Partying K-pop Style

Taken by Republic of Korea via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo by: Republic of Korea Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The term K-pop refers to the musical genre that started in South Korea. However, its meaning has also encompassed anything that touches on the popular culture in the country. From how they look and dress, to how they dance and act, Koreans have definitely set an impression globally with their distinct taste and strong individuality.

The fame of K-pop stars, such as the very quirky Psy, the sexy Wonder Girls, the beautiful ladies of Girls’ Generation and the handsome guys of Super Junior, has us all in awe not just with their talents but also with the trends they set.

Adding the “K” in your debut party

If you want to party K-pop style, you will need to understand what makes the Korean popular culture click with the rest of the world!

The K-Outfit

2NE1’s quirky fashion sense is a great inspiration for your K-pop inspired debut outfit. Photo from: Carmela Nava (CC BY 2.0)

Being fearless in fashion is what our neighbor Asians are known for. Koreans love going extremes – from pale to bold colors; simple to the most unusual designs; none to dozens of accessories. For a truly Korean get-up, muster the courage to wear the boldest and quirkiest outfit. Remember, you are the star of the night so you need to stand out. Channel your inner K-pop diva and be confident in whatever you are wearing for your debut party.

Korean Pop Star Psy
Korean Pop Star Psy has upbeat songs that you and your debut party guests can definitely dance to!
Photo by: Eva Rnaldi (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Invitations, thank you cards and giveaways

Teddy Bear Trinket
Our neighbor Koreans love cutie trinkets like this teddy bear here. Photo by: Horia Varlan (CC BY 2.0)

Koreans are fond of cute items, and when we say “cute”, we mean stuffed toys and trinkets! If you watch a Korean movie or series, look at the cellphones of the characters. Most often than not, you’ll see an accessory or a fluffy trinket hanging from the ladies’ phones. Even the men have them too!

Incorporate the “cutie stuff” in your party by giving away small stuffed toys, cellphone charms or keychains. You can also include a toy when distributing your debut party invites to hint of a fun party you will be throwing.

Program: The “18s”

Our ideas for the 18s include:

  • 18 Gangnam Poses – The participants will have to create a pose based on Gangnam Style’s dance choreography. When they go up the stage, they will make the pose in front of the camera. The pictures taken are cute and funny keepsakes that can be preserved in the debutante’s photo album.
  • 18 Gwiyomi Poses – This hit Korean song features poses that include the face. There are endless possibilities for this. Let your friends be creative and make their own poses. When they go up the stage, they will make the pose that the debutante will imitate. A photograph will then be taken of the debutante and her friend at their cutest!

Imbibe the Korean popular culture to make your K-pop 18th birthday party a hit.

Happy planning!


  1. Hello Debut ideas!
    Thank you so much for creating this website you guys are a really great blessing.
    I hope you guys post more ideas.. A lot of great ideas for my 18th birthday came from your website. 🙂
    I really want to have a Paris and Fashion runway themed party,would it be a great idea to combine both themes? Or not?
    Can you please give me suggestions what to wear? What kind of hairstyle?
    Can you also please suggest what souvenirs are great for Paris and fashion runway themes?
    Thank you so much! I hope you reply soon.. More power and God bless!

    • Hi Jillian Myka,

      Thank you so much! We love helping debutantes like you so we’re trying our best to get our ideas out here for you guys 🙂

      Yes it would be perfectly okay to combine a Paris and a fashion runway theme. Besides, there actually is a Paris Fashion Week. But if you want to make your debut distinctly “Parisian” yet adhering to the program of a runway show, maybe you can just recreate a Parisian vibe in your venue, perhaps by playing a background music that’s distinctly French, like this one.

      Hope this helps!

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