Celebrating in Style: Looking Great in your Dream Debut Outfit

how to look great in your debut party outfit

Juggling friends, family, school and extracurricular activities is hard enough as it is.  Imagine throwing a party on top of it.  The constant stress of party planning and late night parties with friends celebrating their 18th birthday could take its toll on your body.  If your debut party is up and you are worrying about how you will look on that special day, don’t fret!  We have some tips to make you look fabulous on your dream 18th birthday party!

Have fun party planning

Don’t stress yourself too much during the planning process. Plan early on.  Remember that stress contributes to the outbreak of pimples and you wouldn’t want to have zits on your 18th birthday celebration right?

Go to the gym or jog at your campus as often as your schedule permits.  Ask your friends to join you so it won’t be that tedious.  Go over some details of the party with your friends while running on the treadmill.  This is probably a time when multitasking gets fun – you can take care of your health by staying in shape while bonding with your friends and doing some party planning on the side.

Get help from a professional

Consult a designer or a seamstress.  The reason for this is that a professional always knows what’s best for you especially when you have problem areas that need to be covered up.  The designer will most likely know more about gown styles than you do.  You may want to give some input on what style you love and the designer can start from there and try her best to make it work.  The way you look in your gown depends on the way it is fitted on you.  An excellent seamstress will make that style work for your body.

Study your body type

If you are not going to hire a designer or seamstress, make sure to know your body type and study what types of outfits suit you best. Choose a gown that will flatter your assets and hide your flaws.

Dark-colored matte gowns automatically make you look thinner.

A plain light-colored gown with no embellishments will make you look fat.

The fabric used also makes a lot of difference.  Choosing matte fabrics like chiffon or organza will help hide flaws.  Shiny fabric such as silk, tafetta, or satin will highlight flabs on your body.  Fitted silk or satin gowns will definitely highlight those imperfections.

Aside from color and fabric, the design of the gown can also be your friend when choosing your debut dress.  Pick vertical patterns to make you look thin.  Vertical patterns give the body a longer silhouette.

If you are curvy on the wrong places and your body is completely not toned, your gown will have an uneven fall. The best solution is to put ruching to create ruffles or petals and other embellishments on the dress, which is usually more effective if done diagonally. This will make you look thin, will not add to the lines on your waist and will even create a curvy silhouette on your waist area if done properly.  If you have a straight body, wearing a corset underneath your gown will create a waist for you.

Flaunt what you got

Now, if you have beautiful assets, flaunt them!  Enhance them by picking a gown style that will do just that.  For instance, if you have nice bust and waistline, go for a corseted gown.  If you have good curved hips, choose a shorter dress or gown to accentuate it even more.

If you are a little heavy on the hips, choose an A-line skirt. This will create a slimming effect. Wearing a puffed skirt to hide those hips would only make it more prominent.  Always remember to avoid bulky fabric on flabby parts.

Read our post for tips on what gown or dress styles fit certain body types.

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