Party Souvenirs: Consumables VS. Non-edibles

I’ve received different types of giveaways and souvenirs – from the very usual figurine and ref magnets to the delectable mini cakes, cookie baskets and candy boxes. And from all the souvenirs I received, I can classify them into two categories – the edibles and the non edibles.

There is really no rule when it comes to party giveaways and both edible and non edible souvenirs are acceptable. But both types have their own pros and cons.


The general purpose of a party souvenir or give away is to serve as reminder to the guest of the event that took place, and of course what better way to achieve this than to provide everyone with non perishable items like figurine displays and mini dolls. At home, we have a glass cabinet where we place all the souvenirs from the 18th birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and christening parties we attended, and because they’re just too many, I think we might need more cabinets!

When I look at a particular souvenir in that cabinet, I always remember the time I went to that particular event. But the downside to receiving such giveaways is the fact that I have no use for them and I might throw them away at some point. If you are a sentimental person, it’s not easy to keep away something given to you. If you want to save space and be practical, you might just store those souvenirs in the attic never to be opened again until the next party comes. Consequently, you yourself might opt for other souvenir options if you are going to have your own party.

Displays are the most common non edible souvenirs in 18th birthday parties. If you want to give away one-of-a-kind memorabilia, choose something that your guests can also use like box containers, mouse pads, bag tags, paperweights, USB disks, mini bags and key holders. I myself get more excited when I receive such items because I know I can use them and I won’t be wasting space in my room for an additional display.

Edibles and other consumables

Edible souvenirs like cookies, mint candies in container boxes, tea leaves and mini cakes satisfy the palate of your guests when they get home from your party. Other consumable items that are given away at most events include scented lotion, bath soap, liquid soap, exotic oil, one-of-a-kind coffee and wine.

Consumable giveaways leave a good impression on your guests. These items are excellent party giveaways because they can be used. But their advantage is also their own downside. Since these souvenirs can be consumed, there won’t be anything left for the guest to remember you or your party.

If you’re thinking of giving away consumable items as souvenirs, make sure to create a balance by attaching something that can be kept by your guests. You can attach your mini cake with a carved wooden tag with your name and message engraved on it so that when your visitors are done with the cake, they still have a keepsake from your party, aside from the crumbs that are left for the ants to feed on.
When giving away edible souvenirs, make sure that your guests know that they can be eaten. Once, I attended an 18th birthday party that gave away display figurines of a ballerina. After a few days, ants were surrounding it and I found something melting underneath the item. It was too late when I realized that the figurine was actually a container with candies in it. I still got to eat some of the un-melted ones, but the worse part was having to clean up the sticky residue it left on our glass cabinet.

Other party souvenir ideas:

Giveaways can be as personal as you want them to be. Since it’s your event, you are the star of your show, as well as your giveaways and party favors!

How about giving away a compilation of your favorite songs? By adding a personal touch, you’re also making a statement and exuding your personality to the world. Have a customized unique design printed directly on the Music CD and place it on a CD sleeve printed with a label that says “Thank you for coming!”

A friend of ours who is also a good pianist recently had her 18th birthday party. She gave away a CD compilation of the classical pieces she recorded! Through this souvenir, she was able to showcase her talent to her friends and family.

Think of something memorable you can give your guests. Debutantes shouldn’t miss this chance to be as creative as they can be!


  1. what if i’m in a budget.. and i dont know how many people will come and what to give them yet.. can you give me a buzz on my email… thanks

    • Hi Khulet,

      Some inexpensive and good party favors to give are key chains (worth 15 pesos), CD of your favorite songs (6 pesos per CD, recording of songs DIY). For a tropical inspired theme, how about buying a bag of big seashells and repackaging them individually (serve as a decor) (50 to 100 pesos per pack making each seashell cost probably 5 to 10 pesos, print thank you tag, DIY), beaded bracelets (10 to 30 pesos), repackaged chocolates (depending on what chocolate you buy), string bookmarks (DIY), cellphone trinkets (10 to 30 pesos). Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Nina,

      Photobooths are the in thing now because first you will have a copy of pictures of all of your guests in their wacky or prim and proper poses and then since it is printed on the spot, your guests can take it home and they will have a memento of your birthday party. You don’t have to prepare for it. You just need to hire a photobooth supplier and let them handle everything on the day of your birthday. There are other party favors to consider. It depends on what you want and how much your budget is. For instance, do you want something that they will display, then try looking for cute silver figurines, something that they can use, try looking for silver lockets, silver bracelets (females), silver pocket watches (males) (these may be expensive), silver cellfone trinkets, keychains, bagchains, etc. or how about hand sanitizers, cologne, soap repackaged in red and silver wrappers. Would you want something edible like white and red heart shaped chocolates. I’m sure your guests would love those. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  2. hello! I need your suggestion. I am celebrating my debut next week march 26. I was thinking of a small pink bag with 18 kisses on it as my souvenir. But them I realized that it would took me a lot of bucks spending for the kisses. What other things could I put on the bag if it will not be chocolate kisses?

    • Hi Pia,

      I think any local chocolate brand will do just fine. You can try flat tops chocolates because not only is it delicious, it also doesn’t melt that easily so it wouldn’t mess up your pink bags. It is the thought and your creativity that actually matters. You can try candies that are colored pink or marshmallows too. Hope this helps and happy birthday Pia.

  3. Hello!!!Good day…can you help me to think a good souvenir but inexpensive????my daughter will celebrate her 18th Birthday/Debut…her motif is blue and red…i hope you can help me..thanks!!

    • Hi Ma’am Daisy,

      For the red and blue, I’m thinking about our flag and a theme of Tatak Pinoy. You may find some souvenir ideas there as well. For the red and blue motif alone, you can have M&M’s (or a local substitute) of blue and red colors on a tin can. Rock candies wrapped in red and blue. Blue boxes with red ribbon with some mint candy inside. A CD with 10 favorite songs of your daughter. Do-it-yourself bracelets with red and blue thread (Quiapo), keychains, cellphone trinkets and cute red figurine hearts. Hope this helps.

  4. Hello! I’ll be having a pool party for my debut. What do you think is a good souvenir? The one which my guests can use but not so expensive. I am also thinking of a personalized souvenir. What can you suggest? Thanks in advance. Good day! 🙂

    • Hi Ianne,

      A good debut souvenir, party favor or giveaway for a pool party can include flip flop keychains, mini beach balls, water guns (label them with something like “Thank you for coming. But the party doesn’t need to stop!” OR “Let the party continue!” OR “Thank you for coming, but the party doesn’t stop here!”; toy shades, straw hats, etc. You can also give away a personalized bag tag to inspire your guests to go on a trip and enjoy the sun, towels for the guys (whatever size you prefer) and sarongs for the girls. =)

  5. Hi. I’m celebrating my debut this August and my theme is fairy tale. What souvenirs can you recommend? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Trish Lua,

      Some favors I can think of are mini baskets with an apple inside (snow white) or chocolates, bread, fruits (little red riding hood) perhaps. For cinderella, mini glass slipper figurines. How about mini dwarf stuffed toys, doll keychains, princess cellphone charms. A photobooth with your favorite fairytale princess on the backdrop would be okay too. Other party favors to consider are tiaras, necklaces, bracelets and fairy wings for the females and keychains, hankies or bow ties for males. Cupcakes and wand-shaped chocolates would also be a good party favor. You can also hire facepainters to paint your guests’ face with butterflies, flowers etc. and have their pictures taken with a photobooth. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  6. Hi! I’m celebrating my debut in July, I was wondering if you could help me by suggesting souvenirs I could hand out. My theme is colorful. Thanks!

    • Hi Cath,

      For a colorful theme, I’m thinking of rainbow colors. You could give away candy canes of different colors, colorful pinwheels attached to pens, multicolored ballpens, coloring book (your pictures) with coloring pens, figurines of rainbows, cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, rainbow colored boxes with M&Ms inside or any candy, and baskets of pastries adorned with colorful ribbons. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

    • Hi Gel,

      Hmmm… maybe you can give away a miniature fashionable shoe keychain or shawls if you have the budget. Or maybe you can just have a photobooth then the pictures that will be taken there will serve as the souvenir. You can also opt for a figurine of a shopping bag, inside of which is your picture and the details of your debut party.

      Hope these ideas can help you look for the perfect souvenir for your fashion show-inspired birthday celebration!

  7. Hi! My theme is Glitz N’ Glamour. Is it okay to have a shot glass souvenir? i will be printing a picture of mine (sticker). Do you think it would fit the theme? I will also include mobile bar in the event..

    • Hi Rea,

      I’m not sure about the shot glass being your souvenir. I think that a wine glass would be more appropriate. You can also give away accessories like glittery neclaces, rings or earings. How about cute hats, headbands, head pieces. That would really look nice on the gals. Another idea would be to have a photobooth with a glitzery and glamorous background. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Keeshia,

      I’m trying to analyze what you have in mind but I cannot seem to reconcile Japanese and Victorian. I think you should just stick to one particular theme. If you want to stick to Japanese, you can give away chopsticks or a Japanese noodle box with stuffed toy inside. Hope this helps! 🙂

  8. Hello! 🙂 My theme would be Old Japanese-Victorian theme, just like the concept of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, I am still thinking of what would be the best souvenir for my theme, and my motif is black and white. I also love monkeys so how about something with it? Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Hi keeshia,

      Since you have a particular movie in mind, make that your inspiration with regard to your stage design, invites and gown. Black and white is a nice color combination. You may add the color red in order to adhere to your Memoirs of a Geisha theme. Hope this helps.

  9. hello, i’m hoping that you could help me out. i’m gonna celebrate my debut on Oct.30. it’s a sudden decision because i wasn’t really planning to have a party but then my tita’s, tito’s and parents insisted. so now i’m lost. i haven’t decided on my motif yet, and haven’t come up with a theme. i want this day to be as special as possible. actually i have lots of ideas but then the budget is the biggest thing to be considered here plus the fact that my guests will have difficulty (for instance, once i’ve decided the party to be a masquerade ball or whatsover theme) and stuffs like that. waaah. can u help me out?:(

    • Hi Marise,

      With very little time to prep, I think you should just choose a theme that would be easy to prepare so that if you do decide on having a theme, it will not look “pilit” or all over the place. Some easy themes would be the butterfly theme. Hang colorful japanese paper shaped into a butterfly around the venue. Have a butterfly release at your grand entrance. (check some companies at our suppliers page) Have a cupcake with butterfly toppings as your cake and party favor as well. You guests can wear colorful outfits like green, yellow, orange, blue solid colored polos and for the females colorful cocktail dresses.

      Another theme that is easy to pull off is the white party. Put white drapes and white japanese lanterns in your venue and you’re all set. Ask your guests to wear only white when coming to your party. White polo on white, cream or khaki pants for the guys and white sundresses for the girls. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

  10. I’m having a masquerade themed debut and I still have no idea what kind of souvenirs to give. I’m already getting a photobooth but i still want them to have something else. Please help.

  11. hi , im planning my debut to be a simple kiddie party. What souvenirs can you suggest? My birthday is next week still don’t have something.

  12. Hi! As I’ve said on the other page, I’ll be having a house party. And I’m thinking to give my guests a cupcake as their souvenir. Is it okay?

    • Hi Ianne,

      Yes, cupcakes are very much okay. Cupcakes are becoming one of the more popular party favors nowadays because it can fit into any theme, not to mention they taste super great.

  13. Hi! I need ideas for my souvenirs. I’m having a Barbie-Fairytale themed party. 🙂 I want something unique and practical! NOT the usual figurines. Thanks! 😀

    • Hi Mai (,

      If you are feeling bold enough and you have the budget, you can go crazy like give away a blonde wig to your girl friends and a Ken-like wig to guys. Maybe you can also give away cute trinkets like small barbie dresses or shoes and attach a tag there that includes your name and message to your guests.

      Hope this helps!

  14. Hello there! I am having a Hollywood-inspired party on December. I will definitely have a photobooth in my party, but I still want to have a different souvenir, would you help me on deciding what it could be? I can’t think of anything that could be useful and at the same time, related to the theme. Thank you very much! Your site really helped me planning out! Kudos to you, sis! 🙂

    • Hi Lara Marie,

      Glad to hear that we’ve helped you with your debut. 🙂

      Hollywood is not just about the glamour and fanfare of the red carpet. It is also about great movies. So, for your dilemma, you can use DVDs of your favorite movies as a souvenir – it’s practical and useful. You can even hype it up a little by pairing a DVD with a container of popcorn. A basket of things for a great in-home movie experience is also a great idea . Hope this helps!

  15. HELP! I’m turning 18 this May 15, 2011.. and were not yet decided of what were gonna have for our souvenirs.. its a pool party.. give me some ideas please.

    • Hi Shara,

      Great theme! Perfect for this hot summer!

      There are so many ideas that you can use to pattern your souvenirs to. You can give something that is quite useful to your guests. Since everyone is big on being green why not give out reusable tote bags? Choose colorful bags that is perfect for summer. Your guests can use the bags on their summer getaways!
      Colorful Tote Bags” alt=”Bags” />
      You can either fill the bags with different goodies that one should not leave without when going on a pool o beach party like sunscreen, bottle of water or one of those cutsie plastic sunglasses. You can also leave it as it is. If you want something a little more creative, personalize the bags! Have your name and birth date printed on it.

      Another great party favor idea for a pool part is to give out funky flip-flops. You can find very inexpensive flip-flops in bargain centers. You can put some beads on it to add some funk and style or monogram the initial of your names on it. Wrap the flip-flops with twine or wrap it first in colorful Japanese paper for added color.

      Flip-flops” alt=”Flip-flops” />
      These are just a couple of ideas for party favors if your planning a pool theme party. You can also give out small beach balls, if you the budget, personalized bull caps or water guns or squirters for something totally fun and unexpected! There are so many ideas that you can use for your souvenirs. Just think of what you will bring or need when going to a pool and it will be a breeze! 😉

  16. Hey, I’m having a burlesque/moulin rouge-inspired theme on my debut this August and I’m still wondering what I could give out as souvenirs..I hope you could suggest some ideas. And thanks for the other ideas that I could use to change the traditional 18 roses and candles; CAN CANdles is such a wonderful idea. 🙂

    • Hi Janine,

      I think that’s a wonderful idea to – Can-Candles! Anyway, maybe you can give away a fancy hat with feathers, or feathered gloves or perhaps a Thank You card with an embedded diamond (doesn’t have to be real though) and then include a quote saying: “Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend!” something like that.

      Good luck on your preparations! 🙂

  17. good day! i thought of having a red, black and white themed debut on september. Unforrtunately, i haven’t thought of a good give away yet. i need suggestions from experts like you. . thanks so much in advance! 🙂

    • Hi Nadine,

      You can buy generic party favors like key chains, cellphone trinkets, mini stuffed toy, even perfume, lotion, body wash, hand sanitizers in small bottles and then wrap them in red, black and white wrappers. Burn some of your favorite songs in a CD and print your logo (from your invite) as its cover. Also, how about chocolates in red, white and black wrappings or dark and white chocolate kisses or M&Ms. Hope this helps.

    • Hi eyphrille,

      You can give away white sandals (flip flops), sarong, tie-dyed shirts, bottled sand art, CD with 10 beach-related songs, beaded necklaces or bracelets. Hope this helps.

  18. Thank you, Debut Ideas, for your great site. It really helped me with the planning of my daughter, Dara Chelsie Jade come August. Your ideas are super brilliant…that makes you a real genius. I owe a lot to you and may God bless you more for sharing all of them in return.

    • Hi Vivien,

      Thank you very much for reading our website. We have worked hard to come up with the tips and ideas in this part of the world wide web. Every article here has our heart in it to help our dear debutantes plan the perfect 18th birthday celebration.

      We wish you and your daughter success and may she have the best debut party ever!

      Happy Birthday Dara Chelsie Jade!

      – Debut Ideas

  19. Hi!!! I’m having a Katy Perry-ish inspired party. With lots of bursting colors and sweets. What can be my souvenirs? :)) Please help me. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Nikki,

      You can have lootbags full of very colorful sweets, or colorful cupcakes as souvenirs! You can have the cupcakes customized even! There are many cupcake makers out there who do these things for you like Kookies Rock. Just tell them what you want and they will help you create a unique edible giveaway.

      Happy Planning!

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