A Party that Rocks!

A cool rocker chic that you are deserves a party that spells attitude so do it the punk-rock way! Exude your very own unique style and turn your 18th birthday party into a rock ‘n roll concert.

When inviting your family and friends, inform (or warn?) them that your theme is rock n’ roll. Ask them to wear something cool, which is great for some people especially if they aren’t comfortable wearing formal clothes. You may simply put “Wear ATTITUDE” in your invites and they’ll get the point – or call them up to make sure that they do. Don that favorite outfit of yours and forget conventions for a while so that you can truly enjoy this one-of-a-kind party.

Party Props:

  • A punk-rock debut party will never be complete without a band. Hire your favorite rock ‘n roll band for this special day.
  • If you have a tight budget, ask your musician friends to play at your party instead. Let them sing your favorite rock songs, better yet, play with the band yourself and show your talent to the rest of the world. After all, you are 18 already! As society welcomes you, surprise them with what you have to offer.
  • Instead of numbering your guests tables, name them as your favorite bands and rock icons instead – Nirvana, Silverchair, Pete Doherty, Chemical Romance, Paul McCartney, Arctic Monkeys, etc.
  • Decorate your venue with musical instruments. You can also display your own memorabilia if you want to show off your items that you had your rock idols signed.
  • Print out a part of the lyrics of some famous rock / alternative songs and stick these pieces of paper to your guests’ chairs. If they guess the song title or the artist who played it, they get a prize. Ask someone to roam around the tables to get answers and give prizes. If a guest doesn’t know the song, he is allowed to ask the people around him. This game is definitely perfect for guest interaction.
  • Have a Guitar Hero contest!
  • For your 18 roses, ask each of your boys to sing and dedicate a rock song for you before giving you the rose. If they are too shy to sing, you may ask them to dance with you instead while the song plays in the background.

Post Party Props:

  • Give away idea: You can give your guests bracelets made of guitar strings! Visit www.microminds.multiply.com

    String Bracelet
    String Bracelet from Microminds
  • Give away idea: You can also give your guests miniature musical instruments!
  • Thank you card: Instead of the ordinary thank-you card, compose a thank-you song instead and put it in notes. If you have the means, record the song and send it via CD or email.

Your rock n’ roll birthday party will definitely be unforgettable because everyone gets to be themselves. Aside from that, you also get to be different from your friends who have had traditional debut birthday parties. Let that uniqueness in you outshine the rest and rock n’ roll your way to fun!


  1. Hello, Debut Ideas! I was amazed when I saw this article! I thought it would be so cool and amazing and awesome to have a rock star themed party~! 😀 Since I’m not much into formalities, I think it would be perfect for me. I had thought of a previous idea for my birthday party before seeing this, a costume party and I would be dressed up as Lady Gaga. 😛 But I think the Rock Glam party is way better than that. So I was thinking of ways to decorate the venue of my 18th party. Would it be all black? But I think that wouldn’t be good. What do you think is the best color combination to use?

    What should I wear during the grand entrance?

    I’m also thinking of give away ideas like giving the guests goodie bags that contain a thank you card, a box of chocolates and/or a poster of me? Haha! Kidding! Hmm, can you suggest better ideas aside from mini musical instruments? I think it will be hard to find those stuff.

    I like the guessing the song title-artist game. What sort of prizes must I give to my guests? Should I give them candies and other sweet stuff?

    I want the program to be short too.

    I really want to make it fun and exciting and my guests to have a memorable night, not just me.

    • Hi Abbie,

      The Glam Rock theme is a great alternative if you want your party to be memorable and fun and then forgoing the formalities. This is such an awesome theme to have most especially if you are a lover of music and fashion. You will be able to show your personality very well with this theme. If you are not comfortable with black as your main color, try combining it with deep purple, hot pink, gold or silver. For your outfit, since your party is not formal, you can wear a cocktail dress. Pick a style that would exude your personality. If you want to imitate a Lady Gaga outfit, that would be cool as well. Choose a banging outfit for a banging grand entrance. For the give aways, you can burn CDs of your favorite music, give glow bracelets at the entrance, or have a photobooth with a cool backdrop.

      For the games, you can give them trophies and call it the AMA awards or Abbie Music Awards or a replica of a gramophone (Grammy)– this may be a chocolate shaped trophy, a figurine type, depending on what you can find. You can also give them CDs of your favorite rock music. I’m sure they will appreciate that as well. Hope this helps and happy birthday Abbie.

  2. Oh and my birthday is on October 10, 2010! Cool, ei? Triple 10! 😛 😀 I know it’s still months away but it’s nice planning ahead. Thank you so much in advance for your help God bless! I hope you could comment soon.

  3. Hi! I’ll be having my party soon and I’m not yet sure with the theme. I was browsing through your themes and you really have great ideas. I really admire you for that. 🙂 I really liked the themes, “A Party that Rocks” and “A Rave Debut.” I was thinking maybe I could combine the two themes and use it for my party. Do you think that would be possible? If yes, could you give me some suggestions regarding the attire, invitations and giveaways? I was also planning on having a short program. Do you think I should have 18 Treasures, 18 Shots, 18 Candles or should I call it something else, ‘coz I’m afraid it won’t go with the theme. I’d gladly appreciate your help. Thank you very much! 😀

    • Hi Rizzie,

      Hmmm… it may be hard to mix these themes because rock and rave music are two very different music genres. Although perhaps you can still have a Rave Debut but you can make your outfit sort of a Rocker Chic! I suggest you choose one dominating theme, then give a hint of that other theme as well. If you choose a Rockstar / rocker chic birthday party, maybe you can still make use of glowsticks to decorate your venue. If you choose a rockstar birthday celebration, your invitation can come with a guitar string perhaps, or maybe a temporary paper tattoo and just include in your message: “Come in style. Glamour rock awaits you!” Something like that. If you choose a rave theme, include a glowstick maybe and include in your invitation a message telling the guest to crack the glowstick during your party.

      For the 18s, we don’t suggest you include many of that because the idea here (especially for a rave theme birthday party) is not to let your guests just sit down all the time. Maybe you can have 1 or 2 18s then dance the night away! You can have 18 Glowsticks to replace your 18 Roses or 18 Candles. For your 18 Glowsticks, each of the person holding one will break the glowstick first to light it up before making a speech. This can create drama if you dim the lights. Try also 18 lighters instead of 18 candles. For 18 roses, try 18 Tequilla Shots, or 18 champagnes where each of your 18 roses will toast before dancing with you. You can also have a TOP 18, (instead of the TOP 100 in music countdowns), where you and your 18 roses will dance to a favorite song of yours. For 18 treasures, try 18 Keepsakes, 18 Mementos, 18 Fabulous Finds and 18 Glam Styles (in keeping with glam theme as well).

      That’s it and we hope this helps! 🙂

  4. any theme that you would suggest for me particuarly for november ? i still have problems in choosing a theme. wat i have in my mind is that i like the color pink. i have this idea of printed zebra and then mix it with color pink but still that idea i have is kind of I THINK,, not suitable for a debut party. wat suggestions do u have for me? and also for the give awayss? do u think photobooth is enough already for souvienrs?

  5. hi guys. im turning 18 this coming june. i just wanna ask for your i deas about my 18th roses. aside from roses or bracelet do you have any idea for my 18th something?. i want something new :)) there’s a live band too in my birthday and it’s a cocktail party. hahaha:)) thanks guys. this site is cool. it really help us. :)) GODBLESS ))

    • Hi Khel,

      We have an article about the 18’s Tradition where we compiled all our ideas for the debut program.


      It’s actually a really long list so I hope you get to find something that suits your personality 🙂

      Happy birthday!

  6. Hello,
    We are planning to do my friend a glam rock surprise party, we thought of buying her the right outfit for the party so that she can wear. Umm,, I don’t really know much about Glam rock ,, i am only interested in the style i don’t actually like rock songs. anyways, i wanted more specific ideas on how to do it , i already have in mind to do a mini bar stand with cocktails surved, Birthday Cake with a Guitar shape, electronic invitation that shows the party’s theme and as u said guitar hero contest. please help


  7. HELLO,

    i am rhesslyn and my debut is fast approaching in 3 months . still i don’t have an exact idea with regards to the theme of my party. its nice that you have some suggestions here. but i think i wouldn’t like to have a very formal theme., i don’t want the traditional cotillion. i want to experience something unique but still classy in style. something that has never seen before. just to share with you, i’m into fashion ( i really like watching fashion models in tv walking in runways. ) maybe if you can help me, can you suggest a theme that relates to fashion? and if that is possible, can you give me an idea of what to wear? and also a suggestion of what will be my entrance for that theme? i will be very glad to wait for your reply. thanks in advance. really need your help.

    • Hi Rheslyn,

      Since you don’t want a formal party, then you picked the right theme. A Party that Rocks would be a great theme for you. You can incorporate a fashion or runway theme with it since you love fashion. Have a mini fashion show with you and your friends walking the runway. You can have a Project Runway Birthday. There are songs in our song list that you may want to use. Choose something upbeat that you can walk on for your grand entrance. Grand Entrance Songs. These are some examples as well Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club and She’s a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi..Im having problems with my sisters debut planning…We are thinking of getting a function room in a hotel..She wants a nightclub theme..how do i transform a hotel function room or a hotel ballroom look like a nightclub? any ideas?? thanks much…=)

    • Hi Princess,
      If you want it to look like a nightclub, you got to have Disco Mirror Balls or Mirror Ball lights with a lot of warm colors. The room has to be relatively dark of course. What debut theme are you thinking exactly?

  9. Hi…. Im dyan and I’m turning 18 soon and I’m planning to have a masquerade party/ a barbie party…Is it possible that I can merge these two together??? Can u send me ideas on how can I organize this kind of party??? How about my color, give aways, aand program??? THANKS a lot…. I hope to hear from you soon….

    • hi Dye-anne!

      that’s an interesting mix! In my opinion, you can mix those two themes. masquerade balls are actually more of a renaissance themed party, but if you want to mix it with Barbie theme, you can make it very unique! you can have the masks in the style of Barbie. If were the guest, I would expect a lot of pink and purple hues in your party, the masks will all look kikay and not scary like in the traditional masquerade ball.

      your program can include 18 Faces (to replace 18 candles), and 18 masks (to replace 18 treasures) in which the mask of the gift-giver is placed over the gift. it would be interesting if you include cotillion in your debut since your guests are all in costumes. then you can give away trinkets or little masks (the size of Barbie’s face), that cute souvenir will remind your guests of how interesting your party was.

      don’t forget to include in your invitation the dress code. as long as your guests bring a mask, that’s fine, but it depends on how you want it. your invitations can come with a cardboard mask, which your friends or guests can decorate or design according to how they perceive a Barbie theme would be. that way, you are sure that every guest will be wearing their own masks at your party. you can get cardboard masks in Divisoria, i think it’s in Tabora Street. they have affordable prices there especially if you buy in bulk. anyway i hope i’ve helped you in any way.

      happy planning!

  10. Hi! I can’t think of a theme yet. But I want my motif to be Orange and Hot Pink or Hot pink and Purple. Do you have any ideas what theme should I take? Its really hard. I want it unique and fun. Thanks

    • Hi May,

      I love the hot pink and purple combination. Since your colors are girly colors, why not have a theme about girls like “It’s a Girl thing” or “Girl Power”. This color combination also reminds me of Barbie, so why not have a Barbie theme where you can dress up like Barbie and make Barbie come to life. You can also have a masquerade theme and give away hot pink and purple masks. That would be really really interesting and fun. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi again! Yes, I was thinking of the Barbie themed party! But I think we will not fulfill the design of a Barbie party. Hohoho what if I use hot pink and orange? Will that be a great color? I think I’ll have a royalty themed party! What give aways will be appropriate? And centerpieces for the tables? Thanks a lot! You’re really a great help!

  12. uhmm..hi..:) i’m currently planning for my debut..as of now,i’m a bit overwhelmed of all the stuff that i have to plan for..
    i was thinking of these things..
    -i want a hot pink and black motif..
    -i want to wear a pink and black gown..a long gown for the entrance and perfect dress for the part i’m going to perform a song number..
    -i will perform with my band..Paramore songs.
    -i want everyone to be on black eyeliners..:P
    -i’m still thinking of my 18 stuffs…i still can’t decide on what to choose, but surely i’ll have the 18 roses..
    -i want a venue just right for 80 people..
    -i want band instruments there..:)
    -i’m still thinking of the give-aways…
    and since i’m a halloween baby, iwant something that best suits me..:)
    can you help me decide on those things?Thanks..:)

    • Aerolyn,

      -i want a hot pink and black motif.. — that’s cool!
      -i want to wear a pink and black gown..a long gown for the entrance and perfect dress for the part i’m going to perform a song number.. — an outfit change is good
      -i will perform with my band..Paramore songs — it’s great that you can showcase your talent to your guests!
      -i want everyone to be on black eyeliners..:P — you have to indicate this on your invitation
      -i’m still thinking of my 18 stuffs…i still can’t decide on what to choose, but surely i’ll have the 18 roses.. — we have listed some ideas on 18s replacements here — http://debutideas.com/?p=1062 you can look for the Rock glam theme
      -i want a venue just right for 80 people.. — we have a directory of venues that you can call up — http://debutideas.com/?page_id=97
      -i want band instruments there..:) — go ahead
      -i’m still thinking of the give-aways… — maybe you can go for bracelets made from guitar strings or guitar picks or miniature band instruments
      and since i’m a halloween baby, iwant something that best suits me — i think your theme lies more on Rock glam and not halloween. the nearest thing you can get to Halloween is have your bandmates wear fab costumes (not the scary ones)

  13. Hello! I’m having my debut next year, around April, and I’m planning to have this Punk Rock / Glam Rock party. What’s the difference between them anyway? I’m planning to have my 18 roses sing rock songs for me or dance with me if they’re too shy. What alternative name could I use for that 18 roses? I also want to have this 18 albums as in replace for the 18gifts/candles. Is is okay to merge the 18gifts/candles into one 18s? Lastly, I have this 18 band mates where they will play Rock Band 2 with me. Hehe. 3 friends per song, that makes it 6 songs. Would that be okay? I’m having a hard time thinking how I would decorate the venue (ex: centerpiece, wall decorations, etc). Also, what will I wear for the grand entrance? I like my debut to be somewhat “formal”. Haha. I’m planning to change outfit for the 18 band mates part. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Hello 😀

    I’m really looking for a cool and unique theme for my 18th birthday and this is what i really call AWESOME theme. I really really liked it and i can already imagine myself in this kind of theme in my debut. I just wanna ask if this theme is okay to me since, my birthday is Sept.8 this year. (meaning i’m celebrating my birthday with the Virgin Mary.) Won’t it looked liked kindda off since compare to Mother Mary who is conservative, poised, elegant, etc., i’m gonna have a party themed with like rocking the whole street, dress to impress, you got the idea.

    I do really wanna know if my idea of debut is okay since there would be a lot of VIP’s there and i think most people, they’ll gonna have a first experice with a not so formal debut.. PLEASEE need help and ur opinon/suggestion. THANKS 🙂

    By the way, i really like the color pink. and the best color that suits it with this kind of theme is black. will it also be okay to put up black? (since most parents thinks black is a sign of misfortune/bad luck). If it’s a no-no, what color will suit pink? thaaaannkkss MUCH <3

  15. Hi, just wanna’ ask, what theme would be most appropriate for a debutant who is celebrating on the month of September?

    • Hi Cherry,

      There is no such thing as an “appropriate” theme. Choose something that is close to your heart. If you are fond of barbie for example, then you can have a Barbie themed 18th birthday party. We have some themes in our database that you may want to take a look at: http://debutideas.com/?cat=5

      Hope this helps!

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