Your Debut in Four Seasons

Four SeasonsWho says debut parties are all about pink? If you want a splash of color into your debut party, a season-inspired 18th party is one that you must explore. This theme plays with all the different colors of the season. I can’t see a reason why we shouldn’t use any of the four seasons as theme for our debut party just because we don’t have four seasons. I guess it’s time to make one ourselves.

Determine which season you like best and which season you think would give you more liberties as far as decorations go. For instance, you can pick the colors of AUTUMN which are basically yellow, red, orange and brown and the mishmash of colors would present such an amazing sight. I happen to love autumn colors because they are just so vibrant and so alive.

You can also go for the more subtle colors of WINTER being white, silver or light blue or go for the darker hues such as burgundy, deep purple and emerald greens.

SPRING presents a wide array of colors you could choose from. After all, this is a season of rebirth and growth. All things come alive with beautiful hues. Think pastels and you can’t go wrong. You could go for a more elegant and romantic look of peach, ivory or pale pink, like the color of flowers in bloom this season, peonies, tulips, and roses. How about the bolder color schemes that spring has to offer like coral and lavander.

You can also consider the bright colors of the SUMMER season. Think of the sun, sky, crystal waters in the beach, the flowers, and the bees. Think of bright and blooming hues, such as bright blues, bright pinks, deep blues, purples, and yellows.

Having chosen a season that you like the most, it will be easier for you to pick a gown, create an invite and decorate your venue. Determine what color from your chosen season you would like to incorporate into your debut party. This would determine the color of your decorations, table cloth, flowers and invites.

Dress: For a winter theme, your gown can be in a silver and bluish hue, a full length ball gown with a detachable elegant cape, just like an ice princess. An autumn-inspired gown in red orange, red or brown hues would be so magnificent. Gowns with pastel colors are what works best for a spring-inspired debut party, while dresses for a summer theme are usually something that is flowing when caught in a breeze.

Decor: Styling your venue would be easy once you have picked a season. For instance, a summer theme can be incorporated with a tropical inspired debut party. The only difference is that you have a color motif to adhere to. If you go for the blue hue of the sky, this should reflect on your decor. In styling the stage, make use of elements pertinent to your season of choice. For instance, in a winter theme, the stage should look like winter wonderland with pine trees, fake white snowflakes and a backdrop of the Alps.

Party Favors: There are a number of souvenir ideas that may come to mind when you think of the four seasons. For a winter theme, small snow globes for party favors would be ideal, but a snowflake keychain is also not a bad idea. For summer, you can have beaded necklace or bracelets, sarong or tie-dyed shirts. For autumn, you could give away things that are colored orange like an orange keychain. For spring, you could give away real plants, fruits and flower-shaped chocolates. Of course, you can never go wrong with a photobooth with a wall showcasing your chosen season. Guests would love to have their pictures taken with a very cool background.

We don’t experience the four seasons here in the Philippines and I think it is about time that you and your guests experience it even for a night.


    • Hi Kerstin,

      For the month of August which is a rainy season, you should consider having an indoor venue. If you want to showcase the rainy season on the other hand, put little umbrellas on your table setting. Hang transparent umbrellas and raindrops on your stage. Pretty much any theme will work for an indoor venue because it just depends on how you decorate it. You should not only consider the month in choosing a theme but also what you like in particular. Your personality should exude your theme because this will make it unique. Choose a theme that you really like so that you can explore every possibility in terms of decorations, gimmicks, souvenirs, etc. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Karla,

      A Retro themed debut is quite easy to conceptualize. All you have to do is look at some pictures from the past and let this psychedelic era take your debut celebration to another level of high!

      Consider what decade you want to belong to, 20’s? 50’s? 60’s? 70’s? 80’s? — RETRO has a wide scope that’s why you have to determine that first. Whatever you choose, be sure to bring in a lot of colors, because that’s what distinguishes RETRO from the contemporary, which has tamer colors. A lot of heavy partying is suggested — use lots of disco balls of course and unlimited dance music! Your guests will find it easy to look for a costume with this type of party theme because all they have to do is borrow their parents’ outfits! Don’t forget to include a note that says “Come in (80’s, 70’s, 50’s, etc.) Retro Attire!” Thick headbands may also be prominent! Display neon colored party balloons with smiley faces. Be as creative as you can!

      Happy planning!

  1. hi my debut is on October can you give me some advices in planning a party and i also want to ask for a theme πŸ™‚ thanks

    • Hi Nathalie,

      I suggest you go over this page to see if there are any theme that you think could work for you πŸ™‚

      Choosing a theme will also depend on your budget and your personality so make sure that you are aware of what you actually want to happen in your debut party.

      Browse the articles here –> –> these can guide you on how to plan for your 18th birthday celebration.

      Happy planning!

  2. hi! i really need advice on my debut theme… can you suggest a theme for the month of june? a theme that is cute an unique but is not a big blow to the budget… Thanks! : )

    • Hello Anna,

      What usually comes to mind when we think of the month of June is Back to School. I know it may be boring since you regularly go to school, but you can actually put some twist to it. perhaps you can have a Japanese / Korean school girl theme where girls get to wear short skirts with knee high socks.

      There is a scene in My Sassy Girl where they went out partying in their own school uniform, which is kind of cute! (My Sassy Girl Scene).

      You can also go for a rainy-day theme, where all your guests, including you, can wear cool raincoats and bring umbrellas as props! Your theme doesn’t have anything to do with the month you are going to hold your party. You really have to go for a theme that’s within your taste and match it with your personality.

      Hope this helps!

      Happy planning!

  3. hello! Can you please give me some ideas for a hawaiian pool debut party? πŸ™‚ can you suggest me something else that i could use instead of the usual 18roses/candles that can relate on my hawaiian theme? πŸ™‚ thanks just email it to me πŸ™‚ here’s my email- thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mariel (,

      A pool party is a cool debut party to have. You can use a beach-themed party or a luau party to make this more spectacular. This is an informal way of celebrating your debut. However, it does not mean you can’t have an 18th birthday party program just because it is a pool party. You may forego the usual program and just create a mini-program. You may eliminate some of the elements of a full debut program. A cotillion dance would be difficult with a pool party so substitute this with probably a hawaiian dance. It would be really a treat if you can have synchronized dancers grace your debut party, but this is a long shot. For decorations, during the program proper while no one is swimming yet, fill the swimming pool with floating candles.

      Create an ambiance of a totally awesome luau. Decorate your debut venue with palm fronds woven together, ti leaves and ferns. Create leis made of either colorful silk flowers or real flowers and foliage. Light up tiki torches on your entrance making sure it is safe and isn’t around combustible materials. (You can buy tiki torches at specialty shops. I saw some being sold in Divisoria. Just ask there where masks and party giveaways are being sold –ask the name of the street– they sell mini torches there.) Don’t forget to play some Hawaiian reggae or Jamaican music. Play your favorite Bob Marley CD to keep your guests dancing and in the mood for a night of partying. For a more authentic luau, you can also hire fire dancers, and ukelele and guitar players.


      You can replace your 18 candles with 18 Bonfires, 18 Torches, 18 Tiki Torches or 18 Seashells, where you can decorate the candles with small shells or put them on huge seashells for a beach effect.

      For your 18 Torches, you can simply just decorate the candles so that they look like torches. You can also have 18 Campfires, which your friends will light as they join together and bond. For your 18 Bonfires, your friends will get a lighted log from the bonfire as they make their speech.

      For your 18 roses, you can substitute them with 18 Leis, 18 Balloons, 18 Garlands or 18 Corals.

      For 18 treasures, try 18 Treasure Chests, 18 Jewels or 18 Gems. You can also have 18 Seashells where inside the seashells are wishes written on paper for the 18 treasures to read.

      That’s all for now and happy planning!

      For 18 gifts, try 18 Cocktails where your 18s will make a speech, give a toast and then give you the gift.

  4. hey, i just want to ask your opinion what theme would be good for my debut. my birthday is still on november. i just want it to be simple where my guests dont need to wear semi formal clothes. thanks!

    • Hi Ianx,

      Sorry for not replying sooner. So I’m assuming you would want your guests to wear something casual. Well, you can go for a rave theme. This is an informal theme where you don’t even need to have a program. You can have a party that will let you mingle with your relatives and closest friends. A white party will also be nice. Your guests can just wear white blouse or dress for the ladies and then white polo for the guys. This will even look great in pictures. I’m sure your guests will have at least one white polo or blouse in their wardrobe. Hope this helps Ianx and happy birthday.

  5. hi my birthday is on august and i don`t what is the theme of my debut? pls help me is that okay the color is purple?

    • Hi Germaine,

      We really can’t tell what is the perfect theme or motif for a certain debutante. You would have to decide on that. Is purple your favorite color? Would you look good on a color purple gown? Remember that you will be photographed a million times wearing this color, so choose wisely.

  6. hi it’s my debut this august…I am having headaches planning for this event…pls. give me suggestions about what to do. I am planning to have a white party with little combination of yellow and fuchsia pink on a resort or a rainbow theme party…so, which theme soothes for my debut? If I am going to choose the white party theme, my cousin suggest to make it a Greek kinda party…so, it is alright?

    • Hi Rose,

      I believe your cousin is right. The Greek theme party in a beach or a resort would be much much more fun and interesting. You may not call it a white party if you will combine it with another color so if you are going for a white party, it should all be white. White beach flags, white tablecloths, white drapes, etc. You may find this article helpful. Grecian themed party. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Lyn,

      I believe any motif is okay for the month of August. Most debutantes choose a motif according to what colors they love or what looks good on them. However, you can also go for the color of your birthstone. The gemstone for August is Peridot and pale green is its birthstone color. Hope this helps and happy birthday Lyn.

  7. Hi.

    I’m having my debut by January but I just want to think of a theme in advance. So what do you think should be my theme?, whenever I think of January is the rainy season but I want little more unique than that but affordable as well, I am planning to held the debut at our home garden so I’m having a bit of a hard time. Help? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Nadia,

      It is great that you are going to hold your party in your own garden. That will cut your cost immensely. I don’t think January is a rainy season but just the same, you should have a back up plan. Rent out a tent or set up a tent in your garden. Make the tent blend in your garden by filling flowers on its posts. You can then have a flower theme that will just be perfect for your garden venue. Combine it with a butterfly theme and have a butterfly release during your grand entrance. Happy planning.

  8. birthday is on July.. i want my a rockstar theme party, but i still don’t know what kind of decorations am i going to use. and also for the souvenirs and invitations. but i’m not yet sure with the theme coz i want a unique one and i want to look like a lady yet rocker on my would you please help me, what theme you can recommend on my birthday? thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

  9. hi πŸ™‚ really grateful that i found you guys and i hope that you can help. i’m really struggling with planning especially ’cause i’m not celebrating my 18th in the Philippines ie, extra preparation and work is required. -.-

    my 18th is in October and i’m having trouble with a theme. i like the four seasons idea but are there any specific theme or tagline for them? for eg, my friend had “winter wonderland” theme last year. i want the theme to have all four seasons, though. ’cause they sort of describe me – mix of everything. i also want to incorporate it with a rockstar/rave theme-ish if possible ’cause i’m more of a party person but then i don’t want my 18th to be pure party-ish. i want some girly things as well.

    i’ll have a small, traditional-ish, program with my 18roses, 18candles and 18treasures – those are all the girly stuff
    then after that, party all night πŸ™‚ that’s what i want to happen but then i can’t think/find a theme.
    it’s sort of like a ‘good girl gone bad’ kinda thing but then that can’t be my theme ’cause my parents wouldn’t like that. lol.

    thanks heaps for your time πŸ™‚ and i hope you can help πŸ˜€

    • Hi Dianne,

      It seems that you have so many themes in mind. The purpose of having a theme is to make planning easier because you are focused on only one design. Think of what you really want first and then go from there. With regards to the rave party thing, you can actually do that even if you have a different theme in the beginning. The rave party will be at the latter part of your party after the program. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi!:)

    my birthday is in october and i wanted it to be a “Music” and “Blue” related party. what can you suggest?

    • Hi Charis Iren,

      When I think of blue, I immediately think of the blue sky, and more dramatic would be the moon on a midnight blue sky. You can have a silver dust theme with silver and midnight blue as your colors. You can be in a midnight blue gown with silver trimmings which will be super stunning. The music part would be infusing songs that you like throughout the entire program. For instance, your 18s should correspond to songs that you love. Your 18s may sing a part of it so that your 18 roses or 18 candles will turn into an intermission number. Just realize that you need to make each song short so your guests will not get bored. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  11. Hey~ Good day! My debut is this October and I have no idea for a unique theme. What do you think is the perfect theme for this time of the year? I am a bit child-like and I like Asian stuffs ~ Japanese cute stuffs. :3 But I think a cosplay party is not so advisable, it can be really expensive, I don’t want to bother my guests. I am also loving the colors yellow, blue and teal. πŸ™‚ So, what do you think???

    • Hi Tine,

      Yes, i think cosplay would not be a good idea because in order for this theme to be successful, your guests should be able to commit to actually dressing and playing the part. With regards to your color combination, it very well reminds me of the sea, sun and the clear blue sky. You can have a summer theme with this colors. You can actually play with words and have a TEA–L party where everybody will be wearing teal. You can wear something different to stand out though. Like yellow probably or blue if you like. You can also have a sunflower theme where sunflowers are perched on teal vases. Also another consideration would be a zen theme or japanese theme with teal or yellow japanese lanterns as decor. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi there! May I ask what “18’s” to be used in a Spring-themed debut party? For the 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasures. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kayla,

      For your Spring themed debut, maybe you can replace 18 Roses with 18 Buds in Bloom, 18 Candles with 18 Colors of Spring and 18 Treasures with 18 Seeds of Growth. Hope this helps!

  13. thank you so much! it really helped me think.. i liked it… how about souvenirs? what would best fit to this kind of party?:)

  14. hi!

    i’m from iloilo.. your website really really helps me to think what would be my theme on my birthday on december 26.. i wanted to have a rare debut party coz this is only once in a lifetime and i wanted it to be a memorable one.. so i’m asking for your help if what would be a simple and a rare theme? my friends are simple like me.. i like simple but rare.. please help me..=) i wnated to have a unique one for my 18 roses and stuffs..thx a lot=)

    • Hi Dezah,

      I really cannot think of a theme for you because I don’t know you personally. Themes are very subjective. Choosing it depends on your taste and personality. You have to know for yourself what fits you perfectly. Do you have a special interest? A favorite movie or TV show? Hobby? A favorite color? You have to ask yourself these things because from there you’ll be able to know what you want. We have provided articles on some themes we have come up with hoping that these can help debutants choose a theme. There are also numerous websites that offer ideas. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

  15. Hello! I’ve read your articles and I really like your ideas! I will be using spring theme for my debut because it’s simple. I would really be thankful if you can elaborate more the spring theme. What can i use for my invitation and and what title suits for my theme? thank you very much po πŸ™‚

  16. Hello it’s me again. I forgot to ask lang po what are the prizes I can give for the winners of the games. I also have another problem. I don’t have any talents. I What can I perform in front of my guests? Is it advisable if I’ll just perform with my friends? I’ll use your spring theme po. Un lng po… tnx again πŸ™‚

    • Hi Inna,

      It is definitely alright that you perform with your friends. It would even be a great bonding moment for all of you. For the prizes, go for unisex gifts so it won’t matter if it is a girl or a boy who won. You can probably have chocolates, a basket of pastries, cupcakes, or since you have a spring theme, you can also have potted plants. Anything will work since the prizes are sort of like a token, more of a thank you gift for participating, so don’t forget to give a mini gift for the ones who didn’t win. hope this helps.

  17. hi!i’m turning 18 this may and i’m planning to have a small indoor party at my gramma’s house, and it is a summer inspired theme though it will happen in the evening. My problem is, i’m having a hard time dealing with my invitation. I almost saw all the invitations available at some malls but i can’t find a unique wordings that will fit my summer themed birthday, they are too formal to be the wordings for my invitation. can you suggest what i can put in my invitation? Thank you!

    • Hi Jillian,

      If you’re having a hard time looking for an invitation with the right words, you may want to use blank invitation cards instead. You can put the following on your invitation:
      “A good time it will be if you come splash and splash with me!”
      “Flip Floppin Fun!”
      “It’s summer time! Let’s enjoy the sunshine, palm trees and sand between our toes!”
      “Let’s Get Together for Some Summer Drinks”
      Just think of fun and creative ways to send out your invitations and you’ll be just fine! Hope this helps! πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi! I’m turning 18 this september, but i’m really confused about the theme, invitation, and the traditional 18’s. My motif color is pink and green, but i dont want it to be a “fairy theme” because most of the debuts theme is that. So will you please give me ideas or suggestions because I want my debut to be one of a kind debut, I want it to be unforgettable debut ever. πŸ˜‰

  19. hi. my debut will be on august.. i decided that my guests will wear black and/or white semi- formal attire.. and ill be wearing RED.. my problem is what theme will be appropriate for the venue of my debut party? thanks.

    • Hi rizzie,

      For your color, I think it will look great on a Masquerade theme, or probably a Moulin Rouge theme. How about having a roses theme with red roses all around your venue. A black and white theme is also nice with you being the only one in a different color. You will stand out for sure. Hope this helps.

  20. hello . can you help me . my debut is on november . and i dont know what to do . and our budget is so small . i really really want to have party. so can you give some advice . my motif is black n pink .

    • Hi Ilybernsx,

      Having the party at your house would be something to think about. This will help your budget immensely as your venue is free. You can then focus your attention and money more on decor, food, dress, invites and giveaway which I think is very doable. Set up a camera for a photobooth with a DIY backdrop of your name or pictures in one corner of your house. Have pica pica foods of cheese, sandwich, crackers, hotdogs, marshmallows served instead of a full dinner. Buy a dress which you can wear at another party or for mass on Sunday. Separates will be a good choice like a bustier corset blouse and then a cool skirt. Pick a design that has a fashion-forward style so you will standout in your party. For party favors, create a CD of your favorite songs and print out your picture on the front cover. Hope this helps. Happy Birthday.

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