Debut Programme, Flow

Crafting a balanced program for you dream debut party is not really as hard as it sounds. All it takes is a little imagination. There are endless possibilities in creating a program for your dream debut. A program can be as short as two hours or as long as until wee hours of the night. You can go as crazy as making everyone involved and participate in different aspects of the program.

The following is a basic Debutante’s program:

  • Introduction of the Debutante, her Escort and her Cotillion Court
  • Toast in Honor of the Debutante
  • Welcome Remarks (by the parents)
  • Invocation or Prayer
  • Dining
  • Father and Daughter Dance
  • Grand Cotillion Waltz Dance
  • 18 Roses Dance
  • Presentation of 18 Candles
  • Singing of Traditional Debutante’s Birthday Song
  • Blowing of the Cake Candles
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Presentation of 18 Treasures
  • Games
  • A Word from the Debutante
  • Time to Party!

The debutante’s program can also flow like this:

  • Arrival and welcoming of guests – guests are ushered to their designated seats
  • Cocktails are offered to encourage guests to mingle – this takes your guests’ mind off waiting for your grand entrance
  • After everyone settles in their place, the host makes mention of important people who graced the occasion (if there are).
  • Drinks and appetizers are served
  • Parents talk briefly about the debutante (about her achievements, goals, ambitions, etc.)
  • Audio Visual Presentation of the debutante’s life from infancy to present
  • Grand entrance of the debutante
  • Parents talk some more about the debutante (optional)
  • Toast in honor of the debutant
  • The debutante makes a short opening remarks encouraging guests to enjoy the party
  • Prayer
  • Guests start their meal
  • AVP of well-wishers
  • Father and daughter dance (This may also be incorporated in the eighteen roses. Fathers are usually the first or last dance of the debutante)
  • Eighteen roses (audio of speech while dancing)
  • Eighteen candles (speech)
  • Singing of birthday song
  • Cutting of birthday cake
  • Games
  • Introduction of the debutante, her escort and her cotillion court
  • Debutante’s thank you speech
  • Party time!

Other variations may be the following:

* The host will have a talk, more of like an introduction and a short summary of the program, a little talk on what is in store for the guests so that they would be enticed into finishing and staying for the duration of the party and making the party a success. The host need not mention the juicy parts (those surprise numbers and whatnots)
* For parents who are shy to talk in front of a crowd, the host will do the introduction about the debutante. There will be a little talk before the debutante is introduced. Probably the host may interview some guests and probably ask them some unforgettable moments with the debutante.
* For the eighteen roses, each guy can give a note for the host to read while they are dancing. This can also be recorded and played together with the background music while they dance.
* Cotillion can be danced at the end of the program after which everybody may dance and which may mark the start of the dancing.
* The father or parents of the debutante will talk about the celebrant (you can make a Powerpoint or Flash presentation for everyone to see that has baby pictures or some important milestones of the debutante’s life)
* Father dances with his daughter as a separate part of the program.
* Escort/ bf takes debutante for a dance then everyone dance after some time
* Some also incorporate 18 wines, 18 treasures, 18 gifts as a variation so that most of the guests would be able to greet the debutante.
* Games are inserted on different parts of the program.

Here is a more detailed flow of program but the arrangement can be tweaked here and there according to preference.

  • Registration / arrival of guests / receiving of gifts / cocktails
  • Guests settle on their seats
  • Introduction of the 18th birthday celebrant by the emcee
  • Acknowledgment of the parents and other VIPs
  • Introduction and entrance of the grand cotillion
  • Grand entrance of the debutant and her escort (optional)
  • Welcome remarks and toast by the parents
  • AVP of debutante (pictures from infancy to present)
  • Grand cotillion
  • Invocation / prayer before meals
  • Meals and pictorial
  • AVP of well-wishers
  • 18 Roses
  • Father and daughter dance
  • 18 _____ (any 18s here – 18 wines, balloons or whatever you like!)
  • Games
  • 18 Candles
  • Singing of birthday song
  • Blowing of 18 Candles
  • Cutting of birthday cake
  • Debutante’s thank you speech
  • PARTY / Everybody on the dance floor!

So remember, in making your program, list first what part of the basic program you want to retain or delete and then you can make your own rendition according to your liking. Don’t make it too long but don’t make it too short either. Create a balanced program and be imaginative in adding your own flavor into it. A debut party well thought of is a debut party well remembered.

Link to Debut Technical Script


  1. Hi, can you help me make an informal program for a dinner party? Not like with the traditional debut – no cotillion, 18 roses etc.. It’s also a big help if you could give me some good theme for a dinner gathering so I could match my dress, the souvenirs etc.. I’ll be celebrating my birthday next month and I’m planning now for my simple debut party. Thank you so much.

    • Hi anne,

      An informal program may consist of the following:

      Guests arrive.
      At this point, cocktails are being served (optional)
      Host (can be a member of the family or a friend for intimate parties) will start the program, thanks everyone for coming, etc, introduces your parents.
      Parents talk about your achievement, goals, ambitions, etc.
      Either your parents introduce you or the host will, and then
      AVP (optional but I think necessary)
      Father and daughter dance (optional but I think also a must because there are only two occasions you get to dance with your father, your debut and your wedding)
      Cutting of birthday cake
      Debutante speech (thank you speech or something)

      For the theme, you can go for the much simpler themes so that you won’t have any problem planning it. You can have a butterfly theme so you won’t have any problem in choosing the color of your dress. You can wear a cocktail dress for this informal dinner party or you could also go for a simple and yet elegant gown inspired by the wings of a butterfly, and for your keepsake, probably a personalized posh pillow of the same color as your gown but probably a different hue. A butterfly keychain is also good. A sweet cologne (scent of flowers) for your keepsake is even better.

      A zen-inspired debut party is also not a bad idea. For keepsakes, you can give away chopsticks, scented candles, and zen-inspired picture frames. You could also pick colors from the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) and have that all around your venue. If you could give me some info like what theme appeals to you most, we could give you more ideas on that and probably simplify it for your dinner party. This is all for now and happy planning.

  2. hi! I’ll be celebrating my 18 birthday 4 and half months from now and I’m planning to have a rock and roll theme. Can you give me tips and ideas how to plan it, I really dunno what to do. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Len,

      I believe the 18 shots of wine is meant for well-wishers. The chosen person will basically drink to a toast, probably make a short speech or a wish and then drink wine.

  3. gud day! just wanna if what is the role of the 18 treasures? coz, i have my i18 gifts and 18 treasures for the eldest! hahahahaa… hope you can answer it right away! tahnks!

    • Hi Lhei,

      Sorry for not replying sooner. Anyway, 18 treasures are bearers of gifts for the debutante. The gifts may symbolize something, like what the debutante will need in her journey toward becoming an adult or it may be just a gift that the debutante would really appreciate. I think you are right in picking adult guests for this because I’m sure they will pick the right gifts for you. Happy birthday Lhei.

  4. hello po:] need ko po ung help niyo. pde po bang humingi ng format ng gwang invitation card? at mgpapatulong po sana ako sa preparation for my upcoming debut ee.

    • Hi Shiela,

      The simple format would be:

      [Your parents name] request
      the pleasure of your company at a dinner dance celebration of the 18th Birthday of their Daughter

      [Your name in a big font]

      To be held on Friday the 25th of December 2009 [just an example]
      at Manila Hotel Philippines, Diamond Ballroom
      at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila

      18 Roses
      18 Candles

      18 Treasures

      18 Wines

      Male: Formal
      Female: Cocktail Dress

  5. hi. . .i’ll be celebrating my debut this april 2010. . .i’m planning for a glam theme party. . .can you give me tips and suggestions? hoping to hear from you soon! : )

    • Hi Bianca,

      When I think of glam, I usually associate it with Hollywood, where you can find almost everybody and everything to be glamorous. So, you might want to look for ideas on our article here You can also be a rock star and have a combined glam rock theme party. You can also have a glam theme with a flair of the 50s era, which is going to be fabulous as well. I also associate glamorous with being stylish and fashion forward, so you might want to try a runway inspired theme and have you and your friends walk the runway like a supermodel. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

    • Hi Lalaine,

      The 18 candles are designated for your 18 friends and as they light the candle they can either say something about you, how you are related or they can give you a wish. The 18 shots on the other hand are usually designated for older men (they are usually the ones who drink) and as they drink wine or have a shot of vodka, they give you a wish as well. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jen,

      When you say vintage, I think of things that are old. It is kind of broad as there are different styles in each era. For instance, the 1920s Hollywood is big in hats, cute retro hairstyles and drop-waisted dresses. The 1950s are popular for their full skirted dresses. How about 1960’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the latter part of the 1960s would be the psychedelic era. If you want our very own Maria Clara era, you may want to get some ideas in this article. These are just examples of things that are vintage. You may want to choose one and go with that in order to have a more cohesive theme. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  6. hi,., i’ll celebrate my 18th bday on May,., gusto ko sanang maging maganda talaga dahl ako lng yung babae sa family namin,., can you give me some tips? im planning to have a “tropical-inspired party,.,

    • Hi Kim,

      Well, I believe you would be able to throw a very beautiful 18th birthday party with 5months of preparation. Would you want to have a pool party? Would you want to have it in an indoor venue and then bring the beach indoors? If you are already decided on what to do then the next step is to look for your venue. If you already have a venue, think of ways to make it look tropical. Gain inspiration from our articles on tropical beach themed debut party and pool parties. and This is all for now. If you have other questions, feel free to ask us.

  7. hi, i was looking for some ideas for the event and i discovered this site. i just would like to ask, how should we introduce the debutante if there’s no cotillion dance. thank you!

    • Hi Kat Duayan,

      Some would show an AVP of the debutante’s pics from childhood to present and then an intro speech by the emcee then make their grand entrance. You can go ahead and do your grand entrance without the introduction of the cotillion court. You can also ask your 18s to fall in line near the stage to shower you with confetti as you pass by during your grand entrance. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  8. hi debut ideas!! my debut will be on march 27, 2010 and my theme is Hawaiian theme, ahm.. and i need a program-me flow.. ahm.. wala na pong cotillion and imbes na 18 roses it will be 18 luau, 18 gifts will be 18 thousands, 18 candles, 18 balloons, 18 shots, i hope u will help me..

    • Hi Juliet,

      Wow! It seems that you are all set for your 18th birthday party. The Hawaiian theme is a great theme to have because there are lots of things you can do with it. With regard to your 18s, I’m just concerned that your guests will be bored with all these 18s. If they are not going to have a speech, it would be okay I guess but if 5 sets of 18s would be making a speech, that would be 90 persons going to the stage and making a speech. Even if you disperse it and have games or other parts of the program in between, it would still take a lot of time. So you might want to reconsider that.

      It is great that you already have some 18s ideas. In naming your 18s, you should also consider your theme, since you have a Hawaiian theme, these are things that you can use: For your 18 candles, you can try substituting 18 bonfires, 18 torches or 18 tiki torches. You can decorate the candle so that it looks like a torch and then name it 18 torches or you can buy a real torch at Ace hardware priced around 50 to 150 pesos depending on the size. For 18 roses, you can substitute 18 leis or 18 garlands. For 18 gifts, try 18 jewels, 18 treasures or 18 gems, or you can also try 18 cocktails where your 18s will make a speech, give a toast and then give the gift. Using 18 thousands would limit your 18 gifts on how much they would give you, and you would not want to do that, would you?

      With regard to your program flow, you can omit some parts of the basic program flow that we have in the site and tweak it here and there to make it your own. You can just remove the cotillion part and insert your 18s instead. We also have an article on a tropical theme that might give you some ideas as well. Hope this helps and happy birthday!

  9. Hi. I’ll have my 18th birthday this September 2010. I also had my grand 7th birthday and “Barbie” was the theme for it. I want to have a different but classy theme for my debut? Would you mind if you give me ideas and themes? 3 or more kinds themes if pwede. Thanks! 🙂

    Btw, love your site. 🙂

    • Hi Maezzie,

      I’m pretty sure your 7th birthday was a success and Barbie theme seems like a fun theme to have during that time. I think since you’re already 18, you should have a theme that allows your personality to shine. An elegant theme to have would be a period theme like back in the 1920s where people are dressed to the nines. The more serious and elegant white and black party is classy but it might be boring for a debut party. The best theme though is a theme that you would be able to personalize and make your own. Let your creativity shine through. You should ask yourself first what you really want you and your guests to experience. Do you want to have a fun but still classy party? Do you want it to be whimsical? Why not have a fairies theme instead? Do you have any movie that you love so much? How ’bout a Moulin Rouge theme (red, deep purple and black colors)? Do you want to add some sort of mystery to your party? Why not try a Masquerade Ball theme where everyone will wear masks. How bout a pirates theme perhaps where games consist of a treasure hunt? If you are into fashion, try having a Runway-inspired theme where you can have your own fashion show. A Hollywood awards theme perhaps where glitz and glamour are the order of the day and paparazzis loom the place? There are lots of themes actually to choose from and all can be classy. It depends on how well it is planned. Asking your guests to adhere to the theme would also make your party a success, so choose wisely Maezzie. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Ahoy Dianne (diannezalameda)!

      If you want to go for a Pirate theme, you have to go all the way. Let’s say only one guest is in pirate costume, he’d look like a crazy guy. You should ask your guests to dress up in Pirate (wear an eye patch, or a hat). Hand out Large Jewel Rings, Eyepatch & Earring or Pirate Bling Necklaces so your guests won’t look out of place. To give you an idea, look a these guys from Pirates of the Caribbean:

      I think the essential elements are hats and bandanas. Here is an article about how you can create a Pirate Costume.

      For your souvenir, you can provide a loot bag, which are actually Red Bandanas wrapped up to contain an eyepatch, earring, large jewel ring, gold coins, pirate tattoos, etc. Fill these pirate loot bags with a bountiful of goods and your guets will surely go home with a smile on their faces.

      Make your debut cake a treasure map cake. Then decorate it with large stone bracelets, pirate necklace, king’s crown, bling blings, assorted jewelries like bangles and puca shell necklaces, etc. You can also have a treasure chest cake. You can go creative with this as long as you know what you want to go for.

      You can add a face painting feature on your party so that your guests will have crossbones, scars and skulls on their faces!

      For your games, you can go for “Hunt My Favorites”: For example:

      It has always been my favorite movie, go to the DVD rack and give it to me.” (your guests will go to the DVD rack and bring you your favorite film)

      It’s my favorite color from the rest, bring that balloon to my treasure chest.” (your guests will choose one color from a set of balloons and bring it to you)

      It’s sort of a “bring me” game but in this game, they have a lot of choices. only those people who know you well can answer them.

      Or you can go for a Treasure Hunt Game, where all things are literally hidden in a certain place. The guest who finds it will get a prize.

      For your invitations, an obvious design would be a treasure map. Write your invitation in Pirate Language.

      A pirate theme is really a fun theme especially if you want to avoid a serious atmosphere in your debut party. So have fun planning! 🙂

  10. Hi !.. my debut will be on june 24 and my theme will be ‘Stylish Glam Party’ which they can showcase their own style and their own sense of fashion.but how can i convince them to do that?. and my guests are came from different groups/ different circle of friends.. and i dont know how will i set a program that nobody will be out of the place.. how will i make a party that everyone could enjoy..? im also thinking to include games on the program.. i have lots of idea to choose from but i dont know any consequences or punishment that i could give for the losing team or for those persons who gave wrong answers.. can u give me some list of punishments/hilarious or funny punishments that i can use so that i can make my party more enjoyable?.. PLS HELP.. and any advice to do on the party so everybody could enjoy it.. how can i convince them to stay longer and participate in every part of the program..??? how can i convince them to go on the dance floor and feel the hit of the party..? my venue will be in a bungalow house.. im gonna rent from somewhere and design it.. can you give me some ideas on how can i design an empty house to a glam..???? i want a simple but a glam party,.. and can you give me some simple dishes to prepare.. i want it more on appetizers and desert,..

    I Hope You Will Help Me on This Matter.. 🙂

    thanks so much in advance and more power !..

    • Hi Marriel,

      First of all, I like your idea of asking your guests to dress in their own style because that will give them a more comfortable feeling in coming to your party. You can probably ask them to come in their best outfits and you can have an award for Best Dressed so that the ones who made an effort to dress up will actually be rewarded. With regards to the thing about making them stay, sometimes an appeal can work wonders. Ask them personally or have the host say something like “The debutante has painstakingly prepared so much for this party so that you could all enjoy it with her and it is very nice that you have given her your time tonight. But she asks one more thing of you, that you stay for the duration of the party. Many exciting things await all of you and the night is still young.” or something like that. It is really hard to actually make everyone feel a part of your party or make everyone enjoy your party but having games actually does the trick. You can incorporate games into your program and have it equally spaced in between events so that your guests will not be bored. You can have games for the teenagers, for couples, for the older ones ;). You can devise a way to actually make them come to the stage without them knowing that they will be part of a game afterward. With the dancing part, I think you need to have a track that would appeal to both young and old or insert some old danceable songs in there for your other guests to enjoy. Some songs that are too fast may not appeal to your other guests so make sure that your track list is balanced. For the decorations part, a stylish glam party can be a white party like the ones celebrities throw in at Hollywood. With a white party, you can have white drapes hang around the venue, some white balloon clusters on the entrance, some white round Japanese lanterns at the center and then hire a lighting effects supplier for some strobe lights effect and you have an instant rave party to go with your stylish glam theme party.

      For the food, you could have just cheese sticks, nachos, french fries with dips. Keep hot foods to a minimum. Serve cold foods instead like fruit shakes and popsicles. Fresh fruits cut in slices are also good especially with a chocolate fountain nearby. While your at it, add some marshmallows on the side to create a totally cool dessert bar.

      Hope this helps and happy birthday Marriel.

    • Hi Issa,

      18s are sometimes dependent upon a theme that you have. For instance if you have a butterfly theme, you can have 18 flowers, 18 daisies, etc. because butterflies love all flowers in general and not just roses. For you 18 candles, 18 fireflies. For 18 treasures, try 18 seeds where it symbolizes the virtues that you need to have in your journey through life. For 18 shots, try 18 wines, 18 toasts or 18 champagnes. Hope this helps and happy birthday Issa.

  11. hello its me again i would like to ask about the debutant speech and song that she will sing.. because we are having a hard time making one.. please help us. thanks.. can u suggest some songs that she can sing that means thanking the guests espcially our parents.. thanks miss

    • Hi Jayson,

      These are songs that are very inspirational which your sister can sing on her party.

      Sometimes (Carpenters)
      Thanks to you (Tyler Collins)
      Journey (Lea Salonga)
      Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)
      UNWRITTEN (Natasha Bedingfield)
      BEAUTIFUL SEED (Corrinne May)

      The debutante’s speech is a a speech that should come from her heart. It can be as simple as thanking your parents’ unconditional love and thanking all the people who have made a positive impact in her life and asking them to never stop believing in her. Or she can probably tell a story of a significant event in her life that changed her life for the better. Or an event where she saw how her parents love her unconditionally. She can also mention her dreams in the future and asking everybody to help her achieve that dream, especially your parents, to always be there by her side, ready to catch her when she falls, never once doubting her ability to stand again and fight as her loved ones cheer on to the fulfillment of her dreams. Being 18 means taking on more responsibilities, thinking and acting as an adult, making sound decisions and having more respect for people around her. There is so much to learn and she needs all the help she can get. Hope this helps and happy birthday to your sister.

  12. hi! i’m having my debut on may. 🙂
    i don’t really have a theme for my debut but i want the 18 roses, 18 candles and wishes and 18 shots to be different.
    can you help me revise those things? thank you! 😀

    • Hi Anne,

      Sometimes, it helps to have a theme when renaming the 18s. For instance, for a tropical inspired theme party you can have 18 bonfires, 18 torches or 18 tiki torches for 18 candles. For 18 roses, you can have 18 leis, 18 garlands or 18 corals. You can have 18 toasts or 18 wines for 18 wishes and then 18 treasure chests, 18 gems or 18 pearls of the Orient for your 18 treasures. For a Masquerade Theme or a Princess theme, you can try 18 candelabras for 18 candles, 18 royal dances for your 18 roses, 18 jewels for 18 treasures and 18 wines for 18 shots. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  13. hello, I would be celebrating my debut on march 26, 2010 and i don’t have a theme yet. I was thinking of having a pink and black party where my guests are supposed to where pink or black but i don’t know what color to wear to stand out. I’m also thinking of having an autumn-themed party. I’m totally confused. I just want a simple debut (short program, with intermission numbers. It would be held in a garden.) Can I ask some theme suggestions where I don’t need much decorations for the venue?

    • Hi Pia,

      A pink and black party will be splendid. It will be elegant and fun at the same time. It will be like Taylor Swift’s 18 birthday party where she rocked a hot pink outfit. What she did was to ask her guests to dress in black and she wore this hot pink number:


      You can do that too. You can also incorporate a Butterfly Theme into your pink and black party since your venue is in a garden and have a dress that has different hues of pink in it. You can wear wings as props for your grand entrance. You don’t need to decorate much since your venue is in a garden and it would be perfect for a butterfly release during your grand entrance. Hope this helps and Happy Birthday Pia.

  14. thanks a lot! I’m inspired of having like that of taylor swift’s. Can I ask another opinion? How about an element-them party where guests should wear depending on the element assigned from them (example: earth, wind, fire, air). Then, I would have an easier way of finding souvenirs because i’ll just think of things that would best represent these elements. Thank you again for your time. =D

  15. Hello again. =D I’ve decided already. I think I’ll go for the pink and black theme party. Actually I’ll call it first a black and white party because I’ll let my guests wear black or white. My invitation would also be black and white. But it would be a surprise for them in the party since my decorations would be in hot pink as well as my dress. I think it would be like taylor swift’s. Can I ask any suggestions like what else would I add for my party (example: photobooths). What other suggestions could you add for my program? My party is just a semi-formal one. Not the traditional. I’m still thinking of what souvenir to give. Thanks for your time. =D It would be a great help.

    • Hi Pia,

      If you will have a photobooth in your party, the picture that your guests will take home will serve as your souvenir. You can probably make heart shaped (or any shape you wish) white and dark chocolates and then have those pink ones too. You can arrange it in a table which will be so lovely. Give them away after the program. I’m sure your guests will enjoy seeing them as much as eating them. For more ideas on party favors, click here.

  16. hello!

    my names caren, i will be celebrating my debut this june 11 2010. i dont have a theme for my party but i want it to be simple and not that extravagant. i wont have 18 roses but i prefer 18 treasures i cant have a dance with my father and im having trouble with the programme and invitations since this is the first time that i heard of debuts. i need your help please!

    • Hi Caren Jan,

      How old is your niece because the song that she will be singing should be appropriate for her age. I guess she should choose a song that is inspirational. Anyway, we have a list on our debut songs page that she might consider. Here are some of them:

      Time of my Life, Unwritten, Journey, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Rainbow Connection, etc.

      Hope this helps and happy birthday to you Caren.

  17. hello

    thank you for the advise. my niece is already turning 12. i want to ask what kind of theme i can have for my debut? i want it to be simple yet elegant. not that much expensive and fun. i plan to have 18 treasures and a few games but what else can i add?

    • Hi Caren Jan,

      Having a theme would surely make your party planning easier. There are actually many themes that are simple and elegant. For instance, you can do a black and white party. How about a white party with white drapes, white Japanese lanterns and white rose petals scattered around your venue. A butterfly themed party would also be fun and exciting most especially with the butterfly release at your grand entrance. The theme that will work best is something that you love, know and care about. Something that you will have a lot of fun doing. If you love parties, then a Rave theme would be a good idea. If you like to pretend, then a costume party would be great because you and your guests can dress up in a costume of your favorite character. If you want mystery, do a masquerade ball instead complete with masks for all your guests. Pick a theme first and then everything will follow. Party planning will be a breeze once you have a theme in mind. This is all for now and happy planning.

  18. hi debut ideas!!

    i have read over and over the ideas you have shared here and i am really thankful for all the tips i got. my 18th party will already be on the 6th of March and i will hold this at one of the bars in Makati. i have decided to adapt the rave party theme. however, there are a few questions/items that i need you to help me with:

    a) i don’t know how to decorate the place… i don’t know if i need to decorate the place!! since its going to be a rave party, do i still need decorations? if yes, what would be the most appropriate and easy decor to use? OR is it ok not to have decors?
    b) do i still need to have a centerpiece? what is the best centerpiece that i can use?
    c) i have decided to have 18 glowsticks instead of 18 candles – how will the set-up be? will they just hold the lighted glow stick as they give their wishes? will they give it to me after giving their wishes? OR will they wear them as bracelets?
    d) what is the normal duration of the entire 18 dances? is 30mins for the entire 18 dances too long?

    pls. pls help!! pls. pls reply!!! 🙂

    • Hi Clair,

      We have an article on the Rave theme that you may want to read on for more cool ideas. I think the bar ambiance is just perfect for a rave theme so you need not really decorate the venue. What you can do probably is to surround the venue with glow sticks so that it will add to the ambiance of a dance party. Have a fog machine for effect most especially on your grand entrance. A laser show would also be a cool idea for entertainment as well as creating a rave ambiance. If you want to incorporate a white party, you may do so by placing white drapes around the venue and some white Japanese lanterns as well.

      For the centerpieces, it depends on whether you will serve dinner. If you are, make candles as centerpieces instead of the usual flowers. For the 18 glow sticks, do this with a dim light, the first 18 candles will then break the glow stick and then make her speech. This will make the 18 candles more dramatic because only the light coming from the glow sticks are seen. You can then introduce by name your 18 candles in a lighted stage after everybody has finished so that the audience will be able to see their faces. You can also ask your 18s to break the glow stick, place it in a container in the stage with a dim light and then go over to a more lighted part of the stage to make her speech. For the 18 roses dance, usually they edit out the song to include only the chorus part or probably the first two stanzas and then the chorus which would be at least 1 to 1.30 minutes long. So I guess 30 minutes or less is enough for the entire 18 roses dance. Hope this helps Clair and happy birthday.

  19. hi. its me again. thank you for the answer last time. now, i still have a problem. we are still changing themes and concepts even though we have a reservation yet it is not final. no problem with the guests and place. the last time we checked, we had GREEK MYTHOLOGY inspired debut with a white and gold motif. i also got that idea from you. but now, we’re changing it to an AWARDS NIGHT concept in which my guests would wear long gown for female and coat and tie for male. how do we spice up the venue and the program too? i want it to be simple yet memorable because it would only come once in a lifetime. i also want to get ideas of how should we make the invitations and what token to give.. thank you for your time. we are so lucky to have you. by the way, i’m planning to have my guests strike a pose before entering the hall. can you suggest more about how to decorate? THANK YOU and more power!

  20. hi.. I’m having my debut this coming April and I want to change the name of my 18’s because I have this ” Princess theme”. I have 18 roses,candles,gifts…and can you suggest a song for my entrance… hope you answer this… tnx…

    • Hi Leslie,

      For a princess theme, I’m thinking that a waltz instrumental would be great. Roses from the South by Strauss as an example would be a great grand entrance for a princess themed debut party. You can also try some Disney songs like Go the Distance in Hercules or another animation picture Anastasia’s Once Upon a December. Here are some more songs that can be used as well. click here

      For alternatives for 18s, check out our new article, Traditional 18s Ideas. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  21. hi, i need help for my upcoming debut.. can you help me please to design my invitation and what will i wear if i have theme of “dress to impress”, like cocktail and the theme color is mint green? please help me..???? (“,)

    • Hi Herriah Rhinah,

      It seems that you will have a very formal party to have a theme of “dress to impress.” You invites should say the type of party you would want to have. Since you are aiming for a sort of formal event, it follows that your invites should also be formal. You can go for a clean white or mint green unscented paper. Print your wordings in black or chocolate brown ink in simple readable font. Naturally when you say dress to impress, your guests will come dressed in all their glory. It will be an awesome sight. The problem with this idea is you might get lost and fade into all the awesomeness around you. You should therefore have a dress that can standout in every possible way. It needs to shine and carry you through. Go for ball gowns like this mint green gown:


      You can also go for elaborate bead work or floral accents like this click here

      Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  22. Hey:) I’m going to celebrate my debut this august already, but the problem is that I still dont have theme. but I think of a theme that is very classy ?Like, I want to feel like that I’m a lady already, what appropriate theme could that be? and other problem is that, What alternatives for the 18 roses and 18 candles? pleasee help me..:) thanks..

    • Hi Cla,

      Debutantes choose their themes based on their personality, their favorites, their likes, etc. Also they take into consideration if they can pull it off, if it can be achieved given their budget and time frame. A masquerade themed party is a formal and classy party to have. Wearing a ball gown and being a princess for this day would certainly make you feel like a lady. A black and white party also is a nice theme. It offers sophistication and maturity. You can also go for a zen theme or a japanese inspired 18th birthday party with pink and chocolate brown as your colors. I think every theme can be classy in their own right if it is done in good taste. Color combination plays a big part in this as well. Your alternative 18s usually is based on the theme that you choose. We have an article on 18s that may help you (click here). Happy planning.

  23. hi! I’m planning to have a Greek inspired party for my debut tho i read all your articles about the said theme it helps a lot! thanks! but I kinda need more help. help me please! thank you so much!! 😀

  24. Hi! This site is amazing but, I am lost on what to plan ahead for. I’m starting to plan my debut 2 years ahead of time, and I have no clue where to start. can you help me think of what to decide on first?

    • Hi Iara,

      Have a working budget first. When you have determined that, it will be easier for you to choose your birthday party suppliers. When you are planning your own debut party, you are like starting from scratch. You got to have a blank sheet of paper first to work on. Your venue is your blank sheet of paper. From there, you can start planning all the details of your 18th birthday celebration. Remember though that your birthday is still 2 years away, prices may still go up. Ask the place you are opting for if you can get a reservation with the current price. When talking to a venue supplier, ask them if they have freebies. Most caterers nowadays add an emcee, or chairs and tables to their menu of services. Be sure to take that into consideration. Have a birthday theme too because it will be easier to get souvenir items, invitations, etc. with a theme and color motif.

      Hope this helps and happy planning!

  25. Hi!
    I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday this July and I’m planning to have a party. I want it to be extraordinary. I don’t want it to be like the traditional ones. Can you suggest to me a program flow that doesn’t have 18 roses, 18 treasures and 18 candles? And since I want it extraordinary, can you also suggest to me some gimmicks that I can add to the program? Thanks. :))

    • Hi Jamie,

      You can stick to the program flow and then remove all the 18s and in its place, put intermission numbers. If you have friends who know how to sing or dance, ask them to render you a special song or dance for your birthday. Some debutantes have a sort of talent portion where they sing or dance (depending on their talent) or play an instrument. This is the time for you to showcase your God given talent and show them to your loved ones. If you are into fashion, have a fashion show themed debut and do a runway show with your 18 candles. I’m sure all of them will willingly walk the runway like super models. Adding some games into the program usually makes the event more alive as it fosters audience participation. If you like Pirates of the Caribbean, why not have that theme and then have a treasure hunt where your guests will look for hidden items inside the venue. It will be easier to plan your party and program if you have a theme in mind so you might want to consider having a theme for your party. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Tin,

      The original 18s are 18 roses and 18 candles. As years passed, there came the addition of 18 treasures. The 18 roses symbolizes the 18 men in your life who has made an impact in your life. They may be a family member, a friend, a classmate or a relative. The 18 candles symbolizes the women in your life who are close to you and who you look up to as a role model in your life. 18 treasures has been added to showcase the gifts that the debutante will receive from her loved ones. The 18 balloons and 18 wines are just variations of the 18 roses and 18 candles in order to adhere to a theme.

  26. hi ! i just want to ask if what theme will fit in to a motif of black and pink? and what 18s are better to use aside from roses,candles,and treasures? thanks in advance !

    • Hi Khim,

      For a black and pink color combination, a theme that would be perfect for it is the Glam Rock theme. It is sophisticated but fun at the same time. Taylor Swift even used it in her 18th birthday party. For 18’s substitutes, read on our article on Traditional 18s (click here)

  27. Good day 🙂

    I will be celebrating my 18th birthday real soon. I’ve opted for the ‘Arabian Nights’ theme 🙂
    I will not be having the traditional cotillion – do you have any suggestions what I can do instead? Debuts noawadays consist of the debutant presenting either a song, dance or even both number. However, I can’t sing nor can I dance 😀
    I hope you’ll help me out 🙂
    Oh! And another concern, what about souvenirs? My planner was suggesting the onsite photo from the photobooth we will be having. Do you think that’s enough? 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hi KC,

      Arabian Nights Theme sure is a very unique theme to have. For your talent portion, you can have a belly dance with your friends. This is in keeping with your Arabian Nights Theme. Or you can also have an interpretative dance with A Whole New World as your music (Aladdin). Either way, I’m sure the experience you get from practicing those dances with your friends is worthwhile. You can learn to sing and dance and you are enjoying it in the process. Also the importance of having your friends with you when you perform is that the attention is not focused on you alone, therefore, you won’t get super nervous and thus you will perform better. For souvenirs, I think the photobooth will suffice. I’ve been to debuts where that is the only souvenir they gave out and I’m quite happy with what I got. Hope this helps KC and hope you rock your Arabian Nights theme.

  28. Hi,

    I will be celebrating my 18th birthday in November. I just wanna ask what theme suits well on the kind of debut I am planning for. My debut would probably be a “birthday concert” but the kind of songs I’ll be singing are the like of Don’t rain on my parade and New york, new york. So those are not the typical pop music. I’d like to fit what I am gonna sing to the theme of my debut. Also, most probably, I am gonna have additional 18 thousands and songs to the typical 18’s. What words could substitute those that go with the theme? I am thinking old hollywood would be a better choice or movie-ish or masquerade party. Do you have more themes to suggest that may suit well to my party? And oh, may an aphrodite-grecian party be incorporated with it?

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  29. Hi debut ideas! I’m planning to have my 18th bday party this june and i chose candy princess themed party. I would like to ask what song can we play for my grand entrance and what kind of attires will my guests wear? Thanks a lot! 😀

    • Hi Stela!

      There’s this old song by Mandy Moore called Candy, check it out, it’s a cute song!

      For your guests’ attire, you can ask them to wear something very colorful! If your guests wear multi-colored outfits, that would look so cool in your pictures!

      Happy Birthday!

  30. i want the 18 candles to be the ones that i blow when its time to blow the candles on my cake, but can you suggest ways how to do that? like after they have given the wishes, where can they put the candles so i can blow the altogether? because i was thinking that maybe if they just put it on the cake, they might accidentally destroy the cake or the wax of the candles might cover up the cake. can you please help me?

    • Hi Chill,

      Definitely that will happen if they place the candles on top of the cake especially if you will be using big candles. What I would suggest is to put three candelabras which can hold probably 6 candles, place them near the cake and arrange them in a manner that you can blow them all in one breath.


      Another option is if your cake is placed on a circular table, put 18 stylish drinking glasses for your 18s to put the candles on. You can also ask your caterer to extend the cardboard a little more than the cake so that your 18s can dip a little wax for the candle to stick on. The candles however will be a little harder to blow because you need to circle the table to cover all candles. But that will also be totally exciting. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  31. Hi! So, I will be having a debut celebration without a grand cotillion. I will have roses and treasures, and the color theme is purple. What is usually written in the debut program? And do you think it is necessary for the debutante to have a special solo performance? Do you have any ideas on what I can do aside from that? Thanks.

    • Hi Betsy,

      We have here in this page a sample debut script that you may gain some insight on. Many debutantes really have a sort of talent portion where they showcase their talents for their friends and loved ones to see. They grab this once in a lifetime chance of being a star even for a night and then sharing their God-given talents to those they love. If you are kind of the shy type, ask your friends to help you by dancing or singing with you also. They can be a back up dancer or a friend may play the guitar while you sing, something like that. This sort of divides the attention of your audience. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  32. Hi there. I’m planning to have a Glam rock Theme party for my 18th Birthday, can you give me a suggestion on the
    program flow, also i crossed out the traditional cotillion on my list, but planning to have a Band which is me & my friends will going
    to performed, do you think it is a nice idea?.. Thanks!

    • Hi Rosieroze,

      You can just follow the debut program that we have, omit the ones that you will not be doing like if you’re not doing the 18s, remove that, or if you’re not going to do the cotillion part, remove that as well and then substitute it with your Band’s performance. If you’re band will have many songs to sing, you can divide it by two sets. For instance:

      Grand Entrance
      18 roses – dance? optional
      Band’s first set, 3 songs perhaps
      18 candles- speech
      Band’s second set, 3 songs

      It is okay that you are performing on your birthday so that your loved ones will be able to see your talent and be entertained by it. Many debutantes perform on their debut party. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  33. Oh hey ! This website is the boom ! Grabeh, am so thankful to kasi this website
    is a big help. Pinoproblema ko kasi ang debut ko. It’s because I’m in UK and I’ve
    decided to celebrate my 18th in Philippines. It will be on December pa but siyempre,
    ayoko namang palpal ang aking debut.

    So anyways, ayun nga, am really thankful to this website. Tapos lahat pa ng
    posts dito eh sinasagot 🙂 Keep up the good work and continue helping others
    for free 😉 LMFAO ! More powers ! \:D/

  34. I’ve read some of the inquiries in your website and its very helpful, what’s more important is that the author answers all the questions and gives fabulous ideas for the occasion. Anyway, my daughter is attending a 7th birthday party and now it is also tagged as debut unlike in my days…., she’ll be participating in the 7 candles, I guess these parts of the debut for a 7 yr old are the same as in 18-yr old debut. Can you hep me prepare a speech for one of the 7 candles, my daughter can memorize but I think due to lack of time it would be wiser to shorten the speech……. thanks….

    • Hi Joanne,

      I think the speech should at first introduce the speaker (your daughter) and her relationship with the celebrant. “I’m _speaker__ and __celebrant__ and I have been best friends since kindergarten.” Next is tell moments they have shared “We always do things together like play our Barbies and read and study for an exam. ” Next is tell some good traits and characteristics of the celebrant “The __celebrant__ is __qualities of celebrant_(talented, intelligent, etc)_. That is why I love her so much. I will promise to be her friend forever. Happy Birthday ___celebrant__ “” or something like that. Make the speech simple, short and concise (children have such short attention span) so that children would easily understand. Hope this helps.

  35. hey. i need some help, i don’t have any idea on how to start my speech? can you help on this? can you give me some samples of a debutant’s speech? i’ll be having a party this may 16. hope we can work on this as soon as possible… 🙁 thank you!

    • Hi Kristine,

      You can start off by saying good evening, mentioning a few facts about yourself for the benefit of those who don’t know you that well (optional), dreams and aspirations in life, you can share some stories or some good example of the way your parents have helped you grow into a young adult. Avoid inserting personal jokes that only a few will be able to get. This would leave your other guests feeling left out. Next, thank everyone for coming. You should also thank the people who have made your event possible like your suppliers, friends and family. Thank your mom and dad who have always supported you and love you. And Lastly thank the Lord for all your blessings and for making you a wonderful person inside and out. Hope this helps Kristine and happy birthday.

  36. hi i’ve read ur page hir and it seems so interesting and u help so many people like me and having their wondeful bday to b the best youngest sister is celebrating her debut this coming july3,2010 since she’s the last sister who wil celebrate her debut i want to make it unforgettable for her of course with the help of gud people like you..we dont have much budet and we cant decide yet the venue bcoz i think july is rainy season..can u give me advice wat to be the theme for the perfect season..?nung ng debut kc aq umulan all in cocktail mdami d nkapunta..i hope nd pray n wag mngyari sa party ng kapatid q un..thnx..nd more power

    • Hi Adz,

      Since July is indeed a rainy month, it would be safe to choose a venue that is indoors. There are those function rooms that are really right for the budget where you can rent the room for a few hours. How about restaurants where food is already included in their packages? You can also go for three-star hotels that have no-hassle friendly packages that would suit your budget. As for the theme, practically any theme would work for indoor venues particularly white walled function rooms. You can hang drapes of your color motiff. You can adorn it with flowers and leaves all around and it is transformed into a beautiful garden for a fairies, butterfly, midsummer night’s dream theme. You can create a backdrop of the beach at the stage for a beach or tropical inspired party. Hope this helps and happy planning.

  37. hi 🙂

    i need your help badly. i would like to prepare a beach party/ Hawaiian inspired debut for my cousin this august. can you please help me find some unique ideas for it ?? thank you so much :*

  38. hi!im planning to have a masquerde theme party for my 18 im having a hard time with my giveaways..gusto ko po kasi yung something unique, pretty yet affordable….thank you po!God bless!

    • Hi Mheco,

      For a masquerade theme party, here are some party favors that I can think of. You can give away earings, bracelets, scented candles, candle holders, cologne, lotion, bath soap, shower gel. These party favors are elegant and would be appropriate for your masquerade theme. You can also have paper mache masks that will also serve as an invite or a thank you card with your thank you message or party info written inside the masks. This will be super affordable because you don’t need to make a separate invite or thank you card as this will double as your invite or thank you card. You can also have a photobooth with a very elegant backdrop for you and your guests to pose on and the picture that will be printed will serve as their souvenir. Hope this helps.

  39. Hello! I’ll be having my debut on December and my theme would be Tropical/Beach.

    1.Can you give me a format in creating an invitation?
    2.What kind of souvenirs can I give to my guests that is related to my theme?
    3.I can’t find a perfect summer dress:(

    • Hi Trixy,

      AVP is audiovisual presentation. It usually is a collection of clips of videos from your loved ones greeting you or describing you, or even just a collection of your pictures from since you were young up to present. It is edited in such a way that it will be interesting to watch.

  40. Hi, again! Can you please give me a sample of what the emcee can say when introducing the 18 treasures? What is the significance of it, etc.

  41. hi! i already have a list for my 18 candles, roses, treasures and toasts.. but i need another set of 18s because I want to give part to my other guests who are also close to me.. someone told me to add 18 wishes but it would be redundant since I already have 18 toasts. please help me. thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Eyt,

      The 18 roses are given to guys close to you, close friend, friend or classmate. 18 candles are for 18 ladies who have made an impact in your life, who you look up to, who you are closest with so that these are your female relatives, classmates, friends, best friends, etc. The other 18s are just additional and are vague in its meaning. Their names are tweaked in order to adhere to a theme. 18 treasures are also 18 gifts, the purpose of which is to symbolize gift giving during a birthday. 18 toasts, 18 wishes, 18 champagnes, 18 bubbles, 18 wines, cheers, are all for well-wishers. It is good that you are making your guests feel important by giving them a role to play in your debut. However, if you come to think of it, having 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 treasures, 18 toasts and then another 18 would be quite tiring because you and your guests would have to sit up for 18 dances and 72 speeches. I often advice debutantes to veer away from this monotony because it creates the risk of making your party boring. If you want your guests to participate and feel important in your birthday, you can ask them to greet you in your AVP. You can then edit it to create a fun and exciting thing to watch. You can also ask your 18s to participate in an impromptu game to make your party livelier. If you are still up to 5 18s, ask them to make their speeches short. As a suggestion, you may want to have 18 toasts designated for 18 men who will toast and make you a wish and then 18 cheers for 18 ladies who will cheer you on (make a wish as well). The transformation part is a great idea. You can do it in your grand entrance where you will be dressed plainly at first and then your family will dress you up into your gown and high heels and then you can do your grand entrance. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  42. hi again!
    i want a sort of “the transformation” part as the highlight of my debut. what i mean is that sort of “ritual” wherein my hairstyle, dress and shoes will be changed by my parents and grandparents as a symbol of my transformation from a girl to a young lady. example,.from flipflops to high heels..
    i just have this idea but i am not really sure how it would be.. what do you think? please help me construct my idea. it seems so abstract to me right now. what would this part be called?

  43. Hi there. I’m Trish and I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday on August. I’m starting to prepare all the needed stuff. My theme will be fairytale. Can you help me with my invitation? I’m thinking, I’ll substitute 18 candles, roses, treasures, etc into something “princess-ish” like 18 royal dances. What can I substitute to 18 candles, treasures? Thank you!

    • Hi Trish Lua,

      For your 18s, it depends on what fairytale you will be having. For instance, if you are supposed to be sleeping beauty, then 18 kisses (on the cheek) would not be a bad alternative for the 18 roses. Or instead of having different songs for your 18 roses dance, you could just have a grand waltz song for all 18 roses and call it The Royal Dance or The Grand Waltz. They would be circling you and would dance in a waltz, each of them cutting off every few stanzas of the waltz song. For your 18 candles, try 18 pixie dusts where your 18 candles will blow a pinch or two of glitter and then make their speech. You could also have 18 wands where your 18 candles will wave their wands and them make a speech or grant a wish. For your invites, a scrolled invite would be great. It is like you are inviting them to a ball, reminiscent of Cinderella. Hope this helps Trish and happy birthday.

  44. Can you please give me a sample speech for the grand entrance thank you so much!!! i love your website, its very helpful……keep it up!!!!

    • hello mariah,

      usually the debutante gives speeches after the party or the end of the debut program proper and not during the grand entrance. Before your grand entrance, you will be given an introduction by your emcee or host. You can give your emcee information about what you want included in your introduction and she’ll be the one to make the spiel. =)

  45. Good evening

    can you help me doing a program on my 18 birthday?

    what things can you suggest so my visitors will not get bored.

  46. would it be a terrible thing to not have a talent section at a debut? i’m a really shy person, and my debut is next week, there’s really no time to put something together.

    • Hi Danika,

      Having a talent portion in a debut is optional. Most debutantes do this because they want their talents showcased in their birthday. If you are the shy type and would be really uncomfortable standing in front of a crowd even if they’re practically family, then don’t do it. Adding to that is the fact that you’re not prepared would definitely lead to a disastrous talent portion. However, if you can conquer your fear and shyness and sing just one simple song, there is still time to practice for it. Either way girl it is alright. Hope this helps and happy birthday Danika.

  47. my debut is this October, and i’m planning a kiddy costume party for a theme. could you help me plan? i want to make it playful yet liberated party. like a last kiddy party. thnks. how can i make a program with that?

    • Hi Belle,

      I have a friend who had her debut at McDonalds! Her giveaways were lootbags and toys and it was such a fun party! I suggest you just follow your instinct. You can have the 18s but a fun kiddie one. You can have 18 Toys, 18 Cartoon Characters or 18 Balloons. You can also have 18 Candies! Just follow your heart and look for the kid inside you and you can definitely make your debut party memorable and relaxed! You can still pattern your program on the normal debut program and modify it in a way that you think children will enjoy. Of course, don’t forget the mascots and the pinata and the candy giveaways!

      Happy planning and we hope this helps! 🙂

  48. Hi again. Thank you for your ideas. I’m planning to have a Cinderella theme. How about 18 treasures and wishes? What are the good subsitute words for them? Last thing, for the souvenirs, what can I give to my guests that are non-edibles? Thank you so much. You really helped me 🙂

    • Hi Mushy,

      The cost of a debut depends on you actually. It depends on what you want for your party. It also depends on the suppliers that you are going hire. Naturally if you go for expensive suppliers, your debut will be expensive. However, there are budget debuts that some hotels are offering. But, I think it is still going to be cheaper if you plan it ahead of time, scout for the best suppliers within your budget and do some of the labor yourself (party favors, invites, etc). Hope this helps.

  49. Hi! i am celebrating my 18th birthday this coming October. I’m planning to have an “Alice in Wonderland” theme party.
    any ideas for the invitations? and what would be the best look for the venue? (my parents have chosen a venue, indoor hall, spacious with grand stairs).

  50. Hi. I would like to ask about the best alternatives for a traditional cotillion. My mom wants me to have one on my debut and, well, it’s actually fine with me. I’m worried that it might be somehow a bore. I’ve heard of debutantes doing a fashion show instead but I wouldn’t want to do that since I want mine to be unique or fun. Could you suggest ideas? My theme would be vintage (not the retro Grease, Hairspray etc. era), btw. Thanks! =) This website has been a great help!

    • Hi Beverly,

      For me, a traditional cotillion is not a bore, but that’s just me. The only problem with that is if your friends can have time for rehearsals. Maybe you can opt for modern dances instead of the traditional waltz. As long as you can make the dance entertaining, then a cotillion will not be boring. A fashion show is a good idea but personally, I wouldn’t replace cotillion with anything that don’t include dancing.

      Anyway, here is an article about Cotillions that you should read about 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  51. Hi debutideas,

    My debut is coming up in a month and everything is all ready. I’m just wondering about the father/daughter dance, do we have to do it twice or only on the 18 roses dance? Thank you so much for everything. I got so many ideas from this site. God bless! 🙂

    • Hi Eunice,

      You can either include the father-daughter dance in the 18 roses or do it separately.

      If you include it in the 18 roses, you can either have him as your first dance or your last. If he’s your first dance, this symbolizes that your father is allowing the rest of the 17 boys to dance with you and that he’s giving you the freedom to do so. If he’s your last, this may symbolize that you are a daddy’s girl, he’s still the most special man in your life at the end of the day.

      You can also do it separately with the emcee announcing that it’s time for the father-daughter dance.
      We think it may be overkill if you do it twice (separately and during the 18 roses). Just have the father-daughter dance once to make it very special.

      Cheers and have a happy 18th birthday! 🙂

      Debut Ideas

  52. Hi. im turning 18 next year,and i have 6 months to plan it . and im planning how my debut will be. i want to have a “moulin rouge theme” and i dont know how to start. i want something that is really different. instead of 18 roses,18 treasure,18 candles etc.i dont want my party to be a traditional debut. i want it more different. do u have any suggestions? please do help me. thank you .

    • Hi Sxzharr,

      Moulin rouge is such a nice theme to have. For your 18s, try 18 can-can dancers for your 18 candles. Your 18 candles will dance the can-can first before making individual speeches. For your 18 roses, try 18 sitar players (or guitar) where you and your partners will dance with songs played by a sitar (guitar) player. You can also have 18 red hearts. 18 red roses, 18 boas, 18 feathers. For 18 treasures, try 18 gems, 18 diamonds or 18 satins. Hope this helps.

  53. need your advice…

    my party is coming soon.

    i would like to ask … what 18 balloons represents for?wil dey hav 2 wish?

    please respnd…tnx…hope you read this

    • Hi Paola,

      18 balloons is just a variation. You can ask your 18 balloons make a speech and write it on a piece of paper, place it inside a balloon. They will then get their balloons, pop it and read the speech that they prepared beforehand. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  54. hi..I’ll be having my debut next month(july 2010) and i still dont have a theme for a music lOver and i want to use it as a theme..i just dont know how..

    by the way these are my 18s:
    -chocolates (instead of roses)
    -18 thousand
    -18 words of wisdom( quotations/verses in the bible)

    is it ok??

    i hope you could help me..tnx

    • Hi Bianca,

      Well, themes are usually thought of by the debutante. Themes usually reflect her personality and her passion. Since you love music, why not have a rave party? Given your time constraints, this will be a more feasible option. You can just rent out a bar and hire a DJ and presto! You have an instant rave party. If you have limited budget, you can throw it in your own house, transform your house into a bar and play your favorite music during your party.

      Rave Party

      If you are into musical, you can choose that as well. For instance, you might want to have Phantom of the Opera or Cats or Moulin Rouge. However, these themes require months to prepare (because of the props and all). How about a piano themed party where your color motifs are black and white. These represent the black and white keys of the piano. You can have white and dark chocolates as party favors. Black table covers with white table runners and white table napkins. That would be so elegant. Themes are supposed to make party planning easier because having a theme would give you cohesion and focus. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  55. hi i’ll be having my debut this sept 2010 but i still dont have a theme 😐 i need help please. you see, im kinda leaning on the roaring 20’s vintage like kind of thing simply coz i like the suspenders, pinstripes outfits and all. but i dont know how to go about it from there

  56. First of all, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your responses to the other debutantes’ questions. They are very helpful and they gave me lots of ideas. 🙂

    Anyway, my 18th. birthday is this coming second week of July. I thought of having a debut because I do not want to have any regrets in the future for not having it. I did not realized until today how unprepared I am if I am to have the debut exactly on my 18th birthday. My parents told me that I could just have the debut 4-5 weeks from my birthday so we could have enough time to prepare for it. The other reason for having the debut later is my Mom will be very busy for the next few weeks that she won’t be able to help me prepare if I were to insist on having the debut on my birthday. What do you think? Would it be okay to celebrate a debut 4-6 weeks from my 18th. birthday? What would be the pros and cons of that aside from having more time to prepare? I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you very much. 🙂

  57. Hello..I love your site it really help teens in planning their debut party. Pls help me also not for me but for my sister in law. Her birthday will be on September we had 2 months and a half to prepare…she like her theme to be in formal but at the second part of the party she says she and her friends would change in swim wear because the party will be held on a resort. But I don’t think it matches the party?! and it does not fit the weather since it is a rainy season! Can you help us in the theme…I like it to be simple and beautiful. Her parents are not around because they’re working abroad and her guardians is her lola and her tito and tita. So how would be the arrangement for the program if her parents are not around? And the father and daughter dance who will take the place of her father? She has a brother which is my husband…will her brother take the place of their father or the first dance for the 18 roses?? Thank You!

    • Hi Cassie,

      You may try Bohemian themed debut party. This is especially great for beach and pool parties. It is so practical to don boho (maxi) dresses on top of your bikinis so that when the program ends, you and your guests can just easily slip away from your dress for a swim. Since her father will not be around for her birthday, you can omit the father and daughter dance. This is a special part of the program that only the father and daughter should share so I think nobody can really take the place of the father in this instance. In order to honor her guardians though (her brother, tito) they can be her first or last dance during the 18 roses dance.

      Here are some pointers for a Boho inspired debut party. For hairdo:


      or just let it flow like this:


      For the outfit, you can go for the maxi dresses Boho style:


      and these:


      Ask the guests to wear a Bohoish outfit which is similar to this:


      or these:

      Source: http://3/bp/

      For party favors, you could give away bandanas for the male guests and hooped dangling earrings and these lovable Boho headbands for female guests:


      Hope this helps.

  58. hi,,i need a introduction piece,,coz im the one who will be the host of my cousins birthday,,can you give me a help,,for her introduction ,,tnx

    • Hi Trixie,

      It is nice that you know the debutante personally because that will be major advantage in that you can tell some trivia or nice to know things about the debutante for the most part of the program which give your guests more info about the debutante and probably get to know her more through it. For introduction, you can probably talk about some of her achievements, her good qualities, her likes and dislikes, her pet peeves and then talk about her dreams and aspirations. Hope this helps.

  59. hi,.,im celebrating my debut sooner,.,i need a speech that im going to speak after the party,to thanks to all my visitors and guest..for coming,.,can you help me

    • Hi Gina,

      You can choose to talk about the following:

      – Gratitude to parents
      – Gratitude to guests
      – Gratitude to friends for always being there
      – Now that you’re 18, you promise to be…
      – Share the most significant events during your first 18 years on earth
      – Share your dreams and your plans for the future
      – Share the most significant blessings you have received / Share why you feel so blessed

      Now that you are 18 years old, people may have expectations from you, such as becoming more mature with your decisions. You can talk to your guests about any important event or announcement that you may want to share. Of course do not forget to thank your guests for coming and your family and friends for always being supportive.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  60. hi! could you give suggestions on what color of dress should i wear on my debut? which is a butterfly-themed party. 🙂 thanks in advance.

  61. hi iam goin to an 18 candle party for my friend and i have no clue what to say bc iam one of her 18 girls i need help shes been my best friend but havent seen each other in years and dnt have alot of memories together i need help with a speech please help me

    • Hi Crnjcn,

      Speeches need to be personal, coming from the heart. If she chose you as one of her 18, maybe for her you have been a special friend and an important person in her life. You don’t need to have lots of memories to create that speech, only memorable ones. Describe her from what you remember. If you have dreams together as a child, go with that. If you know of a certain peculiar trait, mention that as well. And then lastly, make a wish for her, a wish that will help her in her journey in life. hope this helps.

  62. hi

    i just want to ask kung ano po ung gngwa sa 18 cheers and 18 balloons. coz i will be having my debut po nxt month. thanks :))

    • hi mel,
      18 cheers and 18 toasts the same. May wine na itotoast ung friend mo. 18 Balloons naman parang 18 wishes siya kasi diba ang balloon pag pinutok nakakawala ung air. parang ganun din kasi sa wish, pinapakawalan ng friend mo ung wish nya for you. tapos at the end of their speeches, pinuputok nila ung balloons 🙂

  63. hello

    I need help im a emcee on a debut of my cousin kindly help me what will i say to introduce a debutant and some flow of the program thanks

    • Hi eliza lagasca,

      We have a sample debut technical script that might help you. Since you know the debutante, it will be easier for you to inject some trivia in it to make your spiels interesting. Throw in some funny stories about the debutante or even inspirational ones like the debutantes dreams or goals. Hope this helps.

  64. we will be having our dinner party on october . it is an arabian inspired theme . can you suggest ideas for the setup and the costumes .. can you also give a flow of a programme for a dinner party? thank you :]

    • Hi Frey,

      Well the usual attire or costume would be the chiffon sleeves with midriff and then chiffon pants. Take inspiration with Jasmine and Aladdin for the costumes. If your guests aren’t into something like that which I can understand, you can give out small chiffons to drape their faces with to adhere to your theme. Even if they are in a cocktail gown for instance like off shoulder gowns, having them wear the chiffon cover would totally blend them in. This is also a great design arabian inspired gown. The richness of the colors of Arabian textile are similar to that of a Moroccan inspired. You may find some elements here that you may want to use Bollywood theme . Don’t forget the carpet and ask your guests to pose as if the carpet is in flight (photobooth).

      Would you be having a small number of guests? We have a debut program sample and script that you may want to read on and then tweak it here and there for parts of it that you don’t want to have. For instance, if it is just an informal dinner with family and friends, you may want to omit the cotillion or the 18s. You may just want an introduction and then some speeches of your parents, ninongs and ninangs, and friends. Hope this helps.

  65. Hi debut ideas! I’m quite having a hard time to plan my 18th birthday next summer. although, it’s still far, my mom insists to plan for it already. she told me to take care of the invitations but I really don’t know how to start it.. I am a great fan of Taylor Swift and I kinda like to have some Taylor Swift touch.. 🙂 Can you please give me ideas on how to put a Taylor Swift touch on the invitation and the program proper? Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • Hi April,

      Taylor Swift is famous for her music as well as her music videos. Every MTV is different so what I would suggest is you choose from among those MTVs where you will get inspiration from. An example would be the MTV Love Story depicting Taylor Swift as a priincess, a Romeo and Juliet story. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Celine J,

      For 18 candles, try 18 Awards or 18 Statues (Grammy or Oscar or Emmy) for your 18 candles (where each will make a speech on why this award was given to you, etc). Try also 18 Clappers where they would say “Lights, camera, action” before they make a speech. You can also have 18 movies where your 18s will pick a movie that best describes you. You can also have 18 spotlights where the stage is dimly lit and then your 18s will be on the spotlight at the center of the stage where they will make a speech. Hope this helps Celine and happy birthday.

  66. Hi! My debut theme is Hollywood. I am wondering what could be the best step in making the entrance really GRANDE as I go down the stairs while everyone avenges the startling moment. I want to take your advice on how to make every moment not just breathtaking but memorable as well. Thank you.. your advices are highly appreciated in advance. =)

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Sorry for the late reply. The grand entrance is a very crucial part of the debut program so it is important that you get your guests’ attention before it starts. The way to do this is to have your host (in a booming voice) announce your grand entrance. You can also enter after your cotillion de honor’s or 18s entrances so that everyone’s attention is already at the walkway. Another great way is having a grand entrance song that sets the mood you want to have… like if it is going to be a regal walk for a princess theme, you may go for waltzy songs. if it is more of a hip grand entrance song, go for songs that are upbeat and youthful. Choose from among these songs in our debut ideas song bank. hope this helps.

  67. hi it’s not me how’s having the 18 bday but my cousin..she’ll be having her bday this otober 2010 just a month in time my auntie said kahit daw gawin nya by dec nalang daw ok lang naman daw kung gahol sa oras…anyways we don’t have a theme yet for her bday but my auntie wants her to have a dress with colors silver and red because nga daw BER month daw..please help us how to theme her bday in a budgeted event hehehehe i dont know how much the budget is pero sabi ni uncle ko medyo budgeted nga daw so please kindly help us thanks…please email me…thanks…

  68. Hi there,

    Just like to ask some few questions and ideas for a debut program. I was to be an emcee for a debut of someone whom I am yet to meet. Anyway, can you advise me the following:

    1) Sample of a simple probably a sit down ice breaker at the beginning of the program to psyche up the guests and really charged up the atmosphere of fun and excitement. I want the guests and of course the debutante to really enjoy the night and have fun, be relaxed and for all the guests to finish the program..;)

    2) Brief History of Debut celebration, its significance, its meaning, what it symbolizes…I want the celebration to really be purposeful and really memorable for the debutante

    3) Any other brigt ideas you can suggest to make the event mon memorable and to keep all the guests glued until end of the debut celeb.

  69. Thank you very much and hope to hear always from you for your future plan. event will be to no tomorrow and I have less than one day to really prepare my script, the guets list and and to get to know th the debutante immediately.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Andi,

      For a victorian era souvenirs, i was thinking of ceramic wares like little tea pots or miniature tea sets or ceramic displays of a girl in a victorian dress or an angel. How about masks with intricate designs. You can distribute this at the entrance and your guests will wear this and then double as a party favor. Also victorian pendants or lockets would be a cute give away. Also try feathered ballpens or pencils. Hope this helps.

  70. Hi Sonia,

    Who will be introduced? The participants or the segment itself?

    the segment itself. 🙂 i can’t think of how can the host open those segments. please help me. thank you. 🙂

  71. hello there, i’m planning a Glow in the Dark/Blacklight Party 3 weeks from now (Sometime in the2nd week of October 2010) I just came up with that idea (just now) because i think it’s really cool.
    What can be the substitutes for the traditional 18 roses and 18 candles? And any suggestions for loot bags?
    Your reply would be very much appreciated because i really feel pressured right now. 😀

    • Hi there Jill,

      Wow! Your idea is great Jill. You can incorporate your blacklight party with the Rave theme. Also, a 80s theme would be fun too. For your 18s, you can have 18 glow sticks where your 18s will break the glow stick to light it before making a speech at the center of the stage. For 18 roses, it can be 18 stars where 18 glow-in-the-dark stars will be given to you before you dance. You can also go for 18 favorite songs or 18 rave dances and play your favorite dance music. For loot bags, you can put in of course glow-in-the-dark things like stars and stickers. You may also want to put in chocolates or candies inside as they will need it for a night of dancing. You can also have a photobooth with neon lights as backdrop and the pictures of your guests will serve as your party favor. Hope this helps.

  72. Hello there! 🙂

    as i read all the comments here, it seems that their questions are answered and they really like it much!

    i will be celebrating my debut this coming November, and it seems that i doesn’t have any ideas yet? i can’t think of a theme that will best suits my personality, i’m this kind of person that is just simple. all i want is to have fun, i want to have that 18’s thing, my fave color is blue but i dont think blue will fit for a debut party, what do you think? ii want my party to be the best, but less expenses. how can i do that? can you give me some tips? 🙂 i want that everyone will enjoy the party.

    HOPE you will answer my questions. more power :))

    • Hi Cha,

      As we keep on saying, debuts really need not be expensive because it will all depend on what you want for your party. Naturally if you hire an event stylist to decorate your venue, that would cost much more than when you do the decorations yourself or you look for a venue where the venue decor is included in the package or a caterer who will also put flower decors free for your chosen package. For the color blue, i’m drawn into the midnight blue thing with silver as highlights which would look like the sky at night. Or how about blue as in the ocean which can be a beach theme or tropical theme. A midnight blue cocktail dress would really look great or a flowy chiffon sky blue dress. Happy planning.

  73. hi there!
    My debut party will be on the 30th of October and I haven’t thought of designs on the venue to make yet! My theme will be about music and my motif is the combination of red and black. What would be the best design?

    • Hi Leigh,

      Is it music in general? Pop music, alternative? classical? How about a black and white party and your dress will be in red to standout. You can have a piano theme inspired by the black and white keys of the piano. You can also have a musical inspired like the phantom of the opera or moulin rouge where the rich color of red and mysterious black abounds. You can showcase your talent in music by having a talent portion and singing some of the songs in these musicals. How about rave theme where you can play your favorite danceable music, hip hop or r&b, and you and your friends will dance until wee ours of the night. Hope this helps.

  74. I’m having a debut next month (ouch, too little time to prepare)
    I’m planning to have a tropical themed party, because I like the colorful and chill ambience of it. I was thinking, could I their dress code semi-formal? just so they won’t simply wear slippers and shorts?
    Or maybe an explosion of colors theme, where the guest would be wearing semi-formal attires with bold and bright patterns.
    I also liked your bohemian theme, but can I make it semi-formal as well? Or would that diminish the ambience of the party? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ayen,

      For a tropical theme, guests are suggested to wear something that they wear at the beach which are beach shorts and white polo, maxi dresses and slippers because it adds to the ambiance of being in a beach (tropical). Your second theme would be much more appropriate for a semi-formal type of party because you can ask your guests to wear any color but black cocktails and polos. The bohemian theme also would be a great theme. Ask your guests to wear maxi dresses for the ladies and a somewhat grunge look for the guys. Remember that you can only suggest to your guests what they wear. You don’t have control over it. The success of the party lies on whether you and your guests enjoyed it. Hope this helps.

  75. Hello! I’ll be having my debut in two months and I was wondering what could my court do with me besides a grand dance? I’m not allowed to perform a dance because of my religion but I was wondering if you had any ideas? I still would love to do something with them!

    Also, (sorry for the bother for more questions) I was wondering what could I do with a Sanrio [or Hello Kitty] theme?? That’s what my family is preparing and I don’t want it to look too “kiddish”. I don’t know where to start with the music and such. Any suggestions??

    – Thank you so much!

    • Hi Jessica,

      If you can’t perform a cotillion with your friends, you can probably prepare a song number. You can also ask them to just go to the stage without them knowing that they will be a part of a game. The winner gets to have a prize. As for the Hello Kitty theme, you can still do it. Fill the venue with these cute little dolls. You can have them as table centerpieces instead of flowers. Have a cake that has a Hello Kitty theme too. It doesn’t have to go as far as the music. It doesn’t have to adhere to the theme to the last detail. You may have instead upbeat and youthful songs that you love played during your program. We have some song suggestions in our debut song bank. Hope this helps.

  76. Hi! I will be celebrating my 18th birthday next year on March, and I am planning to have a GREEK MYTHOLOGY theme, well, I just wanna ask for an advice on how will i do the Cottilion De Honor dance,in order for it to be related to my concept:) thanks..Hope you can help me:))

    • Hi Grace,

      Since your theme is Greek in nature, you can also explore the Greek traditional dances like this one:

      Since you have enough time, I think your friends can pull off something like this 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  77. Hello! Good day! I’m having my debut on December and the motif is lavender and pink, then I’ll dress like Barbie, with all the glitz and glamour and all that stuffs. Now I’m wondering what kind of design I would choose for my invitation and the format of it. I also don’t know what souvenirs I would give out to my guests, any suggestions? Your reply would be a great help for me. Thank you!

    • Hi Kairi,

      You can give out some cute little trinkets since you are having a Barbie themed birthday party. A simple format for the invitation would be:

      [Your parents name] request
      the pleasure of your company at a dinner dance celebration of the 18th Birthday of their Daughter

      [Your name in a big font]

      To be held on Friday the 25th of December 2010 [just an example]
      at Manila Hotel Philippines, Diamond Ballroom
      at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila

      18 Roses
      18 Candles

      18 Treasures

      18 Wines

      Male: Formal
      Female: Cocktail Dress

      You can modify this to your own liking 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ara,

      We have a games page that might give you some ideas on. For vintage vogue, a fierce pose game would be great. Ask some of your guests to pose in their fiercest way and the audience will be the judge. You can also have a mini-fashion show with this as well. For your 18s, try 18 fierce poses, 18 poses for 18 roses where you and your partner will pose before dancing. 18 styles, 18 designers, 18 fashion icons, etc for 18 candles, and 18 memories, 18 vintage collections for 18 treasures or gifts. hope this helps.

    • Hi Ellyza, the 18 Treasures are those people who will give you a gift while wishing you a happy birthday and make a brief speech about it — why they chose that gift for you.

  78. Hi! I having my party this coming sunday (oct 24) and i still dont have my programme on hand. Please help me. Im having a traditional 18th birthday party with 18 roses, candles and treasures. thanks in advance!

  79. HI! im having my party this coming sunday and i still dont have my programme. Please help me! Im having a traditional 18th birthday party with 18 roses, candles and treasures. Thanks in advance!

  80. hi! my daughter is having her debut this coming December. The theme is Bohemian.No dress code. Come as you are. Is it ok to hae a belly dancer as one of the program? My idea of a Bohemian was inspired from 60s’ & 70s’ . And what can i substitute from the 18 roses, candles and treasures? I was planning to change the roses to sunflowers do you think it will match? any ideas?
    Thank you and God Bles.

    • Hi amie,

      Bohemian is all about fashion forward sense of style without regard to convention. So yes I think the come as you are would be totally cool, but asking them to wear maxi dresses in colorful hip colors may actually add to your ambiance. For your daughter’s 18s, yes you can substitute 18 sunflowers for 18 roses, or you can also have 18 flower power. You can have 18 hippies, 18 cool vibes for 18 candles and 18 boho styles for 18 treasures. hope this helps.

  81. Hi . I am organizing a debut of my friend. Can you give me an idea on how to introduce the debutant on the beginning of the program? Pls reply 🙂

    • Hi Bea,

      Tell some interesting facts about your friend or trivia that guests may find interesting or tell a story about this girl and how she has become one of the best friends you’ve had. Then present the debutante before she makes her grand entrance.

      If your friend’s motif is blue, that does not mean that everything has to be blue also. Blue is just the accent. You must have other colors like white and a supporting shade/color like light blue.

      Hope this helps!

  82. Can you also help me about organizing it. The debutante’s gown is BLUE. so do you think the balloons and designs need to be blue also?

  83. hi,

    first of all, hats off to you!!! grabe, all queries, helps, etc were answered well, very detailed even, some with pictures pa talaga. aside from having you come up with the very well planned website for this matter. mostly are weddings, kid’s parties, halloween, etc… and your site is the only one i found very, very helpful & detailed about having a debut. not only this site but also all your replies and suggestions. Saludo ako!!!

    i’ve almost read all queries & replies posted here & have come across a couple or three mssgs regarding an Arabian Night Theme. so far, i & the celebrant’s mom have agreed on some of the most important details already. Its my pamangkin’s debut on Feb2011, & I’m organizing it for her. Being her ninang too, i want to make it more special & memorable for her. in this regard, i’d like to share w/ you & readers: invitations: miniature magic carpet, table centerpiece: shishas (personal & some borrowed), food: authentic arabian style aka “kashmir”, we’ll get a shawarma food cart, venue decor: have asked friends & families to lend me their persian carpets, brass wares, intricate designed candle holders or incence, a henna tattoo table, specially thought of arabian themed names for cocktails & drinks, ambience mood: lighted incense & harem style music. part of the activities, debutante & several best friends will do a belly dance. also, i agree w/ you that a chiffon cloth made to be available for girls who cant come w/ a costume. i have also purchased na some bindis. partly giveaways na din for girls. over na ba if i provide a home made “turban like” headdress for male guests? to really complete the entire scenario.

    Now, my concern, do i still go for the traditional 18s, what would you suggest it to be called. for its substitute, i was thinking of getting a genie lamp. well wishers get to rub the lamp & make a wish for the celebrant, then an effect of a smoke machine & a “voom” sound, to get the feel that their wishes for her has just been granted. pwede na ba yun? for how many wishers? suggestions for any other gimmiks for actvities is also very appreciated.

    also, please, i need suppliers for bulk orders of scented massage oils and supplier for a cute, maybe a 10 or 20ml bottles, as it will be the giveaways.

    thank you in advance for your generous help and more power & success for this site & to you as well, the creator of this.

  84. Can you please help me na pede ialternate na name for 8 shots? My motif is black and pink. dun na lang kasi ako wala maisip eh. please. my debut will be on dec 21. but still, wala pa invi ko coz wala talaga ko maisip na alternat name for 18 shots, 2 words po need ko. thanks.

    • Hi JM,

      You can try 18 wine coolers, 18 sparkling drinks, 18 bubbly booze, 18 champagne, 18 wine and spirits, 18 fine wine and good spirits, 18 toasts and 18 cheers. Happy birthday Joana.

  85. hi can you help me? im planning to have my debut on the 26th of decemeber. Barbie po ung theme ko pink and black. Ang naisip kong entrance sa lalabas ako sa loob ng barbie box. pero hindi pa ako nakagown tapos ipplay na ung movie about me habang nagpapalit ako ng gown tapos papakilala na ako sa a debutant. kelan papasok ung opening remarks? sino ba dapat ung magsasabi nun parents? four kasi ng 18″s ko first 18 shots, 18 candles, 18 pink gifts at 18 roses. kelan din pala papasok ung mga un ano uunahin. In short paano ung magiging flow ng BARBIE PARTY THEMED DEBUT?

  86. Hello Debut Ideas!

    My debut party is on March 5, 2010. And its gonna be a fashion night party. I have 18 catwalks. But i dont know what to do in catwalks.. blahh blahh. any ideas about 18 catwalk? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Anj,

      Hope this reply still helps. Watch some videos in youtube about runway shows. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York is particularly interesting because they have very nice stage designs that you can copy. You and your friends can watch how the models walk and just do that for your minifashion show. You can make your stage into a runway or place a red carpet at the center for you and your friends to walk on. Happy birthday Anj.

  87. can you please help me? 🙁
    Im celebrating my debut 2 weeks from now.. and I’m planning of a Hollywood party… but I’m having a hard time for the attire of the guests, games, and also the decorations because the function room is kinda big. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Chesca,

      We have some games that you may want to look into. Games. For a Hollywood theme, I believe this theme is all about glitz and glamour, so ask your guests to dress to impress… be in their best attire.. be glamorous and elegant. For the venue, you may hang posters of your favorite movies or movie stars just so your guests are drawn to those posters and not the big empty function room. Hanging drapes at the ceiling will also be a good idea. hope this helps.

  88. hello!I’m celebrating my debut on feb 12,2011,,can you please give me an example for a welcome speech which my parents will speak for it?thanks!

    • Hi Jennica,

      As much as I want to make a speech for your parents, I think they know you better and a speech that is more personal and heartfelt is the best speech ever. So probably an outline of how to create a speech would be what i can give. First off, they will introduce themselves. Probably a history of how your were born, was it a very painful birth or something like that. Then growing up how are you as a child. Your childhood memories, good memories when you are growing up, your talents, your accomplishments, etc. Were you different from any other child, your peculiarities, your good traits. Then your parents’ dreams and wishes for you. Hope this helps.

  89. hi, I’m going to celebrate my debut on march 19,2011 can you please give me some ideas for the games i’m having hard time thinking what games to play for my friends??

  90. hi
    i’m planning a debut party for my sister the problem is our budget is just 20,000.00 only. we want it to be simple and presentable. how can i prepare a debut for my sister?

    • Hi Nhessa,

      Since you have a budget, you might want to take advantage of the budget planner that we have in our site in order to keep track of your expenses. Think of what item you really want to splurge in and then go from there. You can DIY invites according to her theme so that you will only need to buy supplies such as paper, ribbons (or whatever supplies you will need to decorate the invite) and ink for the printer. Ask a friend or relative who has a decent camera to document the event. It is highly likely that one of your relatives or friends will have a DSLR camera which takes beautiful pictures. You and your sister will deal with the developing and scrapbooking later. For the venue, you will save immensely if you do it in your home or garden. You will save so much since you don’t need to rent out a venue. Buy some cheap fabric (drapes) to decorate the venue and create a clean wall. Ask the help of a tita to cook one recipe and then another friend to cook another etc. This will save you tons of money as caterers really take up most of the budget. The rest of your budget will be set now for her outfit (gown) and giveaways… and oh.. having a theme will help as well because you are focused on a certain design style so your decorations and giveaways and table setup are not all over the place and will look like it was done by a professional. hope this helps.

  91. hi. i was planning to have a party this october and i have no idea of what to wear, give he hairdo, the programmes and all that stuff. but can you me a BIG advice for this and tips of course. that would be great. THANK YOU 🙂

    • Hi Aejay,

      First of all, to make it easy for you to decide on things, you need to have a theme for your party. Do you want a beach themed party or just the classic formal ala “awards night” debut celebration? If you can choose your theme as early as now, you will be able to choose your suppliers carefully. The type of hairdo, the makeup, programme, invitations, etc. will all follow as soon as you find out what you really want and how you want your party to make your guests feel. From hereon, we can give you any specific advice as long as you have decided on this matter.

      Good luck and advanced happy birthday!


    • Hi Cris,

      There are several great venues in and around Parañaque to hold an event. You can check out our listing of venues to help you along the way. If you are looking for a package set-up, you may opt to choose a restaurant that offers party venues or function rooms. On the other hand, if you don’t want a restaurant set-up, you can always pick a location who specifically rent out their space for parties or events. Most of these venues have preferred vendors or caterers so you won’t have to worry about looking for one. It might be a good idea, though, to ask these venues if they allow an outsider or vendor not on their list to caterer for you, if you already have a caterer in mind. Hope this helps!

  93. Hi! I just want to ask how to sequence my 18’s? I have 18 flowers, 18 candles, 18 thousands, 18 treasures and 18 toasts. Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Kim,

      Traditionally, it will be the 18 flowers first followed by the candles, the treasures then the toast. However, if you want to do something a little bit more different you mix things up a bit. Since the candle, treasure and toast are essential speeches from closed friends and relatives, it may be too much for your guests if you have them right after the other. It might be a good idea to interject games, numbers, etc in between just to break the ice or the monotony. You can also interchange the sequencing of your 18s. This is your night! You can do whatever you want! Hope this helps.

  94. Can you give an example of script to introduce 18 toasts, 18 thousands and 18 treasures??

    Thank you for your help. 🙂

  95. hello .have a great day! i need your piece of advice about my 18th birthday , this coming april 25, 2011 .. whats the best theme or dress code in my birthday? please reply! thank you! more power and Godbless :))

    • Ola April!

      Advance happy birthday! 🙂 The best theme or dress code for your birthday is something that is close to your personality or something that you are comfortable with. If you are the type of girl who likes to dress-up then go ahead and choose a glamorous theme party! If you are more of a chill-type of girl who just likes to kick her shoes and have fun then select a theme that will reflect that. Choosing a theme for your debut (or any party for that matter) will depend on what you think is comfortable and right for you. You can also check out some this list of themes to give you some ideas on your big day. Happy planning!

  96. hi! i’m going to celebrate my 18th birthday on August. And i want to have a debut that will only cost less. Any suggestion for a theme? i just want a simple party. THANKS! 🙂

    • Hi Charmine,

      Any theme you choose will not be a problem even if you have a budget. The key is to be creative and imaginative. You can hold the party in your own house and spruce up the place to go with your theme. You do not even have to hire a caterer for food and drinks! Just have family and friends contribute a menu for you, as a gift, of course! 😉

      A simple white party is an excellent, fun and inexpensive theme. Decorate your venue with all white. Use tea light candles or floating candles as centerpieces. Combine a white floral arrangement with the candles and you have an elegant centerpiece for your table. You can use inexpensive white flowers like baby’s breath or aster. Put in a few sprigs of green leaves and it will look fabulous!

      White PartyOutdoor White Party

      Drape white cloth over the ceiling to give an elegant look. Candles can also be lit around your venue for ambience. This is particularly pretty if your party will be held at night. A couple of huge mirror balls would also look great on your venue.

      Your invitations do not have to be too expensive either. It can be quite simple with a beautiful border.Invitation

      Or you can have one that is more elegant and intricate
      White Party Invites
      This is just one idea and you can carry these suggestions on any different color you choose. You may want to have a Green Party or a Pink one – the choice is up to you. Happy planning!

  97. Hi! . My daughter is having a debut ! Exciting…. She plans to have the 18 roses and candles. Also , a dance number maybe 1 traditional like waltz and 1 modernmaybe hiphop. However she can only find 12 people (including herself & escort) . I’ve read it should be 18 pairs. Can it be done this way or it is awkward ? What do you think.

    • Hi Nette,

      Traditionally, the dance or the Grand Cottillion Dance for the debut is for 18 people – 9 females and 9 males – paired off, and is not for 18 pairs. However, if she still wants to have 18 couples she can still do so. Her “court”, as what is called of these pairs, is not exclusively for her close friends. She can choose to have cousins or nieces and nephews (who are old enough) in the list. Hope this helps!

  98. Thank you for your reply. 18 couples was a mistake, I meant to say 9 couples or 18 people is the tradition. She can make up a group of 5 or 6 couples only for the dance. If so is that still considered a grand cottillion entourage? Also I was thinking if we are going to have a head table , who should sit there. Initially our family was going to seat there (her bro being her escort). Now with the dance group , should they be in the head table instead? I value your reply. thanks again.

  99. hello maam,

    i just want to ask what ideas can you give for my 18 birthday..i want
    to celebrate on beach. what songs, games, dress, design, giveaways and invitation can you give me.thanks..:D

  100. hi there!!

    my debut is 10months from now but i just wanted to prepare coz i might be busy with school, i wanted to have a hollywood theme,. any suggestions for the 18s? and and the room design? i also wanted my decorations w/ blue and silver since its my favorite color, but isnt it suited w/ my theme?

    hope you would reply , thanks in advance!! 😀

  101. and i would also like to ask for suggestions regarding the giveaways,. i dont think my mom would like the oscar award keychain,. thanks again 🙂

  102. Hi ^^ . I’ll be having my debut on July 16 . Theme is Princess . Can you give me ideas about * Grand Entrance Song .. And some ideas about the decorations . Is white motif a good one ? Or pink and black is better . Since I’m wearing white, I think I’ll glow . Its hard to decide….

    Can you please also give me substitute for my roses, candles and treasures?

    I need it so badly . Thanks . Anyways … You are the best debut websites I’ve seen . Others have few informations . ^^

  103. hi I’m organizing my sister’s debut party this coming august but I have no idea where to start,, she likes inspired taylor swift party but i don’t know how to do it.. need some help

    • Hi Mazel,

      Taylor Swift has many music videos which you can use to get some ideas with regards to her gown, stage design and venue decor. We have on our facebook page photos of some of Taylor Swift’s music videos that you may take inspiration from. Taylor Swift. Ask your sister to choose from among Taylor’s songs or MTVs and go with that. Hope this helps.

  104. HI ! uhmm im going to have my debut next next month but i don’t know what would my theme be called. Im thinking about more like the VS 2011 fashion show. I love the colors and glitters there. But im not sure how to put it on my invitation. But it’s not a fashion show theme. just the colors. Im so confused ! pls HELP. thank you =))

    • Hi Deedee,

      From what I gather, you love the glitters and colors of the VS fashion show but it is not necessarily a fashion show theme, right? You can have Glitz and Glamour where everything is glittery including your gown and decor. How about Angel theme where you are going to have a big angel wing as a prop along with your glittery gown. Take what it is you like about the VS fashion show like stage decor, props, color and glitters and incorporate it into your party. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Cindy,

      For a red and black color combination, try moulin rouge, masquerade, or roses theme. Hope this helps.

  105. hi im having a BLACK MASQUERADE THEME in my debut this coming september 😉
    and i need some idea about other names for my 18 roses, 18 candles & 18 treasures that would fit to my theme and any fun tasks that they would do before they say their speech. thank you!

    • Hi Marie,

      You can use 18 candelabras for 18 candles and also 18 Masks, which is sort of a surprise for the debutante. Each person would approach the stage concealed in a mask and then remove it to make a speech. This is going to be very dramatic and exciting because the 18th birthday celebrant doesn’t know that these people are part of the program. On the other hand, 18 Masks, 18 Princes and 18 Music of the Night can also be used to replace 18 Roses. Each guy will approach the debutante with a mask on, and reveal himself to the audience by taking off the mask before dancing with the celebrant to classical or opera music. You can opt to have the 18 grand royal dance where you will have just one waltz song to dance to and the men will have a stanza each until he is replaced by another man. For 18 treasures, you may use 18 gems, 18 jewels, 18 rubies, 18 topaz. Hope this helps.

  106. Hi!

    i really need your help. I will be having my debut next month and the theme will be sex and the city. Please help me on venue decoration.

    Thank you and heres hoping to hear from you 🙂


    • Hi Kia,

      Place shopping bags, hats, bags, scarf adorned with feathers at the center of your tables which will serve as your table centerpieces. For decors, how about something like this? Sex and the City theme. Hope this helps. Happy Birthday Kia.

  107. Hi! I’m having my debut on January and I would just like to ask for help. Our venue can only be utilized from 5-10pm, do you think it’s a little too early to start at that time? I’m also thinking about the after party, the fun might be cut short.. Can you suggest a program flow that would still include the usual parts of a debut but wouldn’t feel ‘bitin’ at the end? Really need your help. Thank you! 😉

    • Hi Cara,

      It is just a matter of time management. I think 5 hours is a good enough time for a debut party. You will have 2 hours for the program, 1 hour dinner and 2 hours for dancing and other miscellaneous stuff. Begin the program at 5 pm like the introduction, cotillion, 18 candles. Then have dinner at 6:30 or 7pm. Continue with the rest of the program and then have dancing at 8:30 or 9pm to 10 pm. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jayl,

      It depends.. Some debutantes change after when the dancing begins so they are comfortable on the dance floor. Others change outfit after the grand entrance so they have a different look during the guest photo-ops.

  108. Hi author!
    I want to ask if What can you suggest for my debut? Because I’m going to celebrate my debut in a Beach and the tropical/beach, hawaiian, pirate themes are so common. What other themes can you suggest please Reply! Thank you 🙂

  109. Hi AUTHOR!

    I want to ask if what do you prefer for a BEACH themed debut
    I saw a lot of comments about the BEACH themed party but
    I want a Unique BEACH themed party
    I hope you can suggest a Unique BEACH themed party as what I said earlier
    and Can you suggest also a Unique Flow of a beach themed party 🙂

    Please Reply.. thank you :)))

    • Hi Phanie,

      The thing that makes a theme unique is when the celebrant infuses her personality into it. The more your party reveals your personality, the more it will be interesting and unique. Infusing a beach theme with a Bohemian theme is really nice. A Boho inspired beach theme would bring your party up a notch. Ask your guests to wear Maxi dresses that is stylish and chic and then the craziest make up. Boho colors and earth tones would create a palette that is great for photo-ops. As for the party flow, it depends on what you need. You just would have to tweak it according to what you feel is appropriate. If you have 3 sets of 18s then games interspersed in between them would kind of break the ice a little bit and then obviously the dancing part would have more time because beach themes basically has that Ibiza feel to it. Hope this helps.

  110. I just want a suggestion from you, on how to plan a debut, or any suggestions for a party in 3 weeks time. I had a late confirmation from my parents about my plans so I must do it before the special day comes.

  111. I just want a suggestion from you, on how to plan a debut, or any suggestions for a party in 3 weeks time. I had a late confirmation from my parents about my plans so I must do it before the special day comes.
    Hope you read this as soon as possible. thanks.

  112. hi 🙂

    i am planning for a pool debut is on april 2012 and i want it to become amazing one!can you help me about the program flow?pls.thankyou! 🙂

    • Hi Ronelyn,

      You can of course, since it’s your party 🙂 But I’ll just warn you that it may become boring for your other guests to the point that some of them may go outside and chat with each other until the program is over. Just balance your time. If you want your relatives to have their own participation in your party, videotape brief messages from them then show it in your debut.

      Hope this helps!

  113. Hi Debut Ideas!

    Your site is amazing! Thank you very much for your patience and for painstakingly answering all the queries… More power to you!

  114. hi author two days from now ill be having my debut,,, please do reply if you read it now or tomorrow,, cause until now,, i cant think of how will fix the program.
    ill be including my 18 shots, candles, treasure, pins and roses…
    please do help me,, thankyou!

    • Hi Ehla,

      I suggest you infuse the 18s in between the program like for instance 18 roses first, then games, then 18 pins (this is also considered 18 treasures), then AVP, then 18 candles, blowing of birthday cake, cake cutting, games, then 18 treasures. This will be such a long program so ask them to make the speeches short. Good luck and happy birthday.

  115. hi author couples of months ive been celebrating my debut but i dont have any ideas yet please help me what should i do

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