Make your Fairy dreams come true!

fairy lights for a fairy themed birthday

It’s a Fairy-tale!

Your last day to childhood and first day to womanhood should be as magical as fairies. So, why not have a fairy-theme for your debut? Remember that fairies are creatures of nature so let this be your guiding element when planning your fairy theme party.

Welcome to Fairyland

You can send out an invitation shaped as wings. With wire, mesh cloth or gauzy fabric and a few glitters, you can create a small fairy wing to set the tone of your party. You can also send a vial of glitters together with your invitation stating that they have been some fairy dust to bring them to Fairyland.

You can also use thick paper and burn the sides to make it look like it is an old parchment or has been made from the bark of a tree. Use a calligraphy pen or Gothic script. Roll the paper and tie it with ribbon. Sprinkle some glitter on the paper before you roll it so when they open your invitation a few “fairy dusts” will escape.

The Fairyland

Fairy lights for debut party celebration

If you plan to have your party outdoors, pick a venue that has huge trees or full of trees and shrubs. This will add to the ambience of your party. Place some Japanese lanterns on the trees or string some Christmas lights on the trees to symbolize fireflies floating above the venue. For an indoor location, you can also use Christmas lights as decorations. Make sure you string as many as you can to provide an elegant, yet cozy, ambience.

For both an indoor or outdoor venue, line the walkway leading to the entrance with tall lit torches to add to the magical atmosphere you are trying to create. As an added element, tie some small bells or wind chimes on the trees.

As a centerpiece for each table, no need to spend too much on flowers. You can use branches with interesting shapes. Spray them with adhesive glue and put some glitters on it for some sparkle. Place some green moss at the bottom to mimic a tree with grass at the bottom. You can also put some scented tea light candles below your centerpiece.

For an ethereal look, put some butterflies and birds on white cages – preferably love birds. You can also drape some gauzy fabric across the ceiling of your venue to add mystery. It would be great if you can find a harp or other string instruments to be part of your decorations.


Fairy themed 18th debut party

This birthday party theme is a great excuse for you to don a pair of wings. You can dress up as the Fairy Princess or Queen and have your escort wear a Fairy King costume. Place high-back chairs at the front of the venue as your designated thrones. Do not forget your wreaths! Use small white flowers like aster or baby’s breath for the wreath.

Your guests can wear fairy wings to the party. Pastel colors are great color themes for a fairy-theme party. Pink, yellow, green and blue are some cool colors that guests can wear.

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  1. hello. i need ur suggestions with regards of my motif and theme because i can’t really decide what should be the right theme for me. i super love color pink and i love angels too.. what comes in my mind is a pink angel and i don’t know what would be the right term of it as to become my theme. :))

    • Hi Shobz,

      I don’t know but the term “blush” just came to mind when you said pink. I began thinking of an angel blushing pink! I love the idea of angels as your theme. You can enter the venue sparkling by having the spot light on you while you’re wearing a pretty shiny and silky white and pink dress. You can wear small wings too, that would be cute! (don’t wear big wings). Good luck on your Angel Blush themed debut!

    • Hi Dlynn,

      Red and black? Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, especially with the red queen there and the white queen with the super dark lipstick. But pwede rin itong Renaissance-themed party. Pero usually kasi namimili muna dapat ng theme before the color kasi the theme is the more personal / intimate thing to consider dahil a theme relates to your personality. Try thinking first of what you want in your party tapos isipin mo if you can use the red and black color motif.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Debut Ideas,

    please suggest a beautiful and elegant gown for this theme and please help me have an idea on how to do my invitation card. please, i need your major help.

    • Hi yam,

      Do you know Arwen from Lord of the Rings? The headpieces she wore in that movie are gorgeous and they may fit your theme! For the outfit, maybe you can go for a flowy chiffon dress and top it off with beautiful wings!

      For the invitation, perhaps you can have it printed on an old parchment paper with an accompanying small bag or box. In that container, put some fine glitters (fairy dust). Or you can just have the invite in an envelope, and just put the fairy dust there. 🙂

      Hope we have helped in any way.


    • Hi Yambi,

      For fairytale themes, try wand ballpens or pencils, figurine fairies, mini fairy wings, cute bottles with glitters inside (wishes), colognes and lotions, fairy cellphone trinkets or keychains, wing shaped white chocolates, etc. Hope this helps.

  4. hi! can you please help me with the theme of my debut? i want it to be unique because my friends and classmates already did the themes like hollywood, barbie, princess, and fairytale in their debuts. thank you!

    • Hi Elysa,
      There are hundreds of themes you can choose from. We have provided some themes and ideas in this site but you don’t have to be confined with our ideas only. Be more creative. Know yourself, your tastes and preferences, your favorite things, and you will come up with a theme that is very unique to your personality. You can also search Google for some theme suggestions other sites may offer.
      Hope this helps!

  5. hey debut ideas, im all set for this theme, but my major problem now is the wordings for my tarpauline and for snapinabox, please help me ! 🙂

    • Hi Yambi,

      How about Fairies in their dresses, pretty.. for Yambi’s eighteenth birthday party! Yambi’s 18, save the date! This party is going to be great!. Hope this helps.

  6. helo poh….just want to ask.. ano ang magandang theme sa isang debut..? yong maganda pero simple… yong mamakaya lng suotin ng mga bisita ko po… yong hindi sla gaanong na pre-preasure sa pg hahanap ng susuotin,..? at saka anong tmang dmit para sa debut ko po.. tnx po.. i’l be waiting for your answers.

    • Hi Sheil,

      You can check out our debut themes and ideas pages:

      Marami kang makikitang ideas. We can’t really say what’s “maganda” because it depends on your taste! If you want something na hindi mappressure ung guests mo to look for outfits, just state in your invitation: Formal or Semi Formal or Smart Casual. Alam na nila yun na they don’t need to look for costumes.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      Hi Donna,

      What do you mean flow? The program? You can go with this or modify it according to your taste:

      1. Introduction of debutant
      2. Toast in honor of the debutant
      3. Invocation / prayer
      4. Welcome remarks (by parents)
      5. Open bar for appetizers
      6. Father and daughter dance
      7. Grand cotillion waltz dance (if any)
      8. Dinner (simultaneous with AVP or entertainment)
      9. Pictorial with guests (per table)
      10. 18 Roses dance, 18 candles presentation
      11. Singing of traditional debutante birthday song
      12. Blowing of cake candles, then cutting of cake
      13. 18 Treasures
      14. Games
      15. A Word from the Debutante
      16. Dance party

      That depends on how much time is allotted for the entire program. If you don’t have much time, just include 2 18s (18 roses/dance and 18 treasures) — you can replace these according to your chosen theme.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Of course there are other themes out there aside from the articles here in our site. Just be creative and you’ll be able to come up with a unique theme for your birthday party / debut celebration. By the way, we have an article on the Alice in Wonderland Theme in our site. =)

      Hope this helps.

  7. hi there 🙂 I’ve been reading your comments to other people and i find them helpful (i guess for them as well) so I decided to ask for some help. I’ll be having my debut February next year and I’m still confused on what to do and how to plan. I have themes in my mind but i don’t know how to put them together. like i want a GLEE party inspired by the hit TV show because it’s my favorite show and even my name matches the show (some of my friends actually call me berry). i don’t know how will i make the invites and how will i decorate the place and what venue to use in the first place. Hope you can help me 🙂 btw i thought of having slushee for my drinks like the ones used in the show so maybe you can suggest more food ideas. i will really appreciate your help. more power to your site 😀

    • Hi Janice,

      You can look for costumes in Camp Suki in New Manila.
      Camp Suki is located at: #88 4th Street, New Manila, Quezon City (beside Mt. Carmel Church)
      Tel. No: (63-2) 725-0819; (63-2) 725-4562; Cell Number: 0917-824-6900

      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi! 🙂 I’m about to have this theme on FEBRUARY 12, 2011 for my debut. Maybe you can advice me on this:

    1) what HAIRSTYLE?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Princess,

      My impression of fairies are that they always look so flawlessly and naturally beautiful. That is why I would suggest draped gowns or something flowy for the dress, something that moves with the wind, something made from chiffon and other flowy materials. Something like this click here and this click here. For hairstyle, I suggest you either wear your hair down with some natural curls like this click here and then wear some sort of head dress made of fresh flowers click here. You can also wear your hair in a loose bun like this click here with flower ornaments. Hope this helps.

  9. hi :> hm . can you help me to choose whats the right theme for me ? i was thinking about 80’s theme but i knoe some of my guest will not cooperate ! so help me pls i want a unique theme not a simple but bongacious . i like hello kitty , pink stuff ! kikay po ko e :>> salamat po !

    • Thanks Jona!

      I’m sure you’ll be able to decide which one is best for you. Just remember, when deciding a theme for your party go for the one that fits your personality and one that you will truly enjoy. Happy planning!

  10. My one and only daughter will turn 18 this july, we are Baptist Bible believing Christian, i dont have theme, venue,dress style for her. We live in Vigan City but if possible i want it done in metro manila coz mostly our relative live there. i want it simple, unique different from ussual debut. she likes color green and violet.
    Please help me, consider my budget also.
    thanks a lot.

    • Hi Glecy,

      Your daughter’s dress, decoration, favors and invitations will all fall into place once you have chosen a theme. A budget does not have to limit your options when it comes to choosing one. There are several ways you can cut-back on your expense as long as you let your imagination run wild.

      July is a rainy month so you might consider having you venue indoors. You can check out our lits of venues to help you get started. If she is set on having it outdoors, you may want to choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor areas. So, in case it rains your guests has somewhere to take cover. 😉

      Now, if you have a budget in mind and would like to give a fabulous debut for your only daughter here are some several suggestions:
      1) Instead of going for a specific theme (like Alice in Wonderland, Casino Night, etc), make her favorite color the main theme of the party. Have you heard of a White Party? It’s basically the same, but in her case it can be a Green or Violet Party or a combination of both. You can coin it in a different manner, however, so it won’t be too “plain”. In her invitation, you can put “Let’s Get Violet!” or “Green is In”. Then, surround your party planning ideas around the color she has chosen.
      Green is in!
      2) She can also choose to have a specific theme. We have several great ideas and themes in our website that does not need a huge budget to pull-off. Let her choose one that she really likes and go from their. One great tip is to not buy all the things you need for the party, but try to make as many things by yourself as possible. Ask friends and family! I’m sure they’ll be glad to help. This way, you can use the budget for some other things (like venue, food, etc)

      Hope this helps!

  11. hello
    im having this theme for my debut this august and please help me execute it. suggest other names for my 18s, dance/rose (what color of rose shall i use), candles (my guests would have wands that has star candles on it) and treasures.
    im going to make fairy crowns for my girl guests would that be okay if its already a souvenir? or please suggest party favors. and what would be something that boys could wear?
    and please suggest songs that are in nowadays or something from disney fairytales.

    im going to be the princess of the night, any suggestion for my gown? i want it to be balloony and for my change outfit i want it to be a tool dress so it would be flowy!

    and whats the coolest invitation and please help me out with the wordings!

    my mom is abroad thats why im doing it alone and before she comes back everything is already settled all she has to do is pay pay and pay!

    im looking forward for a response from you debut ideas! 🙂 more power!

    • Hi Buja,

      Great choice for your theme! 🙂

      For your 18 roses, I think yellow roses would look great and will go well with your Fairy theme. You may also use white roses since both have that ethereal and fantasy-like appeal to them.

      As for your favors, the fairy crown sounds cute. 🙂 For the guys, you can give them small cakes wrapped in lace and ribbon. You can actually give these as favors for everyone! Sprinkle some edible glitter on top like fairy dust. 😉 You can use cookies, cupcakes or cakes for this kind of favor. Favors

      You can also check out some of our suggestions for party favors.

      There are so many Disney fairytale movies that you can choose from! I suggest you look for songs within your favorite one. Or you can check out are many list of Debut Songs.

      For your gown, you can pattern it on one of the gowns in a Disney movie, but, of course, in a more mature design. You can choose to have full formal gown:
      Full gowngownFull gown
      Your fairy-like gown should be flowy or has movement. It is also a great idea to choose a vibrant color for this gown so you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd! It can be quite simple as the gown belowFairy gown

      or it can be quite colorful.Fairy gown

      It is also a great to choose a gown that is more “fairy-like”
      fairy-like gownFairy-like gown

      Now, when it comes to your invitation it is important that your theme is stamped all over it, so to speak, so your guests will immediately know what you debut party is all about. A simple invitation is to roll-up your invitation and place it inside a glass jar. Fill the jar with colorful glitters to resemble fairy dust and tie some different ribbons on it.

      Another great idea is to use small bells as your invitation. Tie some ribbon and the invite to the bell. You can write “Ring this bell and come to my Fairyland”.

      Hope these suggestions help!

      Hope these helps

  12. heyy there, Debut Ideas! :>

    i’ll be having my debut this june and i am still confused to what theme will i use? i love pink and angels, and as what i’ve read from the comment above, the idea of Angel Blush is really nice! my mom even liked it. but i’ve got no idea how to decorate the whole place?

    and my gown is silky flowy pink and my mom wants me to stand out in the crowd. so what will my visitors wear?

    and lastly, i’ve got this idea for my invitations, just a picture with the words of invite. but got no idea of what type of photoshoot will i do with this type of theme. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :>

    • Hi Poi,

      Sorry for not replying soon. Angel Blush is a cute theme. Pink is really a lovely color for debutantes. Pretty in Pink. Hanging drapes of white and baby pink will give your venue a touch of heaven that you need. Also different shades of pink flowers on the stage or a flower arc on your entrance will also be a nice addition. Your visitors may wear white so that it will be like a white party so that you will be the only one who is wearing pink. Since your theme is about angels, how about dressing as an angel and posing with a harp like here.. click for picture or maybe just a little harp will do. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi! ano kayang pwedeng replacement ng 18 roses, candles and treasures for a princess themed debut? and okay lang ba yung combination ng red, white and aqua blue? thanls!

    • Hi Almira,

      We have an article for 18 names options here. 18 Ideas and we have there specifically for a princess theme. As for the color, white and aqua blue reminds me of the beach, ocean, summer, something tropical, while red is more moulin rouge, masquerade, etc., so I’m not sure if it can be combined. Hope this helps.

  14. hi debut ideas. )

    ahmm. can you please give me some ideas for my invitations. my debut will be on april 27 and still i don’t have my invitation design and the format 🙁 . my theme will be candy. 🙂 and also can you please give me some additional ideas on how to decorate my venue. it would be a garden. thank you. <3 please answer.

  15. hi debut ideas. )

    ahmm. can you please give me some ideas for my invitations. my debut will be on april 27 and still i don’t have my invitation design and the format 🙁 . my theme will be candy. 🙂 and also can you please give me some additional ideas on how to decorate my venue. it would be a garden. thank you. <3 please answer

  16. Hi debut ideas,
    I will be having my debut on May 2012 and I think of a butterfly theme debut party, My motif is pink and black. Can you suggest me how will I decorate my venue and my invitation too and the flow of the program give me some unique gimmicks too please? badly need your help. thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

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