R, S, V and P: Why are these letters so important?

How important is RSVP to a debut party?  RSVP comes from the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” which means, “Respond, if you please!”  It is self-explanatory actually, but it is beyond me why people find it so hard to RSVP.  It is simply rude not to reply to an invitation.  So are you coming or not?

RSVP is very important because it gives the debutante a clue on how many guests will be attending.  Remember that planning a debut is really hard work and so we owe it to the celebrant to “RSVP.”  In events with seat capacity issues such as a debut in our case, it is important that guests respond at least a month to two weeks before the said event whether they could come or not.  This will determine the final head count when dealing with suppliers or vendors with regard to food, drinks, chairs, souvenirs and thank you notes among others.  This will also help the debutante in deciding on a venue for the said event.

Debut party invitations are usually done formally with the use of a paper or an electronic invite. However, most friends, family and close relatives of the debutante would have been informed by the debutante verbally as well, to which they may also verbally RSVP. But for those guests who are not that close to the debutante, maybe a schoolmate from before, a friend of her sister’s, a distant relative or a friend from a different zip code, RSVP is crucial.

How to RSVP

There are so many ways to RSVP aside from verbally telling the debutante that you are coming.  One is sending RSVP through snail mail but this is not being done nowadays as getting stamps and going to the postbox is quite tedious and inconvenient. One of the best options of RSVPing is calling through phone or cellphone.  With the advent of portable communication and information technologies, RSVP has become just an email and a text away.  The fastest way to RSVP is by e-mailing and text messaging.

Therefore, a debutante should not forget to place all her contact information in the RSVP card.  Before sending out invites, she should make sure to place her home address, telephone number, cellphone number and e-mail address and that of the coordinator (if there is one) so that guests have plenty of options to RSVP. Furthermore, sending the invites early is also very important to give the guests leeway to save the date of this one special day.

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  1. hi, just wanna ask, kung ok lng ba wla cotilion sa debut?hnde ba boring kapag wla?ano po ba puede ko replace?
    and what is better team?vintage party or hollywood?in vintage party paano ang puede decoration?any other idea sa team?mhh..ok lng ba na candles and roses lng?or masiado konti?ano pa puede ko lagay bukod donn???
    thank you for answearing 🙂

    • Hi Sheen,

      Yep! Okay lang naman ang walang cotillion de honor sa debut party mo. Modern debut parties usually don’t have that anymore, maybe because of time constraints narin. Some parties naman include cotillion but with a modern twist — they do modern dances! I really can’t say what’s a “better” theme because that depends on your taste and your budget. Okay lang if 18 candles and 18 roses lang because if you do more than 3, usually guests get bored. Okay lang yan! 🙂

      Have fun planning!

  2. Hi Debut Ideas 🙂 i’ll be having my debut this July i’m thinking if i can match fashionista and rave party can you help me what programs should i do , and i want to replace the term 18 roses etc. please reply 🙂 and do you think 50k is enough ?

  3. hi

    ask ko lang po, if you prefer formal wear or semi-formal? My theme is Midnight Masquerade and masyadong formal naman po yung kapag naka long gowns mga guest ko.. pero gusto ko pong naka suits ung mga gentlemen… ano pong pwede kong isulat sa invitation para sa attire? thanks debut ideas =)

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