casino themed party

A Casino Night 18th Birthday Party

September 29, 2010 lizette 10

If you and your friends love dressing up, this is a great theme for you! Casinos always prefer their guests to dress to impress which should also be the case for your Casino-themed 18th birthday party. Have your guests come in their best formal attire that’s fit for a glamorous night out in town!

fairy lights for a fairy themed birthday

Make your Fairy dreams come true!

July 29, 2010 lizette 44

Your last day to childhood and first day to womanhood should be as magical as fairies. So, why not have a fairy themed 18th birthday party? Remember that fairies are creatures of nature so let this be your guiding element when planning your fairy theme party. // Image:

Alice in Wonderland, tea party

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Theme

June 7, 2010 lizette 34

Becoming 18 is like opening up a whole new adventure for you. What’s more adventurous than starting your “adult” life with a mad adventure to Wonderland? So for your 18th birthday why not be Alice and have your party in Wonderland?

pink cocktails

How to Organize a Cocktail Party for your Debut

May 22, 2010 lizette 15

If you want to have a debut party with minimum hassle, consider a cocktail party. Cocktail parties are usually short and sweet but sophisticated at the same time. They are a great way to celebrate your very special 18th birthday!

Anna Kendrick tiara inspiration

Featured Designer: Tracy Dizon, on matching headpieces

May 18, 2010 lizette 2

Debut Ideas recently took interest in accessories especially headpieces that can turn any outfit into something fabulous. A dress may look too plain and simple for a special occasion like your debut party, but this does not mean that you can’t make it work! Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and innovation to make any outfit unique.

A Renaissance Birthday: Hark as we tell Tales of a Beauteous Faire!

April 22, 2010 lizette 20

You’re now a debutante and more ready for adventures than ever! So for your eighteenth birthday celebration, why not explore a lavish festivity and have serious fun through a Renaissance inspired 18th birthday celebration? A Renaissance party is a luxurious and majestic celebration, so make sure to give it your all once you settle for this party theme!


More on Color: Think Turquoise!

April 13, 2010 lizette 8

Color forecasts for fashion tag turquoise as the color of the year. So you might want to consider being pretty in this trendy hue for your grand debut. It is not as cliché as Barbie pink or as loud as hot pink. Turquoise is a good balance of a strong, youthful color offering sophistication…

Featured Designer: Aan Pineda, on Spring-themed Debut

April 3, 2010 lizette 25

Debut ideas asked designer Aan Pineda to sketch us a debutante’s gown set in a garden or a spring-themed celebration. Aan, an instructor at the School of Fashion and the Arts is a master of beadwork and embellishments and a Filipino designer with years of experience in the Middle East.

Warm Color Inspirations for your Debut Party Motif

March 27, 2010 lizette 31

Aside from your theme, you also have to think of your color motif to place every element in your party, in harmony. We have prepared some warm color schemes to provide you with suggestions and ideas on what colors to match. We will add some shades and color hues from time to time.