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A Debut “SPArty”

April 17, 2009 Debut Ideas! 1

For those debutantes who are not very keen on planning a grand debut for their birthday and would just like to spend this wonderful day with friends and family, a spa party is perfect.

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Debut Programme, Flow

April 14, 2009 lizette 264

There are endless possibilities in creating a program for your dream debut. A program can be as short as 2 hours or as long as until wee hours of the night…

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Party Makeup Basics

April 14, 2009 lizette 0

Impress your friends and family with your sense of style by dressing up with a cool outfit and carry yourself in a way that exudes your unmistakable self-confidence. But remember that your self-confidence starts when you know you look perfect. You have to be aware of how to look good in a make-up.