really want. You can shop for ideas and designs in the mall and gather them into a collective of what design suits your taste.

Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up may be the most crucial little detail, because hair and make-up can definitely transform you.

It is very important that you feel comfortable and confident with your hair and make-up, because how you look would more or less direct your mood the whole evening.

It would be helpful to experiment with your looks before the big event itself. This way you more or less know what looks good on you.


Choosing the right accessories would come in easy as soon as you get your dress. Accessories play a big role, especially when you have chosen a relatively simple gown. Most of the time, the right accessories do it all.

If your dress can stand on its own, then simple accessories are best to be used to avoid overdressing and exaggeration.

Most well dressed people are the ones who keep it simple but undoubtedly elegant.


A bag is important to keep close the important things you need, those, which you think, you cannot last a single night without. However, carrying a bag with you during this very important occasion is just optional.

For some people, a bag is not an important detail. But you wouldn’t want a wrong bag to ruin your almost perfect debut, would you?

Your bag must definitely match your dress. If it matches, then it’s the perfect bag.


Your shoes may not even be visible during the whole night of your party, because of your long dress. But it still is important to have the right shoes, just in case.

In picking your shoes, the thing to consider, aside from style, is of course comfort. No debutante would want a hurting foot after dancing with the eighteen roses.

Your shoes should blend with your dress. It should be in harmony with your gown’s color or detail. If not, it should match your bag. Be sure to ask opinions from your family and friends about your whole outfit so that during your debut you wouldn’t worry about it at all.


Souvenirs are remembrance, memories, reminders of your event. To achieve the real purpose of souvenirs, do not just give away something that has always been given away. Pick something special that matches your motif. Pick a souvenir that you think will remind your guests of your memorable day with them. Think of something even more creative to give your friends or family who have helped you a lot in organizing your debut. They will appreciate this token so much that they wouldn’t get tired of helping you at all.


  1. can you please help me in choosing a theme for my 18th birthday?

    i am planning to celebrate it in a bar..and i don’t want the usual fairy-tale like debuts..i want it to be simple and modern..and instead of the 18 candles, roses and gifts, im planning to change the usual 18’s..(e.g. 18 songs…)

    can you help me? thanks a lot!

    • Hi Abigail,

      Thanks for visiting our site. We have a topic regarding party themes that I believe will be of great help to you. It depends on who you are as a person and what you want to achieve with your party. Would you want the conventional debut with the works or are you more of a rocker chick? How about a butterfly theme? That would be super neat… We also have unconventional party themes that you and your friends would surely enjoy. Also, since your birthday is only three months away, I would suggest picking a party theme that you would not have a hard time planning. Happy planning and let me know what you come up with.

  2. hi there. i will be having my debut on august. it may be months away but im already starting to plan about my party’s theme. i have always wanted the traditional debut party and all that but i want to add a little twist to it. i was planning a renaissance theme of that sort but i have no idea how to pull it off with the invites, set up, my dress, and etc… please help me. thanks! -cass

    • hi cassandra,

      First of all, thanks for visiting our site. Since you’re a debutante, consider this your site too. It is nice that you are already in the planning stage of your debut. The ideal time to start planning would be six months, so you are pretty much on the right track. You picked a very extravagant and elegant theme and since time is really to your advantage, i believe you will be able to pull this off. For your benefit, we will be putting up an article about your chosen theme which is the Renaissance theme in the weeks to come. For starters, might I suggest that you scout for venues fitted for your theme. Venues in the Intramuros area for instance, would more or less fit the theme that you are aiming for, but any hotel that has a grand staircase or an elegant facade would do just the same. I would not recommend an open venue such as a garden without roofing or tents as August is rainy season and “rain on my parade” seems not the way to go. You wouldn’t want to get wet and spoil your most awaited day, would you? Book your venue as early as now (most especially if you are aiming for a weekend party). They may be hard to book once the months roll by and THE DAY gets nearer. I guess this is all for now. Watch out for our article on Renaissance theme. Happy planning and keep us updated.

  3. hi. i will be having my debut on july. but im still not decided on what theme will i be having. im planning to celebrate it in fernwood gardens, any suggestion what theme will fit the venue?? tnx :))

    • hello princess,

      For your venue Fernwood Gardens, we can suggest these themes:

      – Butterfly theme
      – Renaissance theme
      – Green Earth Party theme (

      Since Fernwood gardens is a classic venue, with a horse-driven carriage and a grand staircase, you can play around the renaissance theme and make a grand entrance, giving your guests a spectacular sight. This venue also boasts of many plants and flowers, which makes it also perfect for a Green Earth theme, for which you can also become an advocate and make your guests aware of how much help our mother earth needs.

      A butterfly theme can also be good for garden venues like Fernwood because this venue is open-air, making it a perfect place to release the butterflies that you can avail from

      You can explore everything from there. Your theme may also depend on your personality. If you are a beach bum for example, then perhaps you can start from there. But of course it is also important to make the most out of your venue. Have you thought of any other theme that may be perfect for you?

  4. Hi! I am Eunice Ching. I will be having my debut on September. It may be away pa but I’m starting to already plan for it. I want to ask help about how can I choose a theme for my debut. Since I love playing the piano and music, I want my debut’s theme to be related to it. I want to have that kind of music theme but I also want to relate it to a fairytale theme. πŸ™‚ Please help me… thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Eunice,

      The Glass Garden in Pasig City is truly a very elegant venue to have your debut. A fairytale theme would really fit right in there. I can just picture you on a very extravagant ball gown entering the hall. You have also stated that you love playing the piano and hence would also want some sort of a music theme into your debut party. My suggestion is that you choose a fairytale theme and then incorporate the music theme by having a splash of it here and there. You can have musical cards as your invites. That would be so cute. You can showcase your talent in playing the piano by rendering a song or two during the program. If you are into classical music and have a certain favorite, for instance, Beethoven who lived in the 1700s to early 1800s, you can also research about fashion during that era and try to incorporate that in your gown. I’m sure it still would look like a fairytale since I believe popular dresses during this era are those ball gown dresses that Cinderella and other princesses in fairytales wore. That is all for now. I would be posting other ideas so as to help you with your theme or themes. Happy planning and do let us know what you come up with.

  5. Hi, DebutIdeas!

    My debut will be on !st day of August (saturday). I’m planning to have a rave party, that’s the theme actually.
    So it’s something like barhopping, that everybody seems to be dancing, drinking, and toasting.
    I’m planning to rent a bar near my place or if not, I will rent a venue and set it up into a bar-like.
    Please gimme more ideas! I have only 3 months left to prepare πŸ™

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Hello there Cheeky,

      Wow, you chose a sort of rave party theme as the theme for your debut and I am sure it is gonna be exciting. First off, emphasize in your invites that this is gonna be a dance party so that your guests would be putting their game face on when they attend your party. The success of this theme depends on your guests. You have provided them with a place to party with you on your special day and I do hope that they would be able to feel that vibe and be crazy and have fun. Rave parties are easy to setup because there is not a lot of details in its preparation. All you need is a good DJ, excellent sound system with good techno music, a dark venue large enough to accommodate raving party goers and glow sticks. It would be a joy if you could rent a bar since these venues are already set up for this type of theme. However, if you would not be able to rent a bar, don’t fret. A little pinch of imagination would do the trick. The venue that you would be renting can be transformed into a raving atmosphere. The place must be dark enough to emphasize the lighting effect that you have set up. Aside from the things I mentioned above, here are some of the things that you may need in order to transform that plain venue into a raving It place: Strobe lights, black lights, laser, and a fog machine for effect. That is all for now. Happy planning and do let us know what you’re up to.

  6. hi..
    I’m angelica..
    I’m having my debut on october,
    but I’m planing it know,,
    I’m planing to change the 18 roses and 18 candles..
    can you help me to think another 18 things that may do to replace it..


    • hi angelica,

      There are so many ingenious ideas for replacing 18 roses and 18 candles. This, however, would depend on the theme that you are aiming for. An example would be if you were to choose Pirates Theme, for instance, 18 roses and candles can be changed to 18 swords, 18 treasures, 18 islands, etc. When you have a theme in mind, planning the party would seem a lot easier. Please do check our articles about ideas and themes so that you may have a better idea. Happy planning and let us know how you’re doing.

    • hi angelica, party that rocks is a nice theme to have. You can substitute 18 guitars, 18 songs, 18 albums, 18 favorite bands, etc to your 18 roses and candles. As for the games, you can print out lyrics of your favorite rock song on a piece of paper and stick them on your guests’ chairs. If they can guess the title of the song or the artist who sang it, they get a special prize. Another one is have 10 or less guests form a circle in the middle of the room. Pass out a doll (an elvis presley or your favorite singer doll would be great) and have them kiss the doll anywhere (lips, cheeks, arms, legs, etc.). After everyone has kissed the doll, announce to them that they will then kiss the one next to them the same way they kissed the doll. This will bring forth laughter among the audience and contestants especially if some of the contestants kissed the doll in unexpected parts. In keeping with the spirit of your theme, which is a rock and roll theme/punk theme, have your guest sing happy birthday in the rockest/punkest way they could. Any game will actually do as long as your guests cooperate to make it fun and lively. Happy planning!

  7. hi debut ideas,

    can you please help me with the theme of my debut? I want it to be simple and casual but I want it to fun and memorable at the same time. I like the idea of a Kiddie party but my friend already had a debut just like that. Can you still give me other ideas? I also don’t have any idea about the venue..

    • hi chelle,

      The venue will depend on the number of guests you will have. Will you be having a big party or a small one with just a bunch of friends and family. A kiddie party is very cute indeed. It should not hinder you from having that kind of theme just because your friend already had that kind of debut. You just need to be creative in a lot of ways to make it all your own. A friend of my sister celebrated her 18th birthday in McDonalds so you might want to consider that as your venue. McDonalds is a good venue because i think it can work on your budget. However, if you have more budget for a venue, i would suggest Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch just because this venue is already setup for kiddie parties. I will try to look for more venues for you in the near future. In the meantime, happy planning and let me know all about it.

  8. hi,

    I will be having my debut on May 31,2009, as early as now almost everything is set.
    My only problem now is how to set the venue my theme is Hollywood Glamour and I don’t have souvenirs yet.
    Can you help me? I hope my souvenirs can go well with my theme and of course affordable.
    What to you think of statuette similar to oscar’s statue?

    • hello roxette, you have a nice theme – Hollywood Glamour. It’s actually a theme that’s easy to play with. The Oscars statuette is a cool souvenir because when you have your photos taken, your guests will look like they won the Academy awards! I bet your guests will be as excited as you are when you give them their keepsakes. I know, I will be!

      anyway, about the set up… for sure, a red carpet is a must! you’ll be making a grand entrance walking on that striking red carpet. Try sticking to the colors red, black and gold for your main decorations. You can place movie posters all around with balloons. You can also add movie / Hollywood elements like megaphones and clapboards, whether real or just made up ones. Name your tables with actors’ names or perhaps your favorite film titles. Sprinkle the tables with confetti, but not so much that they look like a mess.

      You can also have a wall (a tarpauline printed with your monogram or logo all over) — outside, perhaps near the reception area where you can have photos with your guests (i emailed you a photo). This is the “paparazzi” spot where your guests can have their own picture taken. they will surely feel like celebs while posing as the photographer asks them to turn to the left or to have one more picture taken. To add fun, you can add more photographers (not necessarily functioning as one, just actors or the ushers themselves) and have them flash their cameras all around the place to make your guests feel how it is to be flocked with the paparazzi! I’m sure your guests will feel like celebrities!

      Maybe you can also play around with the “Walk of Fame” stars — perhaps you can have your guests’ assigned table number or table name printed out on a star and have your receptionist or usher give this to your guest to identify which table she or he should be.

      That’s all. Just play with all the elements of Hollywood and you will be on the right track! Good luck and Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚

  9. hi im nhadz i’m celebrating my debut on june 27,09.. im celebrating my party at the bar. can you give me some ideas about my themes,souvenirs,and the flow of the program..

    tnx.. hope u can help me.. ^^

    • hi nhadz,

      It is good that you already have a venue for your party and a bar is not a bad choice. You need to choose a theme that you like in order to make the planning easier. Choose from among our themed party articles. However, for you to be able to utilize, to the fullest extent, your bar venue, I suggest you use a Rave Theme to your party. A rave- themed party is easy to set-up most especially if you already have a bar as a venue. You don’t need to setup anything really but you could probably just add lighting effects and a laser show. Include in your invites a glow stick which will also serve as your souvenir and ask them to bring it to the party. That way, they will have a clue on what theme your party is about. A typical program may not be used in this case because most rave party goers would just like to get on the dance floor and strut their stuff. However, this should not hinder you from focusing their attention to you (the debutante). Have a short program before the dancing begins. Make your grand entrance spectacular by using a spotlight. Substitute 18 candles and roses with 18 favorite songs, 18 wines, etc. Play a game or two while your at it, and after that dance the night away. Hope this helps nhadz and happy planning.

  10. hi. im having my debut on july and im so frustrated that i havent fix improtant things until now. the only thing settled was the venue and caterer. im really so sad because at first my parents was the first one who insisted the party. but today, they didnt even give time to plan or arrange the said event. we dont have enough money to hire an event coordinator, so im keep on looking for the THINGS neeed by MYSELF and with some friends. hm..

    i would like to ask:
    –TIPS so that this rush preparation wouldnt turn into a mess…
    –some suggestions for “FUN ACTIVITIES” that could be done on the formal event like this.
    –songs to be played on 18 roses

    Another thing that makes me worry is the special number that a debutant must do on her debut. Unfortunately, im not good in singing as well in afraid that my friends will tease me after i performed that number.

    last… want to thank you for posting the PROGRAM FLOW for a debut. thanks =)

    • hi maie,

      First of all, i think you still have ample to time to prepare for your debut, so DON’T PANIC! What I always suggest to debutantes who are planning their debut is to pick a theme. This theme would more or less help you in your party planning since your attention is focused on that one theme. Pick a theme that you know you would be able to handle given your time constraints. A Flower Themed party, for instance, is so easy to prepare because you just have to fill the whole venue with different kinds of flowers. Ask a florist from Dangwa (they are way cheaper) to fill your stage with flowers and you are done with your decorations. Instead of an 18 roses, you can have 18 flowers (different kinds). Or why not have a balloon inspired debut party instead. For the list of songs, I will be placing a page just for songs soon since so many debutantes are asking about this as well. This is all for now. Pick a theme first, let me know what you picked and we’ll go from there. Happy planning.

  11. hello. im kimberly, im celebrating my debut on august 8. im thinking of a masquerade theme. can you suggest some ideas? souvenirs, invitation, program, set up of the venue, cake, other names for the 18’s, etc.
    thanks. thanks. thanks.

    • hi kimberly,

      A masquerade ball is a very good choice for your party. I can just picture you and your cotillion de honor dancing with masks on. It is so dramatic. This is similar, I believe, with the Renaissance theme in terms of the dress and costumes that you would wear. If you choose a venue like a hotel with an elegant facade and a giant staircase, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if you feel that it doesn’t scream masquerade, add some drapes of bold color on your stage for effect. There should also be a candelabra on every guests’ table and candles at every corner. Send your invites along with their masks and ask them to bring it to the party. This will double as a keepsake. Ask your guests to don a very elegant gown or rent a costume because this will add more to the masquerade feel that you want. If you can find a small cheap candelabra. I think there are some at Dapitan Arcade, this can be your keepsake as well. It is very obvious that your theme would need a cotillion dance so hire a dance instructor and start practicing right now. For the 18’s, 18 candles (18 candelabras) is still appropriate but candles in a candelabra would add more flavor to it. You can also use 18 masks where each person would approach you still with masks on and then remove it and make a speech. It is going to be very dramatic and exciting. This is all for now and happy planning.

  12. Hello. Ill be having my debut on July.
    My theme is Hollywood.
    Can you help me with the details of set-up? songs to be played? and alternatives for 18 roses, etc.
    Thank You Very Much! πŸ™‚

    • Hi jonna,

      Hollywood theme is a good choice. This has been, by far, the most asked theme because I think we all want to be stars even for a day. So, to maximize this theme to the full extent, we have an article on Hollywood themed parties that you may want to check out. Since Hollywood is all about awards and movies, you can substitute 18 awards or 18 statues for your 18 candles (where each will make a speech on why this award was given to you, etc) and 18 movies or 18 theme songs for your 18 roses (where each boy will dance with you using a theme song of a favorite movie). Songs to be played will be dependent on the movies that you pick. You could also go for the blockbuster movies from the year you were born up to present (making 18 movies in total) and use their theme songs as well. I would highly recommend the setup discussed in the article and of course you can’t go wrong with a wall and photo booth so as to make your guests feel like they are also a Hollywood superstar in your party. Happy planning and advanced Happy Birthday.

  13. hey!i will be having my debut on september..i know there’s a tons of time to work for it!but suddenly i will have my full hectic sched ths school year that’s why im preparing while im in vacation…can you help me?! i want my theme to be a hollywood glamour but still renaissance theme..i don’t what is the best!..then can you think or me some another term or idiom for 18 roses.18 treasures..then i’m planning to have “18 pinkielei” bcoz i so love pink that’s it ok wth the name?!lols. can you gimme more ideas how cn i have a fabulous invitations.souvenirs and venue/place for my party!.

    i want to be my bigday so wonderful:) thanks!GODBLESS!:)

    • hello lei!
      i know it’s hard to pick a theme, but you have to choose only one so that you can make every element in your party cohesive. you want the glamour in the hollywood theme and you want the drama in the renaissance theme right? why not go for 50’s hollywood theme? that way you can integrate the drama in your dress, hair and make up at the same time being glamorous just like a real celebrity. it’s a unique kind of party that will be fun to reminisce about when you get older.





      Your idea of the pinkilei is actually a fresh idea! for the souvenirs, i think a photobooth would be great, but you have to set up a background that captures your theme, with props and all like director’s chair and a clapper perhaps or any glamorous props that would look great on pictures. this will excite your guests especiallly if they’re dressed up like a hollywood star from the 50’s. that’s why it’s important to tell them through your invitation to dress up according to your theme. i suggest that you watch some Audrey Hepburn films first to get the feel of the 50’s so that you’ll be able to come up with the perfect ideas. for any theme you choose, immerse yourself first in it, and then the ideas for everything else will follow. πŸ™‚

      happy planning girl!

      lizette & jam

  14. Hi debutideas! i’m going to have my debut on september. I really want my theme to be fairytale-like. Initially, i was thinking of the Glass garden as my debut venue but since my parents think that the cost is too much, can you please suggest another venue which has the same setting of glass garden which can be very suitable for rainy days and is much less expensive and also has a starcase and stage. Thank you very much. =)

  15. Hi! I need some suggestions from experts like you regarding my 18 rose and candles. My theme is fairytale-like mixed with fashion show. What can i substitute with the 18 candles and roses to ease the usual boredom in those debut traditions? I also wanna ask if you know of any hotel within QC that isn’t expensive but has a grand staircase because at first, we were eyeing on the Hotel Rembrandt but unfortunately it doesn’t have a grand staircase which is one of our major requirements. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Jenny,

      Looking for a hotel that has a grand staircase in quezon city would be very hard, in fact, to my knowledge, I don’t think there is any. If they have a staircase, it would not go directly to their banquet hall. Rembrandt for instance has a wonderful staircase on their lobby but it is not directly connected to their venue hall. If a grand and beautiful staircase is your utmost concern, you might try other venues besides a hotel. I know Plaza Ibarra in Quezon Avenue has a grand staircase leading exactly to the venue. It sure would be a spectacular sight once you descend from the grand staircase with every eye marveling on your beauty. I think Grand Terrace also has a nice staircase. If money is not a problem, try looking into Fernwood’s very beautiful grand staircase. If only a grand staircase is not your main concern, there are plenty of venues to explore in the QC area. For instance, Sulo Hotel has a nice front facade. Rembrandt would also be right for your theme of fairytale. I am not sure if Camelot Hotel would be to your liking since the place is quite old, but it boasts of very elegant medieval decorations that I’m sure would fit right in your theme as well. Regarding your theme and what to do with your 18 candles and roses, it depends on what fairytale you want. For instance, if you are supposed to be sleeping beauty, then 18 kisses (on the cheek) would not be a bad alternative for the 18 roses. Or instead of having different songs for your 18 roses dance, you could just have a grand waltz song for all 18 roses. They would be circling you and would dance in a waltz, each of them cutting off every few stanzas of the waltz song. This is all for now. Happy planning and let us know what you come up with.

  16. Hi! I’m back! πŸ˜€ I saw the article about Renaissance. It was really nice and I’m sure it would help me a lot. πŸ™‚ Do you have any suggestions for an invitation? Like the layout or something?. Of course, with the Renaissance theme. But I wouldn’t want it to be very Renaissance. Just a little bit of it. Thank you!!

  17. hi i’ll be celebrating my debut this june at Plaza Ibarra.everything is settled. I’ve already picked my entrance song but I think I want to chage it.can you give me some ideas or list of songs that would fit for a grand entrance. Anyway my debut is traditional I have cotillion,18 roses-candles-treasures.And a butterfly theme siince my invitation has a orange and yellow butterflies.

    • Hi Px,

      For a traditional debut a grand entrance is something that is slow, one with a walkable beat, something with an impact. These songs are what I can suggest:

      What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
      You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)
      She (Elvis Costello)
      Journey (Lea Salonga)

      You could also use this song by Charlotte Church Dream a Dream because it would really create an impact while you descend the stairs of Plaza Ibarra.

      You could also opt for the classical music of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D which has a very dramatic effect.

      And lastly, I also think that the following songs are nice for your butterfly theme, something fresh and carefree (am I sounding like a sanitary napkin commercial?) and something upbeat. It has a very nice rhythm and the lyrics are really inspirational:

      Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)
      Time of My Life (David Cook)
      My Girl (The Temptations)
      Waiting on the World To Change (John Mayer)
      Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’)

      Hope this helps. Debut Ideas greets you a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

  18. debut ideas.thank you for your reply.Your suggestions would help me alot.! My Girl will be the song that I’ll be using for the father daughter dance. Do you think its nice?

    • Hi PX,

      If you’re father is the cool type, someone who is funny, has his own antics and not stern and formal, My Girl would be a good father and daughter dance. If however, he is kind of the formal type, you might want to consider a slower and dramatic type of song. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong would be a nice song for these type of fathers. Remember that he also needs to be comfortable dancing as much as you, so you need to pick a song that he can relate to as well.

  19. DEBUT IDEAS,Just like PX can you suggest some songs. My entrance would be a sword parade. and same as her my theme is please.

    • Hello Katrina,

      A sword parade with your grand entrance is a good idea. It indeed adds drama to your grand entrance. A song with a strong statement would add to that drama. Aside from the songs that I’ve suggested Px, here are other songs that you may want to consider:

      Beautiful in My Eyes by Joshua Kadison
      I Can Go the Distance by Michael Bolton
      The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Buble
      Nightbird by Kalapana
      Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
      She’s The One by Robbie Williams
      Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

      I chose these songs on the basis that they have very good rhythm, good intro, nice lyrics and popular. Let us not forget that the host will have to speak to introduce the debutante first and some grand entrances are filled with clapping and cheers by the guests so sometimes the background music struggles to be heard, so you need a song that is strong and familiar so it will not fade unnecessarily. These songs are very classic and popular and would be an excellent grand entrance song.

      Grand entrance with a sword parade would seem to need a song that is formal and slow, but it need not be so. It could also be fun and whimsical. Take a look at these other songs:

      As by George Michael and Mary J. Blige
      Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews
      Let’s Groove by Earth Wind and Fire
      Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn

      Hope this helps. Happy Planning.

  20. Hi! I’m preparing for my niece’ debut this coming month. Venue and theme were already in place. I’ve got so many tips from the responses. However, I’m still thinking of other ways we could adhere to the theme “Sporty” (‘coz my niece is an athletic girl). Can you suggest what we can replace with the 18 roses, candles & treasures? Any idea for the giveaways? Games?

    • Hi Anna,

      Can I ask what sport your niece is into? In order to adhere to the sports theme, you can order a cake specifically designed to feature the sport that she likes. You can have food stands around the venue as well to add to the sports feel (hotdog, popcorn stands, etc.) Around the venue, you can put imitation flags (you know the triangle ones that sports fans wave around) that has every team that your niece loves (or just a phrase like “Jam’s 18th victory party” or “Go Lizette Go!”). You can also create a miniature of these flags that will serve as your party favor. For her grand entrance, shower her with confetti and balloons, like they do when a team wins. For your 18s, these are some suggestions. 18 touchdowns for 18 candles in which she will use some sort of ceramic football to put off the candles (I’m not sure where to get these but it was just a nice idea). 18 torches (the ones they use in the olympics) for 18 candles. 18 three-point shots for 18 roses in which the boys will have to shoot the ball first before dancing with the debutante. And for 18 treasures, substitute it with 18 MVP awards. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  21. hi, debut will be on january 2010..i thnk it’s the right time to plan today so i could be hassle-free by the time of december but i really dont have any ideas for my theme yet, i have check your themes on this site but still im confuse and i want to see more themes so i could choose..
    please do help me:)

    • hi kristel mae,

      It is very good that you are planning your debut ahead of time. 6 months is the ideal time to start planning a debut party or any party for that matter. We would like to help you pick a theme that you want for your debut party. Can you tell us some things like what you like? What your favorites are? What are you passionate about? Do you have an advocacy? Do you have a favorite movie? Are you into fairytales? Are you into fashion? Do you have a flare for the 50s, 60s era? How about Renaissance? Do you want to be a movie star for a day? These will more or less tell us what theme is right for you. This is all for now. Until then, happy planning.

    • Hi Jen,

      A masquerade ball is really a very nice theme because of its mystery. Having all your guests wear masks would surely add to the theme that you’re aiming. Send that along with your invites to let your guests know what’s in store for them. Have them wear Victorian-inspired gowns for a much richer feel but if this is not possible, they can wear elegant gowns which they can pair up with the mask that you have given them. It would totally look divine if all guests are wearing masks so ask them to bring it to the party. Watch Phantom of the Opera for tips on how to decorate your venue. A grand waltz instead of 18 roses dance would be ultimately exciting. A Mardi gras parade to usher your grand entrance would be such a wonderful sight. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  22. Hi!

    Your website has been very helpful. I’m celebrating my debut on April which 3 months away. I’ve used your gyide for the part songs. Anyway my debut is going to be held at the clubhouse from where I live because I’m planning on having a swimming party afterwards for me and closest friends. My motif is pink and yellow, do you think it’s a good combination? My problem is that I have no idea for what to give as a souvenir, my sister’s thought was to give out a mini spa set, the one with bath foam, bath salt and etc. I also have no idea what to where and I’ not even sure about my motif! Please help me! I really need an advice.

    Thank You!

    • Hi Maria,

      We are so glad we could be of help in your debut planning. A pool party is almost always a very good choice for debut parties because it would sure be nice to dip in the water and have fun with your friends and family after the program is finished. Pink and yellow is a great color combination. Try looking at pictures of flowers with pink petals and yellow anthers (center). Make sure to use the right hue. You can’t go wrong with baby pink and light yellow.


      As for the souvenirs, your sister is right. Bath and body things are really great for pool parties. Cologne, lotion, body wash, soap or towels. You can also have floating candles for souvenirs. You can also try a compilation of your favorite reggae songs on a cd. Read on our Tropical Theme for debut parties article “Bringing the Beach Indoors” which can actually be a good theme for a pool party for more ideas on give aways. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  23. Hello! I’m having my debut this month and I’m still finalizing the details. Too much for a rush, but I know you can help me. πŸ™‚

    The theme is called Enchanted World (from the Disney movie starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey). However, I’m having a difficulty on thinking of ideas to incorporate the theme into the party itself. I have already decided on the attire, which will be all-white and semi-formal. As for the music, the decorations, the souvenir items, and the program, i absolutely have no idea how to make them “enchanted”.

    I hope you can share with me your brilliant ideas soon. Thank you and more power to your site. πŸ™‚


    • Hi Kacie S,

      Enchanted is a very nice movie indeed and it is a great theme to have. You can have a sort of grand ball for your party. Have a grand waltz with one waltz song instead of different 18 roses songs. Party favors can be tiaras, necklace, bracelets and fairy wings for the females and keychains, hankies or bow ties for males. Cupcakes and wand-shaped chocolates would also be a good party favor. Hire facepainters to paint your guests’ face with butterflies, flowers etc. Fill your venue with flowers of different colors and your stage with an arc of flowers and leaves. Hope this helps and happy birthday Kacie.

  24. Hi! I’ll be celebrating my debut this March 2010 at Plaza Ibarra. But I’m still not decided on what theme I will be having. I really want my theme to be fairytale-like (princess type..etc.). Please give me more ideas?:) Any suggestion where can I get a cute invitation that will fit to my theme?

    thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Angelica,

      A Fairytale theme is a great theme to have especially since your venue is just so divine. Imagine you going down on the staircase in your princess like gown. There are a lot of fairytales that you can base your party on and if you’ve decided on what fairytale you like, it would be easy for you to plan your party. If you want a Cinderella inspired theme, you can have an invite with a silver carriage on its cover. You can also have a scroll invite. Placing some catchy words such as enchanting night, magical moment, etc. will surely make your guests look forward to your upcoming party. You can also have an invite with a phrase like “awaken the princess into her deep slumber this March 2010” (sleeping beauty). We have a list of suppliers for invitation in our suppliers page under Invites. Most invitation suppliers have a variety of templates for you to choose from. You can probably change some wordings here and there so as to make it personalized. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  25. hi! im thinking of having a magic show party around february and for the dancing part as a glow in the dark. do u have any other suggestions as themes. my venue will be on a garden style.

    • Hi Jean,

      You can have “A Night of Enchantment,” Fairies theme, or “Pixie’s Magical Night” as your theme where fairies and other magical night beings abound. The glow in the dark dancing part is a great idea because it will look like fireflies dancing in the night. You can have 18 pixie dust wishes for your 18 treasures/wishes, 18 dance of the fairies for the 18 roses and 18 fireflies for 18 candles. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  26. Hi, my debut will be on february 2010. I would like a Greek Mythology theme. But i also want it to be like a concert type so it won’t be boring. Instead of doing a traditional grand entrance where one only walks, i am thinking that i will sing for my grand entrance. I am thinking of singing “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston but i would also like to have other options. Can you suggest songs that I can sing during my grand entrance?

    • Hi Karrie,

      The Grecian theme is a good choice. Most debutantes perform during their debut party because this is a chance for them to showcase their God-given talents. A concert party would be so entertaining and I’m sure your guests would love it. I think Queen of the Night is a good choice for a song with a Grecian theme. After all, you are the goddess of the night. Another Whitney Houston song is also nice I’m every woman or Dancing Queen by Regine or Abba. Hope this helps. Happy birthday!

  27. hi, im planning to have a las vegas/casino/pokernight theme for my debut. or something classy that will use the color red and gold, etc. what can you suggest more to make my party not the “boring” type. i’ll be having it on feb2010. im also looking for a design for my gown, programme flow, invitations and please email me if you know anyone/org/company who designs a themed party (venue) much better if its cheap and affordable, thanks!

    • Hi Anne,

      Red is a very strong color to have so if you are going for a statement, red is really the color to have. You can mix it up with gold for a more royal effect, much like a princess’ gown with gold trimmings. You could also go for red and black for a night of elegance. If you combine red with pink, baby pink or fuschia, or any lighter shade, you will be able to make red a little subtle. Hope this helps. Happy birthday!

    • Hi ces,

      You are Anne too right because you have the same email address. Anyway, when I think of white, black and red, it reminds me of this Tim Burton inspired cake that I saw on the internet that was really very lovely and strange at the same time. It is colored red, white and black. So you may wanna try that. It is very elegant indeed and a little formal. You can also have a roses theme where you could decorate your venue with lots of red and white rose bouquets, red and white petals scattered on the stage and table tops. Clusters of red, white and black balloons would also be a nice decor. Red, white and black motif also makes me think of Moulin Rouge. You could also go for a masquerade theme and it will also be perfect for a red, black and white color combination. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Den,

      We have a debut program flow that I’m sure will be able to help you in making your program. You can tweak it here and there to make it your own. You can do your own variation, you can rearrange the flow depending on your situation. Hope this helps and Happy birthday Den.

  28. i’ll be celebrating my debut this summer and i would like to have a japanese themed party or something unusual but i don’t know how to do it:( instead of the usual 18 roses, 18 treasures i want to change it to somethign more japanese -y :))please help me:D

  29. hello, I’m Jhen..I have read some of the articles on this site but still im confused..But anyway, i will suggest this site to my friends who will be celebrating their debuts.. Going back to my problem, my debut will be on February 2010 but my mom wants to celebrate it by March.. the only thing settled was the venue and is going to held at a resort somewhere in Laguna.. I need suggestions regarding the theme, motif, invitations, give aways and everything.. Honestly, i dont have an idea..I need some help and advice from an expert like you..please help me! I want it to be simple but unique and something memorable 4 everyone..

    pls.. pls.. help me.. Thanks a lot!.. more powers.. πŸ˜€ and God Bless..

    • Hi Jhen,

      If it is going to be held in a resort, would it be like a pool party? There are a lot of themes specific for pool parties in one of our articles. You might want to gain some ideas there. If you have a specific theme in mind, it will be a lot easier to plan everything. What would you want to do for your party? Do you want a beach themed party or a hawaiian theme perhaps? Do you want to fill your venue with colorful balloons or flowers? Does your resort have a garden? If so, you could also have a butterfly theme, fairies theme, etc. Pick a theme first so we can go over ideas for invites and give aways easily. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  30. Hello Debutideas.
    This is Jude, I got a problem, and I really need your help. My debut is coming on June 11, 2010.
    My dad is hesitant about my debut, he doesn’t want to spend “too much” on it.
    So this brought me to be too focused on the budget, I can’t even come up with a theme!
    So I’m okay to go with simple party. But somehow I want it to be unique and fun somehow.

    Food and band are what I only got so far, and everything is left undecided. Got any ideas?
    By the way, I’m from Manila, and I’m still looking for a good affordable venue.
    (My mother is suggesting our available private lot on our compound, is it alright?)

    Thanks! More power! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Judinelle,

      A debut party need not be so expensive. You can have a party that is right on the budget if you plan it wisely. You can have a theme even if you have a limited budget. All you need is to squeeze that creative juice in you and make you debut party simple but unique. I think you mom’s suggestion is great. If you hold it in your own backyard, you will cut your cost immensely because you don’t have to pay for the venue and you can choose the caterer that is right for your budget. You can even ask one of your titas to cook a viand or two. Money saved on venue and food can be spent on things like decor and give aways. Do it yourself or hire the service of professionals. Pick those that are good and within your budget. Buy flowers at Dangwa for your stage and venue decor and have a floral theme. Have a butterfly release (look for butterfly suppliers at our suppliers page) and have a butterfly theme to go with your flower theme. You can also have a white party. Hang white drapes around your venue, white japanese lanterns and you are all set. Why not try a balloon theme with lots of balloons on your venue. Have clustered balloons on your stage and have a balloon arch at the entrance. (There are also some suppliers of balloons on our suppliers page that might help you with this.)

      Does your lot, by any chance, have a roof? Is it covered? Remember that June is a rainy month so if you are going to hold your 18th birthday party there, have a back up plan like renting a tent so that if it rains, you can just mount it and go on with the party. Hope this helps and happy planning!

  31. Hi,i have read a lot of responses from you and i think you can help me out with my dilemma. The thing is my debut would be this coming feb and still i am not fully decided on what theme it would be. I mean im choosing between fairy theme or the princess type (fairytale) theme. If i choose the latter one, the cotillion de honor would be called the royal dance and the 18 roses would be like 18 charming princes etc.. im having troubles with 18 candles (lovely princesses any suggestions?) , and 18 toasts. Please help me out.

    if ever i would pick the fairy theme i dont know how to name the 18 roses candles etc and the cotillion also.

    • Hi Alisca,

      For the fairytale theme, try 18 enchanted princesses or ladies, 18 fairy maidens, or list 18 princesses’ names and give them each a different name. You must choose first what princess you would like to be, for instance, if you choose Cinderella, then Cinderella will not be included in your 18 candles princess names. Here is a list of fictional princesses you can choose from. For 18 wishes, why not try 18 happy endings. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  32. i’ll be celebrating my debut this summer and i would like to have a japanese themed party or something unusual but i don’t know how to do it:( instead of the usual 18 roses, 18 treasures i want to change it to somethign more japanese -y πŸ™‚ )please help me:D

    • Hi Summer,

      A Japanese inspired theme is a very beautiful and simple theme to have. I sometimes call it as cherry blossoms zen inspired theme. For you 18 roses, you can try 18 cherry blossoms. You can also substitute 18 white roses instead of red roses as the zen theme usually makes use of the color white and black or white and chocolate brown. For 18 candles, substitute 18 Japanese lanterns. For treasures, try 18 hidden treasures, 18 buried treasures or 18 origami boxes. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  33. hi my debut is next month feb 2010, the venue will be at gazebo royale, its a traditional debut i dont have a theme, but i also want a memorable grand entrance..everything is ready and i still think that something is missing,, help me with my debut.. and i ask my caterer if she can give me some freebies.. would you suggest some? please help me thanks…

    • Hi Joy,

      These are some freebies that caterers give depending on your chosen package. Some would give a free dessert bar of five to six types of dessert. Some would also include in the package free services of an emcee. Cakes are usually included in the package, but if it is not, ask if they would be willing to give it for free. You can also ask that they give you a bottle of wine (for toasting) for free and this would also include the glassware (some caterers ask for a fee for additional glassware). For your grand entrance, you can try having a butterfly release to make your grand entrance dramatic. Hope this helps and happy birthday Joy!

  34. hello, my daughter will be celebrating her debut on feb. 2010. i would like to ask a sample of debut script, of how the program will flow.
    thanks so much. susan

  35. your ideas are great, what would be the perfect entrance song for my daughter? is it “She” by Elvis Costello or Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D? I plan to have a fog machine effect when she enters the door, is that okay? then the music whichever is appropriate?

  36. hi, i need a debut script, of how the program will flow. the powerpoint presentation, surprise song number of his father, the video messages of her friends, grandfather and relatives, where shall we do it? all those 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 treasures. thanks and more power!

  37. Hi,

    I’m the mom of Shane who’s turning 18 come Sept 4, 2010. I just want it to be so memorable, simple but beautiful… Please help as to the program, sequence… whatever…

    Thank you in advance… Will look forward to a well planned debut with your help.


    • Hello Amme!

      Simple, memorable and beautiful — these are what we want our parties to be indeed! If you want it simple, you should avoid having too much of something. There are debutantes out there who want everything included at the same time — 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 treasures, 18 shots — the ultimate result of which is usually boredom. Some guests may opt to go out of the venue for some fresh air instead. This is why you have to make sure that your program is rich but concise.

      Here is a link to a technical script we made. You can change the order or perhaps eliminate some elements. Your flow may really depend on your daughter’s party theme and how many guests she has. =)

      Debut Technical Script
      Debut Program, Flow

      Happy planning and happy birthday to your daughter!
      Lizette and Jam

  38. Thank you debut ideas! Last one can you suggest something for the invitations,give – aways and decor?( i was thinking of putting japanese lanterns all-over the place)what more can i add to that?and i cant find any cherry blossoms here in the philipines:(for the 18 cherryblossoms

    • Hi Summer,

      It is our pleasure to answer your queries as best as we can. It is true that it will be hard to get a hold of cherry blossoms here in our country. It is either you go for a substitute flower that looks more or less like a cherry blossoms (go for the carnation pink or pink malaysian mums or buttons, arranging it in a tree branch so that it will look like cherry blossoms) or you could create a flower paper of cherry blossoms. For color you can combine baby pinks with white and chocolate brown to create a elegant and mature feel but still preserving some of that girlieness in you. For your invites, I am thinking of scrolled plain white (or pink, depending on your color motif) paper on chopsticks with a simple chocolate brown font. You can also look for origami designs to fold your paper. For party favors, a bonsai plant would be ideal, but any plant will do. You could also try chopsticks, mini japanese lanterns, chocolates in origami boxes, japanese dolls, etc. Hope this helps and happy birthday summer!

  39. oohh i forgot. im asking for what to write inside the invitation i hate the “summer turns 18″cliche because thats sooo lame an how to present the invitation.sorry if im flooding your page:(

    • Hi Summer,

      Why not try 18 years of Summer, with the movie 500 days of summer as your inspiration, and on your tarpaulin, you can make a collage of your pictures from birth to present. Hope this helps. Happy planning.

  40. Hi i just wanna if you could provide me with some ideas to what i should be giving away for my debut.
    Do you have any ideas what would make the best GIVEAWAYS?

    • Hi Mary!

      Thinking of a souvenir is actually very exciting. If you want to veer away from the usual figurine type of souvenir, you have to think of what your guests can use or what they may want to keep for a long time. Interesting items may range from small stuffed toy that they can display to bag tags that they can use everyday. Sometimes you may get torn between souvenirs that can be eaten, and souvenirs that last for a long time. For that matter, this article may help =)
      Party Souvenirs: Consumables VS. Non-edibles

      Our list of Giveaway / party favor suppliers (categorized according to type of giveaway πŸ™‚
      Debut Party Souvenir Suppliers

      Happy planning! πŸ™‚
      Lizette and Jam

  41. good day debut ideas!can you suggest a catch phrase(i dont know how to call it) for the invitation for an alternative for april is 18?I’m thinking of a spring theme like flowers every where, any suggestion how to make a spring theme for the 18’s,decor,invitations,souvenirs.THANKYOU.

    • Hi April,
      You’re theme is actually very interesting to play with! I’m thinking of: “Spring has come.” as your headline and then “April blossoms at 18!” your sub-head. Spring theme is quite easy because you just have to put flowers everywhere. Your venue can be an outdoor garden so you don’t have to decorate a lot. You can have a tiara made of flowers (i’m sure your hairdresser and make up artist will have a lot of ideas for a Spring themed make up).

      You can have a simple flowing dress or your can check out the dress on the right:

      You can read this article too about how to decorate based on this theme:

      Good luck planning and happy birthday! πŸ™‚

  42. Hi!

    My 18th birthday is months away, it’s on October 8, 2010, but I’ll be celebrating it on December 18, 2010. I already picked a motif, which is pink and mint green. I’m not really sure about it, the two olours just look good and pink is my favourite. I also have a gown, and a cake in mind and I’ve got the list on who my 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasures will be. But my problem is the theme, I don’t know what kind of theme it would be, so, I can’t decide on what kind of invitations I want. And what’s a tarpaulin? Me & my parents haven’t even decided on where to celebrate it. It’s quite hard for us cause we’re here in UK. Can you help me, please? By the way, here are the photos of what kind of cake I want, and the gown as well. Is it also okay if I won’t have the theme? I’m actually confused right now, even though it will be months away. And I’ve heard that there are ’18 shots’ as well? So sorry if I’ve got loads of questions.

    It’s not exactly the cake that I want, it’s just the colour that I’m after.

    I want the gown to be mint green and pink, I’m not sure if it’s possible though.

    • Hi Lisha,

      I think mint green and pink go well together. I have attended an event where the motif is green and pomelo pink and it looks adorable. I think mint green and pink go well together. Your colors remind me of the Spring season where every plant is in bloom and at its finest. You can have a Spring themed debut party. How about a Butterfly themed party? It is also fine if you don’t have a theme altogether as long as you have a color motif so that your party will still look cohesive. A tarpaulin, by the way is a large sheet of waterproof material, a cloth or plastic that is used for printing ads and banners. For parties these are used as a sign in front of your venue for your guests to see. They usually print your photo in it and then a tag line like “Lisha @ 18. Pretty like a Butterfly.” or something like that. With regard to the 18s, the usual ones that debutantes use are 18 roses (dance), 18 candles (females make a speech) and 18 treasures (18 well-wishers usually adults greet debutante and then hand over a gift). Some debutantes also throw in 18 shots or 18 toasts (these are usually male well-wishers who will make a speech and then give a toast). It depends on how you will arrange your program. Remember that these are four sets of 18s which is 18 people you will dance to and 54 people making a speech. This might lull your guests to sleep, so arrange your program in a way that it will be balanced. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  43. HI

    • Hi Ma’am Bheng,

      As far as I know, the 18 roses normally only dance with the debutante. What usually happens is that each rose (male) is introduced by name and how he is related to the debutante. If he has a message for the debutante, he can probably record it and will be played while dancing with the debutante. Hope this helps and happy birthday to your daughter.

  44. hello debut ideas!!

    i will be having my debut this feb. what color of gown would you suggest that will stand out in a motif of red-black-white?

    • Hi Nica,

      I think if you want to soften your color motif and make it a little girlie, go for the pinks, baby pink or pomelo pink but if you want a more mature color, you can have fuschia or burgundy. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

    • Hi April,

      For the 18s on a Spring theme, you can have 18 blossoms, 18 blooms, 18 flowers, 18 daisies or any flower you wish
      as a substitute for 18 roses. Retain the 18 candles or you could also use 18 seeds or 18 virtues (symbolizes a virtue that you will need in your journey of life). For 18 treasures, try 18 gems, 18 jewels or 18 gifts. If you have another 18, like 18 toasts, try 18 new beginnings, 18 fresh starts, 18 memories, 18 wines, 18 wishes. For the souvenirs, a plant or seed is a nice party giveaway for a Spring theme. Also flower shaped chocolates are good. For the invites, flowers in bloom or fresh leaves is reminiscent of Spring so you may want to have a photograph of a flower in bloom or you could have your picture taken outdoors with lots of flowers in bloom and have that as your front cover. Hope this helps April and Happy Birthday!

  45. hi, thanks. i got so many ideas from this site. its really a big help. anyway, im celebrating my 18th on march and i decided to have a greek mythology theme, the idea also came from your site. it is nice since i found mythology a very interesting one. id only like to ask, what kind of souvenirs will i give that’s relative to theme and not too costly. and should male guests wear the freaky greek god/soldier costume? thanks a lot and more power!

    • Hi Kat,

      You can give away any item that really looks antique. You can also buy some small flutes and have them personalized with your name and some details about your party.
      Another idea for a Greek party souvenir is a Greek photo frame that have Greek columns as its design.

      You can also give out laurel crowns, which you can either buy or create by yourself.

      As for the male guests, that really depends on how shy or how brave they are. when inviting your male friends, you can tell them that a prize awaits the best guy in costume. if they don’t feel like wearing a costume, they can instead wear a laurel crown. Have some cloth / sash and laurel crowns ready to give to your male guests in case they’re not in costume and hand these items out to them so that they won’t look out of place.

      Happy planning and happy birthday! πŸ™‚
      Lizette and Jam

  46. What ideas can you suggest for a Vintage-themed debut? For the 18s? On the whole program actually. Please help me, I’m sort of clueless.

  47. my debut is on may.

    im having a hard time picking the best theme that will fit in my red,blak and white motif.

    can u suggest please?

    • Hi Anne (ladywarm0504),

      Red is a very strong color to have so if you are going for a statement, red is really the color to have. You can mix it up with gold for a more royal effect, much like a princess’ gown with gold trimmings. You could also go for red and black for a night of elegance. If you combine red with pink, baby pink or fuschia, or any lighter shade, you will be able to make red a little subtle.

      In terms of the theme, when I think of white, black and red, it reminds me of this Tim Burton inspired cake that I saw on the internet that was really very lovely and strange at the same time. It is colored red, white and black. So you may wanna try that. It is very elegant indeed and a little formal.


      You can also have a roses theme where you could decorate your venue with lots of red and white rose bouquets, red and white petals scattered on the stage and table tops. Clusters of red, white and black balloons would also be a nice decor. Red, white and black motif also makes me think of Moulin Rouge. You could also go for a masquerade theme and it will also be perfect for a red, black and white color combination. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  48. I REALLY NEED HELP:)) please. haha.. i dont know what to do on my debut party. .please suggest a theme .
    ahmm lemme speak in taglish:))
    i have a lots of ideas ksi on my mind e.. nagguluhan ako kung ok b o hnd.

    first thing n kailngn ko muna is venue:) ung my mga debut packages n sgro mga around 100k ung price gud for 100 – 150pax
    next, a theme for my party.. gsto ko simple pero elegante..
    ahmm for my invitations , anu kayang mgndng design? please help
    for my gown . gsto ko ng balloon effect.. wat do u think?

    kung pink and white party kaya? para girly much hehe:)) ung floral decorations e pink and whyt.. prng ang gnda lng s pningn ksi.. and imbs n red roses wat if pink roses? ksi parng cntrast s pink and wyt motiff ko ko if i will use red roses e
    ung cake dn, pink and wyt design. the invitations.. souvenirs.. and pati ung gown
    i am planning to have 1 elegnt gown, 1 dress for i dont know cgro prng after the formal party like after dncing with the 18 roses. i will change outfit haha,, and a performance outfit..because i like to share my hidden talents to my guests. haha.. im planning to have a song and dance no..

    ahmm kung after the dance with the 18 roses kaya e bblik clang lhat tapos they will sing for me.. gsto ko ksi knthn nila ung song n my girl e. parng iddvide ko ung song for them..hehe . watcha thnk?

    and i will also ask my friends to perform entertain the people.

    mjo mgulo ata ung mga cnb ko hehe..
    so please response..thank u very much…. :)) and i love this site . haha. it will really help so many debutantes..

    • Hi Janina,

      Have you considered some themes in our Ideas and Themes section? There are lots of themes to choose from which are really elegant. You should have a theme first because once you have a theme, everything will flow smoothly. A pink and white party is a cute theme to have. I think you can pull this off. For decor, you can have pink carnations, pink roses and white roses for table centerpieces. Have pink and white rose petals scattered on your stage. Hang pink and white Japanese lanterns around the venue for a very cute but elegant ambiance. A ball gown is also a nice style for a dress. This will make you look like a princess on your grand entrance. Choose a different shade of pink from your decorations so that you don’t fade in the background of pinkness that is happening all around. Maybe you can have baby pinks as decor and have a more deep and darker pink for your dress.

      Usually debutantes have dress changes for different parts of the evening so you can do that as well. And yes, debutantes usually showcase their talents during their party. That would be totally cool. Hope this helps and happy birthday to you.

  49. Hi Debutideas! I’ll be having my my debut on April this year and it will be held on a Ballroom and Bar venue. I chose BLACK AND WHITE party as for my theme… it goes like this, there will be a program proper then after that is a disco party with an open bar, since it is really good or it fits for the event place. The food, set-up and mobile and DJs are really great there. I really wanted it to be a UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND party, starting wih the invitations-program-games-dress/outfit-centerpiece-souveniers… I still have the 18 traditionals such as 18 roses, candles, and treasures… However, I still have a lot of problems and maybe you could help me with this…

    – Could you give me a tag line for my party or the one in the invitation: Ryzza@18: ._________
    -any alternatives or β€œpakulo” with the 18 rituals(roses,candles and treasure)?
    -could you suggest me a unique yet fun game/s.. )
    -any suggestions for centerpieces and souveniers..
    -lastly, i don’t know how to make a flow of the program.. (where to put the intermissions(3) part,games and the sequence of rituals..)

    i’m hoping you would help me out on this… THANK YOU! and more power to you!

    • Hi Ryzza,

      I think a black and white theme for a party is a great idea. It’s a classic! Some debutantes do that also to stand out by wearing a dress with a different color other than black and white. Anyway, your party will be elegant, and if you want to add fun, you can always give away some glow sticks to add flavor to the monotony of the theme, since you’re planning a rave party afterwards anyway.

      We have a list of games that can be found here:

      For your centerpieces, you can opt for white and black flowers, but you can also accent them with a RED flower. If you are adding an accent, RED would be the best one to do that. Or instead of flowers, you can go for shallow black bowls, with floating white candles, or instead of black bowls, you can go for a transparent one and place both black and white floating candles. With a clear bowl, you can see the effect of the black and white candles better. you can also decorate the tables with black silk cloth and scatter some white flower petals on them. You can also visit this link for some ideas:

      Inspiration board

      For your tagline, I really don’t know you well to say something that reflects your personality, but since your theme is Black and White, which has a modern, stylish and mature feel, I began thinking of some serious statements like: “Ryzza at 18: A coming of age affair” or “Ryzza: Ebony and Ivory and everything else at 18” –> symbolically this means “Your nights (ebony/black) and days (ivory/white) and everything else that matters in your life” or in other words, your life’s ups and downs and everything that matters.

      For the flow of the program, we have articles in our Party Guide section that can help you with that:
      For the intermissions, you can place them in-between the 18s. for instance:

      18 Roses
      Intermission 1
      18 Candles
      18 Treasures
      Intermission 2

      It’s better that your 18 roses be in color RED so that the flowers stand out among those black and white decorations of yours. For the candles you can also choose another color other than white (and definitely other than black ’cause that would be creepy).

      Anyway, I hope that i was able to help in a way. πŸ™‚ Good luck with your debut and happy birthday!

  50. anyway, i chose black and white party because i thought of it as a chick and elegant party… wherein guests will be wearing either black or white or black mixed with white cocktail dress and suits. i was thinking if it will be a black and white rave party?however, i wanted to maintain the essence of 18 rituals in a modern and unique way…if you still have any suggestions of a theme to match up with the black and white motif, i’ll be glad to read those suggestions.. THANKS again! )

  51. can u please suggest anything that will be anne@18: ._________

    and any words that will i put on my invitation?

    and can i know what is the best souvenir nowadays?

  52. Hi~Can you please help in choosing my theme?My debut will be in next month

    Until now,I can’t decide what theme would I pick.I want to have a korean theme since I’m fond of korean cultures/traditions.
    what would be the best invitation for a girl who likes koreans so

    what would be the best souvenirs?thanks~

  53. Hello DebutIdeas, my sisters debut is THIS Saturday. It’s a joint birthday party of my 16th, my dads 50th, and her birthday.
    I’m just wondering, is it necessary for the 18 candles to give a speech to the debutante?
    I hate public speaking, which means I’m one of the 18 candles.
    Thank you in advance n_n.

    • Hi Carmie,

      I believe it is important that you give a speech for your sister. Choosing you as one of her 18 candles must mean something. It is not just because you are her sister. It also means that you are a person that is important to her. She needs your help in this new journey in the adult world and I’m sure if it is your turn to turn 18, she will be there for you too. What I would suggest is you prepare your speech beforehand. Tell her how special she is and how lucky you are that she is your sister. You can also quote a line from a song or a poem that would summarize what you feel or wish for her and then read your speech clearly on that piece of paper glancing at your sister for a more personal effect and never looking at the guests as this might cause you to faint ;). After all, it’s your sister you are talking to, so don’t mind the people. Focus on your sister’s face and just do it! Hope everything turns out for the best. Happy birthday to you, your dad and your sister.

  54. can u suggest a garden venue near manila??

    am having hard time to know where am going to celebrate my debut, it is on may.


    • Hi Nina,

      Some garden venues I know in Manila are Baluarte de San Diego, Father Blanco’s Garden, Orchidarium, Puerta Real Gardens, San Diego Gardens and Teatrillo. Hope this helps Nina and happy planning.

  55. Hi debut ideas! My debut is this month and im wondering how to use the theme masquerade with a pool party… My venue is in our condominiums clubhouse with a swimming pool… And I dont want the party to be too formal because of the theme… Could u help me with the attire to wear with a masquerade themed debut without wearing gowns.. And the motif too… Plus decorations since its a pool side venue.. Please help meee πŸ™‚ thank you and more power to ur site πŸ˜€

  56. Hi debutideas!
    I need help with my theme for my debut (which is in 2 weeks)
    My theme is Masquerade, but I want to also have a pool party since my venue has a pool side. Also I don’t want my debut to be sort of formal because of the masquerade theme. I also need ideas on what motif is best for a masquerade/pool part theme. I also need help with the decorations because I can’t decide on what decors to put up since my venue has a pool side.

    THANK YOU πŸ˜€

    • Hi Anna,

      A Masquerade theme is a great theme to have especially if you like to dress up and have a fun-filled, informal and exciting party for you and your guests. Use the pool as a prop or a decor for a more posh evening. Fill it with petals of red roses and floating candles to create an ethereal ambiance which is great for a Masquerade theme. I’m afraid it can’t be mixed with a pool party because that would be totally ridiculous. If you are actually planning on using the pool, it might be kind of difficult because your guests will come in cocktail dresses or probably ball gown dresses (depending on what you ask of them) in keeping with a Masquerade theme. They would probably have make up on and hair spray on their hair. It will be tedious to have a swim after the program since they have to shower for a long time to remove their make up and hair spray. If you want to use the pool, have a different theme instead. Why not try a Bohemian themed party. A debutante once asked about it and I think it is a great idea.

      For your outfit, you can go for the maxi dresses Boho style:


      And ask your friends to wear Bohemian inspired dresses too. It is pretty cool because once the program is over, your friends can just remove their maxi dresses and with their bikinis on, dip in the water for some pool activity like games and stuff. The Boho style is so funky and unconventionally fashion forward that I’m sure your guests would love to actually adhere to the theme.

      For decor hang drapes of bold colors and place metal lanterns and candles around the venue. This will create a very Bohoish effect.
      Hope this helps Anna and happy birthday.

  57. jey its me agian.sorry to disturb you again my mom won’t allow me with the party i proposed to her which is the japanese party so im turning it into a purple party?any suggestions how to call the 18’s ?

  58. i just read your reply @janina wouldn’t it be a good idea if i ask my guest to wear purple while im also wearing purple because im planning to have a purple party?or should i ask them to wear a different color, i want the guest to wear the same color.

    • Hi Summer,

      Sorry for not replying sooner. I think a purple party would be okay. If you are serious about the dress code, make your invite the purple that you want so they can bring it when they look for their dress (because I’ve realized that there are different hues of purple that people actually know.) Purple is that color in the middle of magenta and violet. They can wear different hues as long as their in the purple family, if you’re not that particular about them being in the exact same hue. I don’t think any color would work for a purple party. It would defeat the purpose of having a purple party if they wear a different color so ask them to adhere to the dress code and wear a purple dress.

      Since it is a purple party, you should also wear a purple dress. In order to stand out among a sea of purples, pick a dress that has an elegant style to it, probably a deeper shade of purple, some bead work perhaps or glitter so that when the spotlight hits you, you will literally sparkle.

      With regards to the 18s, you can have 18 candles (purple) or you can have 18 balloons where your 18s will pop a balloon (purple balloon) to reveal a piece of paper with their written message (placed inside the balloon beforehand). For 18 roses, why not try 18 wines, where your 18 roses will give you a toast and then dance with you. You can also make purple leis made of japanese or crepe paper and rename it 18 purple leis. For 18 treasures or 18 gifts, ask your 18s to give you 18 purple things which they will reveal when they make a speech. Hope this helps and happy birthday Summer.

  59. Hi! Me and mom are planning for my debut in December. I picked white and black as the color motif, and I will be wearing red.
    Can you suggest a theme that will go perfect with the motif? And what will be a good substitution for the grand cotillion.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Hello Evelyn!

      If your cousin is opting for a Hawaiian inspired debut party, choose an outdoor venue, better if it’s with a pool. Create Leis made of real flowers and foliage or made of colorful silk flowers. You can also light up tiki torches on the entrance, just like the ones you see in Survivor. you just have to make sure that the torches are safe of course πŸ™‚ You can look for tiki torches at specialty shops like Ace Hardware.

      Have your ushers stand at the door and greet everyone “Aloha” with a Lei. This gesture not only welcomes them, it also gives them the props they need for photographs in case hey forgot to wear a Hawaiian attire. These leis are perfect for photo opportunities. But of course you have to tell the guests through your invites about the dress code. The guests need not wear a formal attire. they can wear shorts and white polo (for men) and sundress (for the ladies).

      You can have someone play the Ukelele to serenade your guests as they enter or your DJ can play reggae music like the songs of Bob Marley.

      Create a luau. You can hire ukelele and guitar players and fire dancers too for a more authentic Hawaiian atmosphere — whatever fits your budget. For the 18s, your cousin can have 18 Leis (as a replacement for 18 roses), 18 tropical drinks (for 18 wines), which can include unique recipes of Hawaiian cocktails and punches, and 18 treasures.

      You can do some thorough research about the Hawaiian culture and what else you can apply in your cousin’s 18th birthday celebration.

      Happy Planning! πŸ™‚

  60. Hi,

    I’m yhe…

    I read all your comment&suggestion …. and i think you are great.

    I need your help, I am the emcee of my friend debut this march…
    Can you give me some sample of introduction line or words that i may use..
    And some script that may help to make the program dont look boring.
    thank you so much.. God Bless

    • Hi Yhe,

      It is nice that you are hosting your friend’s debut party. I’m sure you would be great considering you know her personally, you probably have so much to say. The good thing about you as a host is that you can tell some experiences you shared with the debutante, good or even embarrassing ones, that will make it exciting, funny, and not boring. We have an outline of a program that may help you in constructing your own script. Program Flow. We also have a sample technical script that you may use as a basis. Hope this helps and happy birthday to your friend.

    • Hi Akin,

      There is really no best color or theme for a debut. It really depends on how you plan it. A simple pool party can really be memorable if you plan it perfectly. It also depends on the debutante’s personality and usually debutante’s infuse their favorite color. Usually pink is used because girls really are drawn to the color pink. you can combine it with lavender or fuschia for a more dynamic color combination. But if you want a more mature color, combine it with dark brown or some darker shade of pink. You can also have a white and black party or a white party. That will also be cool. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  61. Hi Debut Ideas!

    My debut is still next year but as early as now I’m already thinking of a theme. So I was planning to have an around-the-world ish theme
    ’cause I love stuff like air mail, stamps and things like the Eiffel Tower. However, I’m sort of not sure yet because i don’t want it to be too literal because I also like vintage stuff, fashion and music. Any ideas you can suggest?

    And I’m having the debut at the Century Seafood, so any ideas on how to enhance the place?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Gayle,

      I think the Around-the-World theme is a great idea. You can name your tables according to countries that you would want to visit in the future. You can gain inspiration from the movie Around the World in 80 days where the fashion is elegant and vintage.

      world Source:

      world2 Source:

      Make your invites like a postcard complete with stamps. The photo on the post card will be your pics in different national costumes.

      postcard Source:

      If you could have a cardboard cutout of the Eiffel Tower in the entrance of your venue or a picture of the Eiffel Tower printed at a tarpaulin for your photo booth, that would really be great. Hope this helps and happy birthday Gayle.

  62. Hi. i am planning to have a butterfly themed party but at the same time I want it to be magical… what can I do? Can I have butterflies during my entrance?

  63. Hi! i really like your website.. it gave me a lot of ideas! but one thing that keeps bugging me is my motif.. my venue is a hotel bar by the way but i want to keep the formality of the event.. so i was planning to have a black party… but my motif is black and purple… so my idea is to wear a purple gown and the guests will be wearing black dress/gowns/suit with purple accent.. like girls can wear black cocktail dress with purple accessories etc… so i was just asking for an opinion if my ideas were okay or not.. i mean does it look like someone just died or something… i hope you can help me… =(

    • Hi Marie,

      In our culture, sometimes wearing black during birthdays and weddings is something that is frowned upon most especially by elders. You should explain to them though that black is not a color of mourning. You want your party to be formal, elegant and classy and a black party will achieve that. The formality of an event can also be achieved by your invites, how you plan your program and decorate your venue, so meticulously plan that as well. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  64. Thank you very much for your advice… could you also help me on how to decorate the venue that will match my black party? ideas will do.. thank you very much!

  65. Thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚ I was wondering though, do you have any idea for the backdrop and where to get one? I was looking at your directory and there are only balloons and draping…is there a company that has backdrops?

    And I was planning to have an exhibit outside the venue, b/c I am also an artist. How can I incorporate this with my theme (around the world)? πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Gayle,

      What I can suggest for your backdrop is to pick some nice photos on the internet of hot air balloons or airplanes. You can also have some scenic spots of your favorite countries. Rent out a projector screen and have that played over and over. For a more dynamic backdrop, you can have a video of a hot air balloon in flight. If the stage of your venue already has a white wall, focus the projector on the white wall. If it doesn’t you can buy cheap ironed white cloth. That will serve as your screen. The white screen that usually comes with a rented projector is only 60 x 60 inches or 70 x 70 inches. If that size is okay for you then just use that. Try looking for projector rentals in the net. I forgot to place some in our suppliers page. I found these. You could try calling them. Hope this helps and happy birthday Gayle.

      For your backdrop, you can life-size balloon

  66. Hi! πŸ˜€ I was wondering if it is possible to have “the time machine” themed party πŸ˜€ I don’t really know how to do with the stuff. like the dress, food and other stuff πŸ˜€ so yeah.. you would be of so much help. πŸ˜€ thanks

    • Hi Maron,

      It seems that time travel is your thing. The thing to do I guess is to choose which time period you would like to showcase and then capitalize on that. For instance, if you would like to return to the 1950s, the era of the petticoats, showcase 1950s fashion in your party. If you are into the flower power, era of the psychedelics, ala Austin Powers, make your decorations colorful. How about old Hollywood glamour, that would be really cool too. Hope this helps. Happy Birthday.

  67. hi! kinda nervous… c0z im going to celebrate my debut 2 weeks from now…all things are set…except that i cant just still decide of what is the best theme 2 have! T_T We are going to celebrate it on a resort, a garden with a pool itz like that.. but the pool is not going to be used.. So how would i handle it??? Aside from the one i read, we could put some petals of red roses and floating candles…And also my favorite color is green, but i think its not bagay to the concept that im thinking.. I want the glam style in old hollywood mixed with the masquerade theme…or the masquerade theme alone? Would you mind if youll explain to me further of that masquerade concept? of what should be the style of dressing ( both me and the guest), the decors, color, accessories,,and etc. And ahmmm..pls also suggest a catchy line that fits to that theme?? Lastly, if masquerade theme would be ok, is there any other names that you can suggest for the 18s..
    Sorry if i have so many questions…I just cant really think of what am i going to do to solve these problems..Hope you can help me! πŸ™‚




    • Hi Midnight,

      Masquerade balls are called such because these are parties or other festive gatherings of persons wearing masks and other disguises, and often elegant, historical, or fantastic costumes. So in its strictest sense, masquerade balls are really elegant parties with masks and costumes. However nowadays, parties that lets you wear masks alone can pass up as masquerade parties. We have an article about old glam Hollywood that may give you some ideas on how to pull off a Hollywood themed party. Click here. If you want to incorporate it into a masquerade theme, you can ask your guests to imitate a certain Hollywood celebrity example: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Cher, etc. and then provide for them a mask at the entrance or distribute the masks along with your invites and ask them to bring it to your party. I saw this picture of a black and white party where the guests are wearing white and black masks and I think this could also work for you.



      For your 18s, try 18 masks where your 18 roses will remove his mask to reveal his face, place it back and then dance with you. You may try 18 candelabras for your 18 candles where your 18 candles are placed in cute candelabras. You can try also 18 wines for the 18 wishes where your 18 wines will make a speech and make a toast before drinking the wine. And 18 gems, 18 jewels for your 18 treasures. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  68. hello! i love your site:) may i ask what possible ideas for an ‘alice and wonderland’ theme (venue, decor, dress,etc)? and may i know what is the standard budget for a debut? thank you:)

    • Hi Kay,

      Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is one theme that is going to be great. Tim Burton has a certain style that he exudes when he does his movies, the unique appearance of his characters, the stage decors, etc, and so you may want to show that in your decors, souvenirs, invites and dress. For the venue, a garden would be most appropriate. Design your stage with oversized flowers and foliage (click here for picture).

      Create your own Mad Hatter Tea Party. Your guests should come in styled hats like the ones that the Mad Hatter made for the Queen. For your dress, be inspired with these beautiful blue gowns that we have on our facebook account. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  69. hi there
    im having my debut on dec
    i know it is 8 months away from now
    but i wanna plan it as soon as possible
    cn u suggest a theme for me??
    that’s fun not so formal coz i dont wana wear a ball gown

    • Hi Kaycee,

      Most debutants nowadays opt for themes that don’t require them to wear formal gowns because they simply want to be themselves and that’s perfectly normal. Times have changed and young women are now provided with better and modern options. If you don’t want to wear a formal gown, make sure to wear something that you will be comfortable wearing. But don’t let your guests outshine you. Include the dress code note in your birthday invites so that no one will feel out of place.

      Deciding on a theme really depends on your personality, your interests, even your budget. We have created some articles here on some birthday party themes, which you might be interested to explore.

      Happy planning!

  70. Hi debutideas. πŸ™‚ I’m planning to have a debut on October. I think it’s too early but I want everything to be perfect. I’m having a Masquerade Winter Wonderland theme and I don’t know yet where is the perfect venue for this theme, the gown, the decorations, the floral designs, the cake, the invitations, the souvenirs almost everything. I know it’s difficult that’s why I’m asking help now. I’m living at Quezon City area. I think my guest will be around 125 people and I have a tight budget, Can you please help me? THANKS! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ghed,

      A Masquerade Winter Wonderland would work best in an indoor venue, especially in the month of October where it usually rains. You want to be on the safe side. I think your theme is great. You can have a white party in keeping with a Winter Wonderland theme. Create a white stage with silver and white paper cutout snowflakes, white drapes, pseudosnow, white branches, etc. For your gown, wear something in sliver, white or turquoise for an ice princess look.


      Here are some other gown inspiration that you may use for a Winter theme. Create a color combination of silver and white or turquoise or aquamarine with these different styles.


      A Masquerade party will not be complete without masks, so give away masks along with your invites to let your guests know what theme you have and ask them to bring it to your party, or ask an usher to distribute them at the entrance of your venue and this will double as your party favor. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  71. hi there im turning 18 on dec. i know it is 9 months away but i want to plan it sooner
    para organize lahat πŸ™‚
    i want my party to be not that formal kc ayw kung mg wear ng ball gown
    what would be the headline if i use the hollywood theme?
    and what is the best souvenir for that?

    • Hi Kayce,

      It is better to plan ahead of time so that you are able to attend to every detail of your party and book the suppliers that you like. For the headline, you can go for “Kayce Goes Hollywood” with a sort of tabloid effect


      “Glitz and Glamour on Kayce’s 18th” , “All that Glitters, Kayce at 18.” “Tinseltown Celebrates Kayce’s 18th” “A Box-office Celebration Starring Kayce.”

      For souvenirs, you can have star-shaped chocolates or cookies with your name on it that will resemble the star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can also have a photobooth with props of director’s chair, megaphone, clapper, etc. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  72. Hi! Im Daine Valerio. My friend advised me that I should be starting to plan my party since it’s 6 months away na lang.
    Hmm, I’m thinking of a KIDDIE THEME with sort of SPONGEBOB THEME party. My reason? That day will be the last chance I would have to act childish since I am stepping in to womanhood. I also think that it’ll be fun if my guests are wearing child-like clothes. But, I still want to have the 18 roses, 18 candles, etc. In what way do you suggest it to be done? Also, in this theme, what should I wear? NOTE: I don’t want to wear a gown. It’s just too traditional πŸ˜€ Is it just fine that I can play any music that I want? I mean the latest RNB hits and likewise, despite my theme? Of course I will also include some spongebob songs. How will I make my invitations?

    Thank you so much for the pieces of advice you will give.
    Thanks! MUCH MUCH!

    • Hi Diane,

      I’m sure your party will be fun and cute. You can wear a baby doll dress with a cute color:


      or this in pink or yellow:


      In keeping with your sponge bob theme, why not try a yellow color:


      Hire mascots like sponge bob square pants and Patrick starr. Hold childish parlor games like palayok, pabitin and trip to Jerusalem games. Hire also magicians, clowns, ventriloquists, and balloon twisters. Rent out β€œdirty” ice cream trolleys, cotton candy machines and give it out to guests for free! I’m sure your guests will love those. As an alternative for your 18s, try 18 Ice Cream Toasts, 18 cotton candies and 18 Balloons where balloons are popped after your friends address their little speeches for you. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  73. hello:]

    i’m asking for you cooperation for my upcoming debut at july, 2010.i’m really excited planning out of this things so much.please give me some advice and knowledge of what would be the outcome. my motif would be “pink” because this is my favorite color.and i really want to wear an elegant gown in that day.
    i was planning out that i would place my party at the westlake pavillion and outside part have a pool side so i would rather extend the place outside the pool after the affair inside the pavillion.
    and what should be the best theme for that?and i want also to have a cotillion de honor.
    what should be the best dinner for this?
    and what will be the great color combination for “pink” for some of the decorations like some balloons, flowers?is it ok?
    and after the cotillion could i have a something jazz band outside the pavillion, in the pool side?
    and what kind of souvenirs could it be?i was planning that a old cd willl personalized and it would become a simple clock with my own pic and own it fine?

    i will wait your reply:]

    • Hi Shiela,

      If your color motif is pink, i think the Princess theme and Fairies theme would be best for this color. “Pretty in Pink” is what you want to achieve. I can almost picture you in your elegant pink ball gown. Having a cotillion de honor usually suggests that the party would be formal, so dinner should be a full course dinner which basically consists of three or four courses, such as soup, salad, meat and dessert. You can either have a sit-down dinner where your guests will be served on their seats or buffet style where your guests will go to the buffet table and queue for their turn to be served the different courses. Use the pool as a decor by placing floating candles and flower petals on it. You can have different shades of pink to go around your venue so that it would not be monotonous. For example baby pinks with fuschia pinks would be so girlicious. Lavender and pink would also be a nice combination. For a more mature color combination, try baby pink with chocolate brown. Hiring a band would be a good idea because this will serve as your entertainment where your guests would probably even be enticed to dance. With regard to the souvenirs, your idea of the CD being a clock is a good idea because they will be able to use it and it is a great way to express your creativity. Hope this helps Shiela and happy birthday.

    • Hello Jhuvee!

      You can use a red carpet theme ala Oscars. Another nice theme for the RED motif can be a Bollywood theme because Bollywood uses bold colors like red. Then with Red as your base color, you can add some more colors that complement it.

      But don’t just decide on a theme based on a single color. Deciding on a theme will also depend on your personality. Know what your interests are and what kind of person you are and make sure that all these reflect the party your are throwing.

  74. Hi! I’m erika.. could you please help me think of a theme/motif? my debut will be held on May 5, 2010 at Great Eastern Hotel(Aberdeen Court). I like my party to have stars everywhere, so what kind of theme can i make from that?.. but i’m not sure if my venue could accommodate themes there because what i know is that in aberdeen court they held traditional debuts. so, i’m thinking now of what my color motifs are. my favorite color is fuschia, what other color can i combine with it??

    hope you could help me.. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Erika,

      With your love of stars, I’m thinking of a stars theme, a twilight theme of silver and blue with small yellow stars twinkling. That would be really cool. Even if the venue does not decorate according to theme, you can do it yourself and ask some friends to set it up before your birthday bash. Cut out silver and yellow stars and hang it using nylon strings in your stage and all around the venue to create a twilight theme. Put an arch balloon of midnight blue and silver on your entrance or on your stage for a dramatic effect. You can have a gown of midnight blue with silver trimmings. If you are opting to go for the color theme fuschia, you can combine it with baby pink and lavender for a more dynamic color hue. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Jhuvie,

      We have an article about pool parties (click here) that can give you some ideas on how to plan a party at a resort. Also we have a beach themed debut party article that I’m sure would really help you in planning your perfect resort party. You can also have a bohemian inspired party were you and your guests are dressed in Boho maxi dresses that you can remove when you want to take a swim. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  75. Hi Debut Ideas!

    I will be having my debut on the 3rd week of May. I am planning of a fairy tale theme. I’ve read some of your posts regarding the said theme. I enjoy reading them because I’ve got a lot of advices. Anyway, can you give me some suggestions for my souveneir? I can’t think of any. I want it to be some kinda unique. And also, i don’t know how to make my debut entertaining. What I am thinking is that everyone is going to be bored on that night because of a simple program with 18 roses, candles, and etc. I hipe you could give me some suggestions regarding this matter.

    Thank you and I’m looking forward for your reply! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lalaine,

      Fairytales usually are enchanting and magical. I’m pretty sure your guests will not be bored with the theme that you chose. What fairytale in particular would you be showcasing? Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, etc. or just fairytales in general. Anyway it would be easier to think of a souvenir if you have one in particular, but anyway, for souvenirs, you might want to have mini baskets with an apple inside (snow white) or chocolates, bread, fruits (little red riding hood) perhaps. For cinderella, mini glass slipper figurines. How about mini dwarf stuffed toys, doll keychains, princess cellphone charms. A photobooth with your favorite fairytale princess on the backdrop would be okay too.

      Having a good host who could keep your guests’ attention is sometimes the key to a very entertaining program. Well that and a good and well planned program. We have an article about the debut program flow that will help you with this. The key is to balance the high’s and low’s of the program. For instance, do not do all your 18s in one segment. Intersperse intermission numbers with your 18s so your guests will not get bored with all the speeches and dances. Ask some friends of yours to do a dance number or sing for you on your day. Make your guests participate by playing some games in between your 18s. This will really keep them on their feet. We have some game suggestions in our Games section that you may want to read on. Click here for games. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Summer, no need for 18 separate songs. 1 song can fit as long as it’s long enough. But it’s really up to you. Some debut celebrants choose 18 songs for each 18 roses just because they want to. Some debutants choose certain songs to which she can relate while some 18th birthday celebrants choose music based on her relationship with the person she is currently dancing to. But generally, 1 to 2 songs is okay πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pinkie,

      Primary colors could not sum up what wildfairies should look. These images can inspire you in deciding for your colors.

      Color Scheme#1:
      I’m not suggesting that you use all these colors. Choose only one color then use the other colors to accent your motif. Basically, this color scheme is Pink accented with green. I just placed some gradations (light pink and light green) so that you can see some subtlety with the combination.

      Color Scheme#2:
      I patterned this color scheme from the second fairy image above. If you want warm colors for your motif, this could work well to utilize pink, orange and yellow hues.

      Color Scheme#3:
      This color combination based from image#3 is all about standing out from the rest. It uses cool and warm hues that will say something about how unique you are.

      Color Scheme#4:
      The colors of summer are timeless as they are created by nature. This color scheme symbolizes a new day and a new hope. If you want to highlight your complexion, use these warm colors. Choose a main color motif and let the rest accent it.

      Happy planning!

  76. hi..i’m celebrating my birthday on october..i just want to ask if it’s ok that i would have a beach party even it’s no longer summer??tnx
    another favor: pls. give me more theme that can fit with my birthday party?tnx..pls. answer poh!

    • Hi Ashtine,

      Having a beach party in the months of September to November is quite risky. It is rainy season and it would not be a nice beach party when it rains. If you have a back up plan for when it rains, like if your beach venue has a function room you can use just in case it does rain on your day, then by all means go for it girl! You can do the program indoors and then go out to the beach for a swim afterwards. For themes for a beach party, you may try Bohemian themed debut party. This is especially great for beach and pool parties. It is so practical to don boho (maxi) dresses on top of your bikinis so that when the program ends, you and your guests can just easily slip away from your dress for a swim. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  77. Hi,

    I will be celebrating my 18th birthday in November. I just wanna ask what theme suits well on the kind of debut I am planning for. My debut would probably be a “birthday concert” but the kind of songs I’ll be singing are the like of Don’t rain on my parade and New york, new york. So those are not the typical pop music. I’d like to fit what I am gonna sing to the theme of my debut. Also, most probably, I am gonna have additional 18 thousands and songs to the typical 18’s. What words could substitute those that go with the theme? I am thinking old hollywood would be a better choice or movie-ish or masquerade party. Do you have more themes to suggest that may suit well to my party? And oh, may an aphrodite-grecian party be incorporated with it?

    Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jaycie,

      I think your choice of songs are those found on plays on Broadway, so I’m thinking of a Broadway theme. You can either showcase just one play, for instance “Phantom of the Opera” and incorporate a Masquerade theme to it or you can have all plays you like by making each table a different Broadway musical, for instance, putting playbills of each play to each table centerpiece.

      For your 18 roses, try 18 diamonds and you and your 18 roses will dance to the tune of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend from the play “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” where you will change partner for every stanza of the song. You can also have 18 Broadway songs and dance to that. How about 18 masks where your 18 roses will first reveal who they are by removing their masks as they are being introduced and then dance with you. For your 18 candles, try 18 Tony awards where each candle will describe why they gave you an award, for instance “Tony Award for Being a True Friend” etc. You can pick a song among Broadway plays that you and your friends can dance to and that will substitute for a cotillion. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  78. hello…i will be celebrating mu 18 birthday on may 3,. 2010, and i don’t want it to become so traditional debut party, i just want it to be a simple gathering where all my relatives, friends, classmates, and colleagues will meet. but as of now i still dont have any idea what to do or where to start preparing…and also about the souvenirs, can you suggest any kind of souvenir which will very cute, stylish, or whatt they called “astig”.im also looking for a dress which will fit in this kind of gathering. hope you can give a good suggestion thanks

    • Hi Kathreen,

      Would this gathering have a program? If it is just dinner with your close friends and relatives, then I believe a cocktail dress would work just fine. Do you have a color motif? How about a theme? It is easy to plan for your party if you have a theme. If it is going to be a rave party or a glam rock party, you can dress like a rock star. For souvenirs, you can give away, CDs of your favorite rock songs, glow bracelets, etc. If you are into fashion, you can have a runway theme and your souvenirs can be mini shopping bags with chocolates or candies inside and a thank you note in a dress shaped paper. Having a theme or even just a color motif would make your party more organized and cohesive even if it is just a gathering of your close relatives and friends. For souvenirs, you can have chocolates or candies repacked in metal canisters, baskets or boxes. You can also have colognes or bath soaps which I’m sure your guests would appreciate because they can use it. For your dress, go for cocktail dresses, above the knee baby doll dresses in your color motif. Hope this helps and happy birthday Kathreen.

    • hi pia,

      it’s easy to list down giveaways for a color blue motif, but the question is if it’s appropriate with your theme. for instance, you can give out blue sarongs, but then it wouldn’t be right if you are having a Rock and roll themed debut party because it really does not connect. The more you narrow down your search — and by narrowing down i mean considering your theme and your interests as well — the easier you will find unique souvenirs or giveaways for your birthday guests. for now i can only give you generic items like cookies in a personalized jar, small blue stuffed toys, personalized blue bag tags, and lootbags with trinkets. if you want unique items, you need to have a theme in mind. =)

  79. Hi Debut Ideas,

    I will be celebrating my 18th birthday in November. I just wanna ask what theme suits well on the kind of debut I am planning for. My debut would probably be a β€œbirthday concert” but the kind of songs I’ll be singing are the like of Don’t rain on my parade and New york, new york. So those are not the typical pop music. I’d like to fit what I am gonna sing to the theme of my debut. Also, most probably, I am gonna have additional 18 thousands and songs to the typical 18’s. What words could substitute those that go with the theme? I am thinking old hollywood would be a better choice or movie-ish or masquerade party. Do you have more themes to suggest that may suit well to my party? And oh, may an aphrodite-grecian party be incorporated with it?

    Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Apple Joy!

      You can visit this Link and see the various themes and ideas we have come up with. It really depends on your personality and budget. If none of these themes appeal to you, think of something that fits your personality and we’ll see if we can answer any question about that particular idea.

      For the debut program and technical script visit these links:
      Debut Program and Flow
      Debut Script

      Good day and happy planning! πŸ™‚

      Jam and Lizette

  80. Hello Debut Ideas! πŸ™‚

    I’m having a debut NEXT MONTH, and yeah, I know that it’s a bit late for me to plan. I hope that with your great ideas, I would be able to make my debut plans smoothly.

    I want to have this main theme of my debut. Is “Ria’s Colorful Summers” okay? Guests would only wear something casual but they should wear something bright and summer-ish.

    I won’t be having the traditional 18’s, but what I want to have are 18 gifts for the girls and 18 toasts for the guys. What other substitutions for “gifts” and “toasts” can I use would be appropriate for my theme?

    What other suggestions could you give? πŸ™‚

    Thanks, and more power to your site. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ria,

      For a summer theme, think of bright and lively colors. Turquoise would be a good color, aquamarine too would be spectacular for a summer theme. Actually any color would do as long as it’s bright and lively. You can have beach flags of varying colors surround your venue as well as your stage so that guests would have a feel of what your theme is all about. You can have fishbowls filled with sand water and floating candles instead of flowers. You could also have tiki torches lighted near your stage and use this for your grand entrance. That will be totally cool. We have articles on summer/beach/tropical themes that you may want to read on. They are similar to a summer theme in a lot of ways. Beach/Tropical theme

      Here are some examples of substitutes for your 18s

      You can substitute 18 toasts with 18 Summer Serenades where each will share a toast and then dance with you or have a speech. For your 18 gifts, you can have 18 Treasure Chests, 18 Jewels or 18 Gems. You can also have 18 Seashells where inside the seashells are wishes written on paper for the 18 treasures to read. For 18 gifts, you can also try 18 Cocktails where your 18s will make a speech, give a toast and then give you the gift. Hope this helps and happy birthday Ria

  81. hi debut ideas .gud like to thank you first for helping a lot of people like me in giving advices for free..a lot of luck to come and more celebrating my debut this coming july 3, 2010 my venue is in a simple house with a pool on the side pls help me to choose a right theme for my debut and the right color..since it is a rainy day season..i hope you can help me with this..hope to hear frm you..thank you debutideas..god bless

    • Hi Shobe,

      I think since the house has already a pool, you might as well take advantage of it. It can either be a very beautiful backdrop for your stage when you choose to hold the event outdoors or you can just decorate it with floating candles, petals, balloons to make it into a huge decor. Any theme will do if you are going to hold it indoors. You can have a tropical inspired party and just make the pool as a prop. If you want to take advantage of the pool and really use it, then have a pool party. We have an article about pool parties and what great themes to incorporate it with. pool parties You can also have a bohemian inspired party inside. Ask your friends to wear boho maxi dresses for females with swim suits inside and then when you and your friends are ready to take the plunge, you just remove your beautiful boho maxi dresses and you’re ready to go. Hope this helps.

  82. Hi there. I am celebrating my debut on July. At first, I was planning to have a Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s-Inspired Black and Whte Party but my guests aren’t familiar with that so I changed it to just a vintage black and white party. Now, I am really having a hard time picking the right debut gown/ dress for me. One’s certain, it will be color red. Can you please suggest dresses/ gowns appropriate to that vintage theme? @.@ Thank You! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Yana,

      I think the gown doesn’t have to be red. If you want to standout, any color except black and white will do. Choose a style that is vintage looking. Old Hollywood glam. If you opt for black, you can also imitate gowns from Breakfast at Tiffany’s with matching cool humongous sunglasses.


      To have a more vintage feel to your gown, match it with a vintage hairdo like the ones found here

      Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  83. hi debutideas. I’m preparing a debut for my cousin she will be having a debut on december and her theme was Nature Elegance. Her colors are pale green, brown and white. Any ideas on this theme? can u please suggest anything that will be kris@18: ._________
    and any words that will i put on my invitation?.However, I’m having a difficulty on thinking of ideas to incorporate the theme into the party itself.

    • Hi Leslie,

      Nature Elegance is a nice theme for your chosen color green, brown and white. “Kris@18 blossoms into a natural beauty.” A japanese zen inspired theme would also be good for a green, white and brown combination. . Put potted plants or bonsai on your stage and hang white Japanese lanterns to adhere to a zen inspired theme. Those potted plants will serve as party favor later on after the program is finished. Hope this helps.

  84. hi,

    can you give me some ideas about my debut?
    Im going to celebrate my debut this july..
    until now i dont have any idea on what to do on my debut,.

    can you please help..tnx alot.:)

    • Hi Dianne,

      First of all, you may want to have a theme. Themes make a debut party interesting and easy to plan because you are focused on just one idea. Think of a theme that will let your personality standout. Something that you like, love, passionate about. This will make your debut party totally unique. Do you want a dancing party, a formal party, a costumey party, a pool party? We have lots to choose from so do read on and let us know what you come up with. Happy planning Dianne.

  85. My debut party will be held next year. But I was thinking of ideas already.

    As for the theme, is it okay if the theme is valentine? Because most of the background music that I want to play on the party are love songs and some pop love songs (like one less lonely girl…hot and cold….fight for this love….etc.)

    As for the 18 candles, can i substitute it to 18 sticky notes, and these will be placed in a box made of recycled materials?

    Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Nicolene,

      I think you don’t need to limit your theme to valentines just because the songs that you are going to use are all love songs. It is understood that the songs that are gonna be played in the 18 roses dance are love songs. You can choose whatever theme you like and then go ahead and use love songs for your 18 roses dance. As for your idea of 18 sticky notes, I think that is a very good idea. Your recycled box will serve as a party favor for your 18s and you are doing our mother Earth a favor too. Happy planning Nicolene.

  86. hi debutideas. I’m preparing a debut for my cousin she will be having a debut on december and her theme wa s A Midsummer Night’s Drema. What colors do you think ? Any ideas on this theme? can u please suggest anything that will be kris@18: ._________
    and any words that will i put on my invitation? I want to change the traditional 18 to go with it the theme .However, I’m having a difficulty on thinking of ideas to incorporate the theme into the party itself.

  87. Hi, Im thinking of a dance party or a pool party..
    Im now searching for some private resorts that will suite my budget for a pool party. unfortunately
    my parents didnt know if we can afford a party like that because of the budget and we can only accomodate few people.
    so for now, i’m planning to have a dance party. can you suggest how is the flow of program? what do i need for that kind of theme..

    thanks for entertaining and giving ideas.:)

  88. hey there! πŸ™‚ i’d like to ask for your help, im having my 18th birthday this coming july3. my theme is twilight-inspired. and i wanted it to be really simple yet very memorable. i want an alternative instead of using real roses and real candles? and about the invitations? can you help me? PLEASE! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Siobe,

      I personally would love to see 18 Red Roses on a Twilight-inspired debut party because the Red Rose is one of the most dominant elements in the book / movie. Candles too! Candles are okay, I suggest you don’t replace it because they’re exactly what Twilight vampires are all about! πŸ™‚

      For your invites, I suggest you send wax-sealed old-school enveloped invitations

      Maybe you can also splatter red paint all over your letter, suggesting that it’s blood and it’s time to gather all your blood sucking friends — something like that. πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps!

  89. hello, i am having a hard time choosing a theme for my debut on october. i am thinking of an asian or oriental type of party but i cant find a gown that will fit on that kind of theme. i love flowers and pink and gray colors, can you please suggest themes for my party? and also can you give me some ideas on how to make my party unique from other debut parties? thank you very much and more power!

    • Hi Erika,

      I love your choice of color.


      For your color pink and grey, might I suggest cherry blossoms zen inspired theme.


      You gown can be a combination of pink and gray with minimal detailing to adhere to the japanese zen theme. Hope this helps.

  90. HI! I really found this site helpful, i’m panicking now actually. I would like my debut simple, but fun at the same time! It’s the first for my family so everyone is just giving their own ideas! i think i’m more worried about the performances and the decoration, and the dresses are, well, heh ^___^ I already told everyone that my fave colour blue will be the dominant color and white, your idea for theme now is making me self-conscious . . . i don’t want the party to look plain . . . πŸ™ I want everyone to have fun!!! πŸ™‚
    thanks for the ideas! now i have more choices to pick from!
    oh! n the debut is on winter -___- how to make that better?? i love winter though

    • Hi Jessica,

      Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, we have an article on Four Seasons in the Philippines which might give you some insight on throwing a seasons inspired theme party. Winter is especially mysterious and magical. Your color combination will be perfect for a winter theme. Blue and white is just like a snowflake like below.


      For a winter theme, you can call it “Winter Wonder for Snow Princess Jessica.” Try also “Winter Wonderland with Jessica.”

      Hope this helps.

  91. hi! can you help me? im having a hard time looking for a cheap but elegant venue in manila that would fit for my Hollywood theme debut . 100-150 guest. pls. help me. and also caterers. thank you!

    • Hi Girly,

      You can find big styros in Divisoria that you can use for your backdrop. Or you can hire a planner (usually kiddie party planners have more props). Look for planners in this link. Party planners. They usually have these in stock. Just tell them what theme you want. I’m sorry if we can’t be of much help.

  92. hi debutideas,

    first of all, i need your help. i live here in Canada so i’m already planning on my debut since i’m panning to celebrate my 18th birthday in the Phils. i already have a theme in mind which is like the style of the movie “A Cinderella Story” with a twist of masquerade style. i want the gals to wear Converse with their purple dresses (my fave color) and the guys, well tux with their Converse too. and btw, i love music. i sing and dance so i want that to be a part of my theme too. now i’m confused because i wanna mix the 3 ideas up and i don’t know what things to come up. help >.<

    • Hi Ann,

      The Cinderella Story theme would be a great theme indeed. It is elegant but with a touch of naughtiness (converse shoes). Your love of music can be incorporated in the program proper by asking some of your 18s to sing a song for you instead of a speech. You could also sing for your guests as an intermission number. The masquerade part can be incorporated by giving away masks of your color motif. I think your three ideas can be combined. Hope this helps.

  93. I’m already planning for my upcoming debut even it’s 6 months ahead. I’m having a hard time choosing bet. a hollywood and a fairytale theme. Can u help me combine these two in a way that they won’t clash? In a way that, there would be 18 happy endings, princesses, awards, movies, theme songs, best motion picture and a cotilion. I also want it to be a concert- liked theme debut. I’m really worried because i think these themes i chosed won’t click with each other and worst i have to choose only one. Pls. help me. And if u can put these themes together, wats the best kind of grand entrance and song?? Wat r my 18s??? Wat will my program flow be?? My invitation, gown, venue, give away??? Wat r d dominating colors on my party??? Thank u very much.

    • Hi Jhoan, it’s best to choose only one than to put in everything you want chopseuy-like and end up getting lost. I love that idea of yours — 18 happy endings. I think Hollywood and Fairytale theme really clash so you have to choose only one. Fairytale would be my bet because it’s a very fresh theme for a young person like you. If you have more time to prepare, maybe you can pull off Hollywood theme party / red carpet theme. Just make sure that your guests cooperate by being in their best attire for the evening. happy planning!

  94. good day! uhmm,, i will be celebrating my debut on September.. i would just like to ask a flow of the debut program.. i have 4 “18’s”.. it will start from 7:00 to 12:00… i don’t have the cotillion.. i want to maximize the time.. tnxs..

    • Hi Ana,
      Here is the link of the debut program that you can make use of

      Here is the technical script:

      From experience, debuts with too much 18s are very boring. If you really want to go through with it, be sure to make it exciting and interesting for your guests πŸ™‚ Usually having too many people speaking in front makes guests sleepy so just be cautious of that πŸ™‚

      Happy planning!

  95. hi debut ideas..

    i just want to ask your advice and suggestions.
    my parents will give me a debut party here in our own town. the location to be held is just ours. its an open yard.with an enough function/bar haLL and place.i just dont know what’s the exact name for that. Im exciting but a little bit nervous.=)

    my birthday will be this july,2010.

    my mother ask me to design the invitation to cost it less.which is just ok for me..but i dont know what to do,i dont even know my theme.
    im the only girl here in our family but im not expecting to be as princess as the others. (its very expensive hahahha) i just want a party,something that everybody will like and enjoyed much. can you help me on this?
    for my motif or dress meh. I love pink but my mother suggest another color, for pink is very common.Which is true.I’ts just ok 4 me. i just dont know if plum,red,champagne or black-either of this- will suits me in. Can you suggests what could be the best. Im A Chubby person and tall(5?4).can you suggest what could be the best gown.

    help me also what should be my souvenir.

    THANK you so MUCh in advance…

    • Hi Paola,

      Pink may be too common but we don’t cross it out from our options because it really depends on what other colors you combine it with. Some girls combine pink with brown / or pink with gray — these are very modern color motifs that look elegant. Don’t choose a color that’s too old for you. Choose a vibrant color that will fit your personality. For your gown, we’re no fashion gurus, but we hope this website can help you — — they have some articles there about how to dress each body type. You can also check this out —

      Choose a theme because that’s the first step. You won’t be able to decide how your venue will look, or what your souvenir should be if you don’t have a theme. Check our Ideas and Themes section — so that you’ll have an idea about how to choose a theme.

      That’s it and hope this helps!

  96. Hi debut ideas!

    I’m so glad I found your site. It really made a big help even through just reading your replies to the other girls. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, my 18th is on August. I’m thinking of a Masquerade party. What other theme do you suggest? I was thinking my color will be gold and black. And do you have any suggestions for my tagline and invitations?

    Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

  97. Hi Debut Ideas,

    Please help me to decide on how to celebrate my debut. I just want a simple celebration with my family, relatives, classmates, and friends. My parents suggested that I should have a pool party, but then my birthday is in August and it’s a rainy season. I’m still confused on what to do. Please help me. I will consider your advice and suggestions. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nice,

      Since you will be inviting just a handful of people, I think a pool party will be a good choice. It is just unfortunate though that august is a rainy season. What you can do probably is to rent out an indoor swimming pool or just a pool with a sort of shade so that when it rains, you and your friends could still swim and enjoy the pool. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  98. Hi, I’m already having my debut next month and I need to get my head straight on a few things. If I’m wearing a champagne dress, what color/s should my guests wear to complement my dress? And when is the best time to have the photobooth set up? My mom said it should always be in the beginning and that there should be no photobooth in the later parts (dancing/drinking etc.) because my guests would be too preoccupied with that than with spending the night with me. πŸ™‚ I don’t know what to do. Please help. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pauline,

      I believe dark colored gowns would be best so that your champagne colored gown will just standout from among them. If you have a color motif combination like champagne and plum, your guests can wear plum colored gowns. Your mom is right. Make sure that the photobooth staff are aware that there are times where they need to close the photobooth. If the program is ongoing, the booth should be closed. Position the photobooth at the entrance so that when guests arrive, they can already have their pictures taken. So the photobooth is already open at this time. It can also be opened during dinner because some guests that are probably waiting for their turn to the buffet may want to have their pictures taken first. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  99. i’m in the process of preparing for my daughter’s debut on feb 2011. the theme is 1 enchanted evening. can you suggest the 18’s that she’ll have, music and souvenir’s? also we’re planning to have it in the manila area about 150 guests, can you give some suggestions?
    thanks and more power. your site is really very informative

    • Hi Cora,

      For the music, maybe you can include Enya in your playlist. You can also explore the OST of the movie “Penelope” starring Christina Ricci — — they can be a good background music. The souvenirs for your Enchanted Evening party can be cute little boxes with fairy dust inside. then just include a quote that says :

      “Thank you for coming to my birthday you’re indeed a friend so true! Here is a box of pixie dust you can wish on, I’m giving this to you.”

      Something like that. It doesn’t have to be something useful. Since you are having a wonderful magical evening, anything can become a souvenir, as long as you put some enchanted literature with it. The secret really is making your guests feel that everything in your party is as magical as your imagination.

      Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hope we have helped you in any way.
      I hope this article can also help —

  100. Hi Debut Ideas,

    I am having my debut this September and until now, I couldn’t decide if I’m going to have my debut in chateau or in garden. My friends said that it would be nice if I take the garden. Well, if I’m going to pursue to the garden, can you please help me by suggesting a theme and the motif?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ria,

      There are lots of themes fit for a garden venue. For instance, Butterfly theme, Fairies theme, cherry blossoms zen inspired theme, flower theme, a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme. Hope this helps.

  101. These themes are not familiar for me: Cherry blossoms zen inspired theme and a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme. How does it look like?

  102. thank you very much for your help! can you please explain more about that cherry blossoms zen inspired theme? i really like your suggestion! πŸ™‚ thank you so so much again.

  103. First of all, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your responses to the other debutantes’ questions. They are very helpful and they gave me lots of ideas. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, my 18th. birthday is this coming second week of July. I thought of having a debut because I do not want to have any regrets in the future for not having it. I did not realized until today how unprepared I am if I am to have the debut exactly on my 18th birthday. My parents told me that I could just have the debut 4-5 weeks from my birthday so we could have enough time to prepare for it. The other reason for having the debut later is my Mom will be very busy for the next few weeks that she won’t be able to help me prepare if I were to insist on having the debut on my birthday. What do you think? Would it be okay to celebrate a debut 4-6 weeks from my 18th. birthday? What would be the pros and cons of that aside from having more time to prepare? I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

    I already posted this on the other section, “Debut Programme, Flow”. I posted it here again because I realized that this may be the more appropriate section to post my dilemma. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Delina!

      I know how you feel! It’s really important to have more time to prepare for your debut, but 4 to 5 weeks is such a long wait! But you can make your debut party more interesting by doing something interactive. This is just an idea but I hope you get the gist.

      Make your guests guess your debut theme by sending them clues every week about your debut. For instance, if you are going for an Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter theme, this week you can give them a “Countdown” invite that contains a clue, a teabag for instance. then next week, you can give them another “Countdown” invitation that contains a ribbon. Your Countdown invite can contain something like:

      “Delina’s birthday party is just 1 week from now. We hope you have an idea about here theme anyhow. Those who can guess will get a prize from her. So make sure to think well to impress our girl.”

      Something like that. Just keep up the mystery every week to build up your guests’ excitement.

      Happy planning and we hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  104. hi, my debut would be this coming november..and i don’t know what would my theme be. what would be the best theme for a debut? i really don’t want the traditional one.. i want my debut to be with a twist.. thx

    • Hi Angel,

      Read on some of the articles we have on the site and see if something interests you. there are a lot of themes actually that are interesting. Pick a theme that best showcases your personality and your creativity and what you think you would be able to pull off. Hope this helps.

  105. hey debut ideas.

    i know ill be the first guy to be asking for a suggestion\ for my 18th.
    i know i should be dealing with it on my 21. but i want also to celebrate my 18th. πŸ™‚

    any suggestion?
    that suits for a male. :))

    thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Deathstryker,

      We really haven’t thought about a theme for a guy yet! =) But it’s cool though that you’re celebrating two debuts in your lifetime!

  106. ill be celebrating my debut on feb and i want to be prepared now!!wat can you suggest for the theme of my debut i want an interesting pary and happy,,,and i want to be difference olso

    • hi dhen,
      it’s up to you. we have provided some ideas in this site so that you can get some ideas and choose from among the themes we have provided. choosing a theme for your 18th birthday party really depends on your personality and taste πŸ™‚

  107. Hi! I will have my debut next year on July and I am planning to start with either the color fuschia or red. I kinda like the effects on the serye “Magkaribal”. I am wondering how I could add spice into that special event! The hard thing is that I am currently in USA and my sister would be the one to manage everything for my debut. My sister and I looked at the place C3 and Holiday Inn Hotel. I want it to look grand with just ample budget because it is my comeback party wherein I want to showcase the new me and yet conserve my true self as well =). Could you help me on how to mold it to a marvelous party with somehow a fashionable theme as in “Magkaribal” series? I appreciate it. thank you!

    • Hi Kimber,

      I have watched Magkaribal a couple of times and I can say that the gowns and stage design for their runway shows are great. Make that as your inspiration in converting your venue into a fashion runway. Have a platform at the center where you and your friends could walk on for your mini-fashion show. A carpet placed at the middle could also make for a nice runway. If you want to create a sort of drama, have a fashion show stand-off script where supposedly your friends are fighting over who has the best designs and you will emerge victorious in it. Remember what Gretchen said about fashion “Out with the Old, In with the New” or something like that. Well, you could probably use that phrase for your title. Hope this helps. Happy planning. I’m sure your party will be a success.

  108. Hi! I will have my debut next year on July and I am planning to start with either the color fuschia or red. I kinda like the effects on the serye “Magkaribal”. I am wondering how I could add spice into that special event! The hard thing is that I am currently in USA and my sister would be the one to manage everything for my debut. My sister and I looked at the place C3 and Holiday Inn Hotel. I want it to look grand with just ample budget because it is my comeback party wherein I want to showcase the new me and yet conserve my true self as well =). Could you help me on how to mold it to a spectacular party with a fashionable (shimmering) theme as in Bea’s hot pink gown in “Magkaribal” series? I appreciate it. thank you!

  109. hi…

    Id be celebrating my debut this coming September 11. I already have my place, and everything.. I just want to ask if how would the 18 roses go. Should I have a song for each guy, or a song for the whole 18 roses? what song would you prefer for each guy if most of them are my closest(as in really close) friends and some of my family members?

    thanks for the reply..

    BTW, your site gives me so much info i needed.. again, thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Grace,

      It depends on your theme Grace. If you have like a princess theme, a Royal Dance with just one waltz song would be great. For other themes, different songs would be best. We have a compilation of songs that you can use for your 18 roses. 18 roses songs. Pick one that best describe your relationship with that person. Hope this helps.

  110. hi! I’m already having my debut next month..august theme is “angel” because of my guests are the clouds because i require them to wear shades of blue..can u suggest a better event title…too common n po kasi yung Angel turns 18 or Angel @ 18..thanks….

  111. hi i’m planning to celbrate my debut. i want it to be something different.. can u suggest me a theme for my debut?

    • Hi Isabel,

      Usually debutantes choose their theme based on their personality, like what they want, what they are able or willing to do in terms of do-it-yourself decorations, give aways or invites. Read our articles on the different themes and pick the perfect theme for you, something that would really define you and make your party totally unique. Happy picking.

  112. Hi there Debut Ideas πŸ™‚

    I’m Stephanie , turning 18 on the 17th of November. But since that is a weekday, I’ll be celebrating it on a weekend, which would be dated November 19 or 20 at Palacio De Manila with 200 guests. It would be 3months from now and i already chose the MASQUERADE THEME but i have no idea of how will i come up with a better name of the masquerade theme which will be placed in my invitation and stage/entrance background as well. Also, instead of the traditional 18 roses/candles/treasures and the like, i want to make some twists but it is taking me a hard time to think of anything that will replace those which is related to my theme. With regards to the traditional entrance of the debutant, i also want a different one. If possible, i want an over all suggestions (sample gowns, invitations, programs, makeups, accessories, entertainment, after-party, drinks etc.) to make my 18th birthday extravagant and a unique one.

    Your suggestions related to this matter would be of great help.

    Thank you and God bless ! ΓΌ

  113. Hello Debut Ideas! I am thinking about my debut now but the date isn’t till a year away. I want to be sure that everything i am planning will be absolutely perfect! One of my theme choices is vintage bohemian. Do you have any ideas pertaining to invitations, decor, give-aways, 18 roses/candles and etc? Thank you so much! =)

    • Hi Irene Joyce,

      Vintage dresses seem to have lots of laces in them, so go for gowns that have that. The fun thing about Bohemian is that they don’t necessarily conform to standards set by society. So, in essence, it is stepping out of design standards and making the party your own. Infusing your own personality into it. Infuse colors into your party. Boho is experimental in their design style and choice of color. Boho dresses Hairstyles For give aways, you can give away hair pieces like these click here or bandanas. For 18s try 18 retro, 18 vintage, 18 chic, 18 memories, 18 classics. Hope this helps.

  114. hello. i need ur suggestions with regards of my motif and theme because i can’t really decide what should be the right theme for me. i super love color pink and i love angels too.. what comes in my mind is a pink angel and i don’t know what would be the right term of it as to become my theme. )

  115. my debut is on jan 2011. dancing is my passion and so im making that as my theme. any ideas how to move the program further or the theme etc. seems like its not really a common theme and so im having a hard time thinking of how to imbibe “dance” in my party. thanks a lot =0.

    • Hi Tricia Roxas,

      I’m just wondering what type of dance you are fond of ‘coz maybe you can look for a dance movie on that category and then make that as your inspiration. If you are into the hip hop dances, movies like Step-up 1 and 2, Save the last dance, How she move, among others, might help you. If you are into ballet, The Company, and ballet and tap dancing White Nights.. Oh and don’t forget Flashdance and Dirty Dancing. You grand entrance would be like a dance off of the girls versus the boys afterwhich spotlight will be on you coming out of the stage with a dance. Hope this helps. Have fun planning your debut.

  116. Hey Debut Ideas,

    My debut would be on October, and I have already booked on the photographers, venue, and the I have already designed my gown.
    My gown looks like Kim Chui’s gown when she ws performing on ASAP, here’s the link: but the color would be white, I wonder what best fits its theme. please help ! and I live in cagayan de oro by the way πŸ™‚

    • Hi Donita,

      This looks like a baby doll dress. You can have a Barbie inspired theme with this. You can also make it into a runway-inspired theme since the design is fashion forward. Create your own fashion show with you and your friends in it. It would look cool for you to be strutting the runway with this kind of dress. Hope this helps Donita and happy birthday.

  117. hi

    good am..

    my daughter will be celebrating her 18 bday on jan 2011.. as early as now, we want to plan ahead.. she wants somthing different and unique but simple and lively.. her favorite color is purple..she wants to have a theme for her debut but cant think of… she will be celebrating her debut in a resort in marikina….she wants to wear a purple dress but doesnt want her guests to wear purple ..please suggest how to decorate the place, what to write in the invites, souvenirs for giveaways, etc.. and what can we subsitute. with 18 roses, candles..

    i had a browse of you ideas.. with so many ideas, had difficult time to finding the right one

    please reply to my email add

    thanks and more power… its such a very big help to come up with this website.. you are truly an angel


  118. hi my name is miana and i can’t choose a theme for my debut i was thinking a princess diaries theme would be great but then how about the decors, invitation etc.? how can my invitation look like? and how should i name my debut? I’m planning to have it in fernbrook gardens.. well.. i like butterfly and masquerade themes too..

    • Hi Miana,

      That’s a great theme! You can be in a princess outfit and wear shades at the same time (the character of Ann Hathaway is an unwilling princess who doesn’t want to completely get rid of the culture she grew up in).

      Or you can also wear a school outfit and have glamorous shoes, hair and make up at the same time!

      The invitation can be a scroll invite or the usual invitation they have in the movies when women get invited to a ball.

      Or something unique….

      Just make sure that these elements are present in your “Princess Diaries” themed birthday / debut party:
      Royal, Elegance, Youth and Playfulness.

      Have fun planning! πŸ™‚

  119. Hello! πŸ˜€ It’s me again. My debut’s gonna be on December and I’m thinking of having a TV themed debut. It’s kind of like the movie house theme but i want it to be quite different. Could you give me ideas on what to call the 18’s like the 18 roses for instance? thanks

    • Hi Maron,

      Hmmm… maybe you can have a huge TV made from styro that can be displayed on the stage! You have to be in that TV of course because it’s like your guests are watching your show! You can have 18 TV Personalities greet you (here, your 18 friends will dress like someone from the TV show they’ve chosen. One friend can dress like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory and greet you a very happy birthday in their character, one friend can be Rachel Berry from Glee and she can greet you with a song, or she can also be in Rachel’s maldita character) and 18 TV Shows (here your friends will make a small speech about what TV show they think you can star in / fits your personality).

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  120. hi! i’m Bettina by the way my sister Pauline is having her 18th b-day on october, her theme is Pauline in Vegas (Las Vegas}. Do you think her theme is applicable for her gown and for the venue? Her debut will be in THE GROOVE by rockwell,and her gown is shiny color cherry blossom pink,and her invitations will be in box,inside the box are pictures of people in las vegas and the cassinos there. Her pictures,and 18….. are also there.By the way for girls her 18 are sparkles and 18 money.And or boys are 18 cassinos and 18 wines. pls. help me in preparing my sisters debut. thanks!!!:)))).

  121. ei.. debut ideas… one month to go and its my birthdeii… its kinds late for my planning but because of my mom why is it late..
    my problem is…
    isnt it awkward to have a debut at our place? i estimated to have 50 persons.. and my mom said that we just have to close the street for that night which is awkward because it is a residential area… and because of lack of budget… how can i use sound system? without hiring a dj? im planning to have 18 gifts.. 18 roses and candles… pls help me… my birthday party is on sept 11…

  122. Salamat sa mga inpormasyon dito sa site mo. Marami kaming nagagamit para sa debut party ng anak ko ngayung Oct.13,2010. May kaunting problema lang kasi di namin mabuksan ang technical script na pro format nyo for us to follow. Pwede po kayang e forward nyo na lang po sa aking email. Salamat po at umaasa sa tulong mo.

  123. Hi, i need your help. The motif of my venue is blue (3 shades of blue). I asked the guests to come in blue and black attire. Now, I’m having a hard time to what theme/tag lines I’ll be using for my invites. I’m thinking of “A night of glam” or something. Please do help me for the wordings of the invitation. And what tag lines can I use? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Debbie,

      Choosing an outfit depends on your theme. And since you have a tan skin, I suggest you choose a lighter color like white or pastel pink or blue. Wearing outfits that are lighter will make your beautiful skin color stand out! It shows that you are very proud of your skin and that you’re very confident about yourself.

      Happy birthday!

  124. Hello! I am a Filipino and I live in Singapore. I plan to my debut in Singapore and my debut is 10 months from now. I know it’s still a bit early but i guess i have to plan early cos the resources for having a debut here is very limited.
    I would fly back and forth to Philippines to make my gown,invitations,etc.

    I planned to have a Gossip Girl theme party.
    What color combination should i use?

    I have thought of a gown for my debut, if you have watched Magkaribal, I would love to get Gelai’s dress in the VvsV fashion show. (red dress) but i would love it to be in purple or pink. I was wondering would it be mis-matched with my theme?
    I have linked the photo,if you cant recall/dont know

    if it is,can you suggest me of another theme that would suit my gown?

    and any suggestion of games for the Gossip Girl theme? I cant seem to think of one.

    for my 18th candles,
    I was planing to have it in purple and pink too, and every candle are the letter of my name.

    for the 18th roses,
    purple and pink roses.

    for the 18 treasures,
    i haven thought about it, can you please give a suggestion on how to make it a gossip girl theme? or something?

    and soveiniers! i cant think of one.

    thanks alot of helping.

    • Hi Jaynie,

      Can you post the link of the gown again? It’s not showing in your comment.

      Anyway, hot Pink and black usually goes with Gossip Girl theme. Anyway, since the girls from Gossip girl love to party, you may replace 18 Roses with 18 champagne toasts or wines wherein your 18 Roses will first make a toast then dance with you. You can replace your 18 candles with 18 hats / 18 headpieces or 18 scarves. You may also want to try 18 Gossips where each friend will tell something personal about you. They will then make the guests guess whether such story is true or just gossip. For 18 treasures, you may try 18 fashion styles where they will give you some things that are fashion related like clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Sha,

      For a Sex and The City theme, go for the colors hot pink, silver and black. Your party should be all about glamour and fashion because these are what the four girls represent. Look for designs of Carrie’s gowns that you like and imitate that. For decorations, you can have hats, bags, shoes adorned with feathers as table centerpieces instead of flowers. Circle hot pink boa feathers on a bottle of wine and have black and white photos of you as centerpieces. Have black table cloth on hot pink table runners and hot pink table napkins. For decorations, you can have a mirror ball at the center of the stage, some hot pink balloons, silver ribbons and everything that sparkles. Click this for some Sex and the City theme pictures. For give aways, try cupcakes with shoes, stars, bags as icing or martini glass with chocolate candies on them. Also you can have shoes, bags, gown-shaped chocolates. Hope this helps.

  125. Hi, my daughter’s debut will be on december 18. We are planning to have her motiff Red and Champagne color. Can you suggest what theme would be appropriate. And any suggestion for give aways. Appreciate your help… God Bless and more power to your site.

    • Hi Mhing!

      Usually, themes should be selected first before the color motif. But since you have chosen a color already, I think it would fit the Alice in Wonderland Theme. Give aways can include little teacups, trinkets, different kinds of hats (Madhatter) and playing cards keychain

      Hope this helps!

  126. Hi! I’m planning to have a strawberry shortcake party theme. Can you suggest where I can buy party amenities and stuffs? I want it to be kiddie themed party and at the same time the traditional 18’s. But I want to change 18 candles to 18K, is it okay? Thanks so much and I’ll wait for your response. Thanks!

  127. Hi debut ideas! What name can i change to the traditional 18’s candles, roses, gift and thousand if i have the sex and the city theme party. Thanks!

  128. hi. i’ll be having my debut on december and im having a hard time planning it. my theme is RAVE/disco party. the venue, invites, give aways. programs.. HELP

  129. Hi Debut Ideas! I’m planning for a New Moon (twilight saga) theme debut, how can I make it unique? for example, what to call the 18s and how will the program flow, how to decorate my venue, party favors and others. I’ll be having it this Feb and the maximum no. of guests will more or less be 100. Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon:)

    • Hi Eds,

      18 Roses would be perfect for a Vampire themed (Twilight-inspired) debut because the Red Rose is one of the most dominant elements in vampire movies. 18 Candles are perfect too! I suggest you don’t replace 18 Candles because they’re the most visible elements in vampire films.

      For your invites, I suggest you send wax-sealed old-school enveloped invitations

      Maybe you can also splatter red paint all over your letter, suggesting that it’s blood and it’s time to gather all your blood sucking friends β€” something like that.

      Hope this helps!

  130. Hello. I’m going to have my debut next year. But we are planning a year ahead, because I don’t want to be rush. Because I want my debut to be bonggacious and unforgettable one πŸ™‚ for the meantime, I wanna ask you some suggestions and opinion πŸ™‚ Can you help me with the theme, gown and programs? Thanks.

    • Hi Kate,

      We always tell our debutantes that the best theme is one that fits their personality because there is no use having one if you are not comfortable or satisfied with your theme. πŸ™‚ We have several great ideas on our website. You can check our Ideas & Themes page. Once you have chosen a specific theme, choosing your gown, decorations, invitations and fixing the program will be easy! πŸ˜‰ You can always write back to us if you need help in planning your party. Hope this helps!

  131. Please Help Me! I’m having a Debut the first week of December and I really really don’t know what are needed. Could you please send me a checklist for a Debut? Like what are most important things and what I should take care first. Please Help!! =D

    ~ Raven

  132. Hai debut ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My debut will be this coming 12 of december 2010
    i really need your advice if what should be my give aways for my debut…i had already decided my motif of blue and pink together with the theme of Butterfly themes…is it ok????????????????i’m hoping for your urgent reply…thanks a lot

    • Hi Karen,

      It really depends on two basic things, your theme and your budget. Since you have pink and blue as your color motif, you can buy party favors on those colors. Look also for butterfly cellphone trinkets, keychains, figurines, bracelets, etc. You can also have a CD of your favorite music with a butterfly front cover. If you want to splurge, there are so many things to choose from and this is how you choose click here. You can have edible party favors along the lines of cupcakes with butterflies on top and that would really be awesome and cute. There are also those preserved butterflies made into paperweight which you can consider. You can also go for butterfly shaped chocolates and save lots by doing it yourself, or have a pastry basket adorned with beautiful pink and blue ribbons. The possibilities for party favors are endless and these are just some of it. Hope this helps. Happy planning.

  133. Hi,
    My best friend will be celebrating her 18th birthday on February 10, 2011. Her family and I are planning a surprise party for her. We wanna keep it keep simple and cheap, because there are only 50 persons invited. But we still want to give her, her 18 roses, and 18 candles. Oh and by the way the motif is semi-casual (for girls dress and heels or wedge while for the boys are polo and jeans ) since the venue will be on a private resort.

    Any suggestions on how we can accomplish this?


    • Hi Cherry,

      I think this is fairly doable. Make sure the 50 guests are all in it though. If any one of your guest lets out a word then the whole surprise will be ruined. If it is in a private resort, you may as well have a beach themed or a bohemian inspired party with maxi dresses for female guests and cool khaki shorts for male guests. That way, your friend will not be suspicious that a party is going to happen in your “swimming weekend.” Rename the 18s according to the theme that you choose. Hope this helps.

  134. hi!i’ll be celebrating my debut this coming april and the theme i want to work with is korean drama…but i don’t know how to do it because it’s kind of weird and new…please help me!thank you in advance!God bless!

  135. hello debut ideas . what is the perfect debut theme for my celebration ? im planning it in Plaza Ibarra instead in Glass Garden . thank you .

    • Hi Jerriene (,

      Plaza Ibarra is such a beautiful place. Maybe you can have a Filipiniana-inspired debut party. Or maybe a VINTAGE THEME! That would be awesome in pictures with lovely colors and nostalgic dresses! πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  136. i’m planning for my coming debut this march 14 but i will celebrate it on march 12 because when i celebrated it on my exact birthday maybe only few will come with my special day because it is a school day and at the same time it is our final exam..can you help me plan my debut..for i just have a budget of 50 thousand..what can my budget afford?

    • Hi Mary Rose,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’m sure by now you’re all set for the big day. Debuts need not be expensive. The important thing is sharing that day with the people that matter most in your life. Making them feel loved by you and you are grateful that they are there when you need them. Have fun and happy birthday Mary Rose!

  137. Hi debutideas! I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday on March 5 and we had just started organizing the event. It was kinda late because i had a hard time convincing my parents to let me have a party. haha. Anyway, the theme of my debut is Black and White Party. It will be held in a Pool Area. Do you have some ideas on how i can use the pool? And I’m thinking of wearing a red dress instead of a gown. Do you have some designs that you can suggest for the dress? Thanks in advance! =)

  138. hi debutideas
    your site is really great!

    I am planning to have my party in a resort or let’s say I want it to be a pool party, but the thing is, I don’t want it to be in tropical theme. Instead, I want it just to be simple, maybe I’ll wear a simple gown or cocktail dress and then same as the guests. I want it to be in a resort so that after the party, I’ll have my friends stay overnight to have more fun.

    Can you suggest some pool resorts near manila with good function halls or garden??
    I’ll wait for your reply!
    thank you and God bless!

  139. Hi there πŸ˜€

    Well, I am planning to have a Korean themed debut. I am a half Korean but most of my friends do not know. I am not sure of where is the best place to celebrate my debut. So, can you give me some ideas or recommend me some places? I am avoiding venues where there are swimming pools though. There’s no budget limit at all. Also, are there any other tips for a Korean themed debut? Like, decorations, food, invitations, give aways and such? Also, if possible, what can be done instead of the 18 roses? And I am not sticking to only the traditional Korean but also K-pop and K-dramas.

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  140. hi !
    can you help me. cos ill be having my debut this coming april 2011.
    i need help becasuse i want it to become glamorous and modern
    i want my theme .. something about fashion. cos i love fashion. ty

    • Hi coleen,

      Try a fashion inspired theme or a runway inspired theme. A mini runway show is a must for this theme though. It can be substituted for your 18 candles so instead of them just giving a speech, they will walk the runway, strike their fiercest pose and then make a speech. It can also be substituted for the 18 roses if you’re not into dancing where you and each of your 18 roses will walk the runway and then pose at the end for a photo. You can also make your fashion show a part of your grand entrance where some of your friends will walk first and then you will come in last with a different song and spotlight to boot. Your can ask your guests to be in their finest and of course the debutante will be in her sparkling best with a gown that will definitely standout. Make the stage like a runway click here for pictures. Serve cocktails before the party starts so that your guests can mingle and talk to each other. Hope this helps.

  141. Hi there! I’ll be having my debut on April. I have chosen Villa Leonila at San Pedro Laguna as my venue. The thing is, I’m planning on a MUSIC AND PHOTOGRAPHY themed party. What do think could be great ideas for the 18s? And what color could be its motif ?(weird but I do not really have just one favorite color) And also, what could be a good color for my gown? Please reply soon. Thanks!

    • Hi Romilyn,

      We can’t really say what color would be your motif seeing that your theme is a bit vague. It all still boils down to what you really want. You can have a colorful party since photography can be about colors as well and choosing colors that really stand out in photographs (pick three hues). You can also have a black and white party (like the black and white keys of a piano) for the music part. For the 18s, you can have 18 ebonies for 18 roses and 18 ivories for 18 candles. You can also have 18 fierce poses, 18 cameras, 18 pictures, 18 shots, 18 polaroids, etc. Hope this helps.

  142. I really need help for my debut! I am planning to have like a Korean themed debut and I wanted to ask you guys for some great venues to choose from. Gardens to be specific. I can’t think of any gowns/hanboks to wear, and it really worries me. Plus, there would also be dance numbers so a dance floor is definitely needed. Also, I can’t think of how my souvenirs and invites would look like so if you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

    • Hi Jojo,

      You can check out our list of venues to help you find the perfect venue. However, if you are looking for a garden area you may want to ask stores that sell plants and garden items if they can rent out their place. In this regard, you do not need to bring in too many plants in the space. If you also know someone who has a great garden or backyard, you can hold you debut there as well. Aside from saving on the expense of renting out a space, it will be a lot more comfortable for everyone.

      As for what to wear, Korea has beautiful traditional gowns or handbok. You can choose something truly traditional or something that is a little bit more modern, but still Korean-inspired like the dress below.

      Korean-inspired gown

      For your invitations, you can use flimsy paper and style it to resemble the way Korean’s pack their food, as seen below:

      Korean-inspired invitations

      If you can find one, Korean dolls are great souvenirs for a Korean-inspired party! If they are too difficult to find, you can always give a bottle of authentic kimchi or metal chopsticks. These items are inexpensive and can easily be found.

      When it comes to planning a themed-party, researching about your theme is your best weapon. Research on traditional and non-traditional items that Korea is known for. Hope this helps and happy planning!

  143. Hi I’m Clarisse. I’ll be having my debut on November. I chose Paradiso Terrestre in Molino Cavite as the venue. Right now, I don’t know what’s the best theme fitted for me. I’m choosing between a Princess, Butterfly or Rock Princess theme. I also don’t know what motif to be use, It’s a hard thing to do for me but some colors coming on my mind is silver and aqua blue or purple and silver or maybe honeysuckle pink ang gray. I hope you can help me to decide πŸ™‚ Thanks and God bless.

  144. hello debutideas. im having my debut on June 19, 2011. And my parents were planning for it as soon as possible.. what would be the perfect debut theme for my party?:) i want an extra ordinary party that will be memorable for my special day! Thankyou in Advance More power! Godbless!

    Hey! Answer back. need your response πŸ™‚ Thanks ! More power! πŸ˜›

    • Hi Ailyn,

      When planning your debut, or any party for that matter, it is best to always go for a theme that fits your personality. Choose a theme that both you and your guests will enjoy, or for something different choose a theme that is totally out of character. This will surely surprise your guests! If you love the beach, go for a beach-like party. If you’re more into whimsical stuff, select a fairy-like theme. You can explore our Ideas & Themes page to give you an idea on some great themes for your debut. Hope this helps!

  145. hello debutideas. i choose Modern Fairytale Theme for my Debut Theme. What do you think would be a good substitute for the 18’s?. And also a headline or tagline? and how about for souvenirs? wew. thanks again:)

  146. Hi there, my name is ghel. My sister will be having her 18th birthday this june and we are planning to throw a victorian inspired debut party for her. I would really appreciate it if you can give me an idea on what are the other possible “18s” for the party ? what they can be called like 18 roses, candles and treasures. and also what can be the type of music that can be played during the 18 roses. thanks a lot =)

    • Hi Ghelle,

      For 18s of a victorian theme, try 18 pair of gloves, 18 tiaras, 18 diamonds for 18 wishes or 18 treasures, 18 candelabras for 18 candles, 18 bouquets for 18 roses. You may have different types of love songs for each 18 roses. 18 roses music. You may also have just one waltz music where your 18 roses fall in line and take turns for a dance with you and you may call it the grand royal dance. Hope this helps.

  147. hello there, my Debut will be due in 7 months time but I haven’t decided on what theme I am going to do, my venue is a social club where there’s a bar inside it. But I want my debut to be elegant but has a twist on it to reflect on myself as I am a jolly person. can u please suggest what theme is suitable for me? .. oh and by the way my preferred motif is red.

  148. Hi Debut Ideas! First of, I really want to thank you for I have accomplished my preparations easily because of your site. I really got a lot of ideas. Thanks. Btw, can you tell me the significance of the 18 shots? I’ll have my debut this coming July 1! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi Eloisa,

      Well, we are glad to be of help to you and other debutantes with your party planning. I think 18 shots is just a variation of 18 wishes where they give a speech and then toast afterwards, in this case, shots (from a shot glass). Hope this helps and happy birthday Eloisa.

  149. Hi

    I have been looking for a website about ideas for debut, I found your wonderful website : )

    I’m just wondering about ideas for my debut. it will be held on september 2011.
    I wanted something elegant and feminine. I like something like nature theme or could you give me another themes.
    My favorite color is green, I would like to combine it with gold for my color motif. Is this a good combination?

    Thank you and more power…

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Sadly we were able to reply to your query just now and I’m hoping that you’ve already done much of your preparation. This website is created for debutantes as a guide in their debut preps and pretty much all of that there is to know is basically here. Some nature themes that come to mind are Fairy’s Dream and Midsummer Night’s Dream themes, Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  150. Hi Debut Ideas!

    My debut is on September 15? I soo Love pink/red. But they are so usual. Could you suggest 2 color combination?

    Another thing is the song that I will be singing to my friends, relatives and family. May you suggest a song? Thank You. You response is very much appreciated.

    • Hi Che,

      Sorry for not replying soon. The color combination are usually what your favorite color is because the party needs to reflect your personality to make it uniquely your own. We have a list of songs that you may want to look into. Debut Songs Hope this helps.

  151. I badly needed a best plan to come up for my sister’s debut…I want it to be modern and i just want it to be simple…as of now i cant come up of a better theme that will suit her…I want it to be different…ugggh…

    • Hi Judy,

      It depends on what your sister will most probably enjoy. It should also jive with her personality. I’m sure you know her well. When I think of modern, I’m drawn towards parties in bar, more like a “Gossip Girl debut party” or probably a rave party. Garden parties on the other hand are more romantic and dramatic. hope this helps.

  152. hi debut ideas, πŸ™‚

    i got a celebrating my debut on sept.10, 2011 and were running out of time… i decided to have a floral party.. is it okay even if its already september? and my mom choose Great Grand Hotel (aberdeen court) for the venue…can you suggest me anything about these which is less expensive

    -the design of the venue
    -my dress
    -songs should we play
    -18 something (roses, candles, treasures and envelopes)

    i really needed your help…thank you and godbless..:))

    • Hi Tet,

      Sorry for not replying sooner. A floral theme would be easy to do because you just fill up your venue with flowers, most especially the stage and you’re all set. For 18s, you can have 18 roses (or daisies, malaysian mums, depends on your favorite flower). For 18 candles, you can have 18 bees and for 18 treasures 18 honeycomb, 18 honey. Hope this helps.

  153. Hi,

    My youngest sister is turning 18 this November and i plan to organize a debut party. Honestly, i have no idea how to do this…I didn’t celebrate my 18th bday so i wanted my sister will feel and enjoy a debut party…I dont know how to start…It would be great if you could advise me….please…

    • Hi Rhea,

      It’s really great that you are organizing your sister’s debut party. That is really so nice of you. Since you know your sister well, you know what she likes pretty much right? Choose from among our themes and start from there. Does your sister love to party (rave theme, rocker chic theme, disco theme) or would she want the traditional type (fairytale, princess theme, butterfly theme, flowers theme, balloons theme). these are just some of the things to consider, so just pick a theme first and then go from there. Hope this helps.

  154. I’m celebrating my debut this December. I’m still thinking what the program flow will be. I don’t want to have 18 roses and 18 candles. So I’d like to know what’s the best replacement for that.

    I hope you could help me. Thank you and more power! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ena,

      Well, we have a Debut Program Flow that I’m sure you will be able to find useful. Tweak the program according to what you like to have and not have. For instance, remove the 18 roses and candles and just replace it with games or an AVP of well wishers. You can ask your 18s to come to the stage and surprise them that they are going to participate in a game (this will eliminate hosts calling on participants for a game and then guests hiding). Hope this helps.

  155. Greetings to you,

    I see your website only now. We already have a theme which is “Hat Party”. We already advised our guests to come in their stylish hats. Please advise / share what we can do to make it more exciting, fun & enjoyable. For 18 roses/candles, what would be any idea with regards to our theme? Appreciate your immediate response. Thanks & regards!

    • Hi Tess,

      A hat party would be awesome indeed. Games are what makes a party enjoyable so add some games in between programs. You can play Musical chairs but instead make it a Musical Hat, so that the hat will be the one moving instead of the players. You can also give awards for the Best Hat, Stylish Hat, etc. Hope this helps.

  156. Hi! I will be celebrating my debut on March but I still haven’t got any plans for the theme. The venue will be on a resort in Pangasinan. I’m wondering whether I should go for a tropical type of party (since it’s nearly summer)? or should I stick to the traditional one,wherein the guests would be wearing formal attire? Will it be okay if sa isang resort yung party then people are kinda formal? I need your help. πŸ™‚ thanks. πŸ˜€

    • Hi Mics,

      You’re right, sayang ang venue. No need for the formal debut just maximize your venue and create a theme that is in tune with it. I think your guests may even become more excited if you ask them to wear summer sundresses because not only are they much more comfortable, they are actually fun to move around in! A summer / tropical theme will be memorable not only for you but also for your loved ones! =)


  157. Hello!

    Well, I’m going to celebrate my debut on July, I’m having the awards night theme.. I just want to ask for suggestion for what design of the gown should I wear, coz I really want to stand out of course since it’s my party.. πŸ™‚

    Thank You! πŸ™‚

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