To debut.. or not to debut

Many teenagers are faced with the question whether to have a debut party or not. Some choose to have a party, which takes them months to prepare, while some opt to save up instead for things like a computer, cellphone, car or a trip.

Not all people know, however, that debut parties need not be lavish and grandiose. A party that can only hold 5 -10 people can still be called a debut! In the Pinoy context, the term debut does not lie on the intimacy or the extravagance of a party. Debuts can be as simple as a get-together of long lost friends and kins. As long as people acknowledge that you are now a lady and ready to conquer anything, the society welcomes you with open arms. You are a debutante in all its sense.

You are 18 and ready for the world!
Want your debut featured?

We would love to know how you, our dear readers, spent your 18th birthday! Why not share with us your memorable night? Your debut story may even inspire other debutantes out there to have a meaningful 18th birthday celebration.

If you want us to feature your debut party, please email us your story with your beautiful photos at party(a) A special gift awaits you!

Jam & Lizette

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