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Party Souvenirs: Consumables VS. Non-edibles

November 30, 2009 lizette 48

Let’s face it. One of the reasons why we love going to parties is the freebie. And although people go to parties mainly for their love for the celebrant, it’s undeniable that party souvenirs and giveaways are a good way to make the party memorable.

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The Much-Awaited Glow

November 29, 2009 lizette 0

I always tell my clients especially debutants not to be afraid to experiment and be adventurous and get out of their shells! Prettifying themselves and starting it as she is about to remember her start of adulthood will be a great way to face the world in a good way.

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Bringing The Beach Indoors

November 29, 2009 lizette 46

For debutantes who simply love the beach and can’t seem to get enough of it, a beach themed party would be an excellent choice for your themed debut party. A beach-themed 18th birthday party spells both fun and ingenuity. Just imagine bringing the beach indoors! So, how do you pull this off without getting wet? Here are some suggestions to make your beach party a success.

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Tatak Pinoy — Filipinizing Your Debut Party

November 29, 2009 lizette 2

Throwing a Filipiniana-inspired theme for your 18th birthday party is very easy. After all, you have your inspiration around you. Our rich cultural heritage is something that we should be proud of and what better way to exhibit this patriotism than to showcase it on your debut party.

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A Rave Debut

November 29, 2009 lizette 79

A rave theme is a very unconventional approach at a debut party. However, if you play your cards right, you might just end up having the best debut ever. Know more on how to throw a one-of-a-kind rave party.

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Your Debut in Four Seasons

November 29, 2009 lizette 51

If you want a splash of color into your debut party, a season-inspired 18th party is one that you must explore. So, how do you pull this off? Read on to know more about it.