Here is a list of some games that we thought would add excitement to your 18th birthday party. We will be adding more to the list so feel free to come back anytime. If you have other games in mind that you want to share, please drop us a line at party(a)



Pick 10 or more players for this game. Make them face the audience. Begin the game by asking one of the guest what they brought to your debut party. (it may or may not be true)

“For Jam’s debut party, I brought a jar of peanut butter.”

The next person must add another item to the one that the previous person brought.

“For Jam’s debut party, I brought a jar of peanut butter and a can of paint.” or “For Jam’s debut party, I brought a jar of peanut butter and my favorite foaming facial wash.”

This can go on until a person makes a mistake, then he/she is out of the game.

It can actually get pretty tricky as they think of complicated stuff to add to the list. The last man/woman standing is the winner.

This can also be good for small simple dinner parties with friends and family.



Make a list of things and facts about you, like things you did, stuff you own, things you dream about, plans you have, etc. Add things that you wish you did but didn’t, wish you own but don’t have, etc. Ask a guest one question and he will say whether it is fact or fiction.

For example: “I had a tattoo under my belly button which my dad grounded me for. Fact or fiction.” When the guest guesses correctly, he/she wins a prize. If he/she guesses incorrectly, he/she gets a punishment.



A word/phrase guessing game is a cool game for a simple debut party such as a slumber party. A charade is always a fun game to have. The only difference is that everything is all about the debutante. For instance, the players will act on the debutante’s favorite past time, favorite movies, novel, singer, artist, etc.



Being 18 and an adult also means being aware of some social issues and trying to help out in any way you can. This is a great way to start. Do a fund-raising activity by having an auction and the proceeds will go to your favorite charity. However, this is an auction like no other. Your guests are going to bid on the things they can’t see. It will be concealed on a paper bag. It may be your well-loved stuffed toy or a precious bracelet or some left over dessert, an apple perhaps. Make a short and vague description about the thing being auctioned so they at least have an idea. I’m sure your friends and family will love to help you out on this endeavor.



The idea is to eat a grape in a bowl. Place a grape in a bowl and ask them to eat it. Players may think it is easy and harmless but just before they start, you fill the bowl with whipped cream to make it harder and more exciting. The one who finds the grape the fastest wins.



This is nice for slumber parties and other simple dinner parties with your friends and family. It is so fun to play and it will even be caught on camera. Imagine the anxiety of handling with care a digital camera as well as getting rid of it immediately. Pure heart pounding excitement!

You will need to pick at least 5 to 10 players for this. Players sit in a circle, preferrably in a carpeted floor or something padded (you’ll see why later). The first player sets the timer on the camera, then points the camera at him or herself for a moment (camera should be kept at arm’s length). He or she then passes it to the person on the left or right, who repeats the process until the timer goes off and the camera takes a picture. The person holding the camera when it goes off is punished and then gets eliminated.

Write some funny punishment beforehand and put it in a bowl after which losing players will get to pick their punishment from the bowl. For instance, drawing marks or lines on the loser’s face using lipstick and then taking a picture of it. Each player will have a different punishment, all of them caught on cam. Then the game begins again.

With all the commotion of getting rid of the camera, it couldn’t be helped that it might get dropped. I suggest to not use an expensive camera for this one. Don’t you think the carpet plays a very important role here?



Print out lyrics of your favorite songs on a piece of paper and stick them on your guests’ chairs. The host will then ask them to look under their chairs for this piece of paper. If they can guess the title of the song or the artist who sang it, they get a special prize. Of course, you should choose songs that are in keeping with your theme (if you have one). If you have a fairytale theme, choose songs from the Disney films’ soundtracks. If you have a beach-themed party, go for songs by The Beach Boys, and so on.



Have 10 or less guests form a circle in the middle of the room. Pass out a doll (a Barbie doll would be great) and have them kiss the doll anywhere (lips, cheeks, arms, legs, etc.). After everyone has kissed the doll, announce to them that they will then kiss the one next to them the same way they kissed the doll. This will bring forth laughter among the audience and contestants especially if some of the contestants kissed the doll in unexpected places.



(Emailed in by debutante, Pauline Lacson. She says you can vary it to suit your theme. Thanks Pauline. )

You can have a large group of people play this, and have one game host. All the people walk around at random shaking different players hands. When the host yells out “The boat is sinking, get into a group of 4” (a different number is called every time) the players have to get into a group of 4 as quickly as possible. Those that do not have a group of 4 are eliminated from the game.



Male guests vie for the debutante’s hand by answering questions with answers that must be the debutante’s choice. Persons with wrong answers will be eliminated. The last man standing wins and will be the debutante’s escort for the rest of the night. Now, this will be interesting if the debutante already has a boyfriend because she may be rooting for her boyfriend and would pattern her answers based on his. But then again, this game may be giving the debutante a chance to pick her escort from the bunch. To make this more accurate and fun in a match-making kind of way, the questions should be pre-answered by the debutante and will only be revealed after a question has been answered by all male participants.



This is best played with a ROCKER CHICK theme. Have your guests sing happy birthday in the rockest/punkest way they could. The one with the best and unique Happy Birthday song rendition wins.



If you have a GLAM theme, FASHIONISTA theme, a FASHION SHOW theme or a RUNWAY-INSPIRED theme, this game is best for you. You can ask participants to dance to a beat and when the music stops, they will make the fiercest pose they could do and freeze. The one who moves or poses badly gets eliminated.



This game is more appropriate for themes that are FASHION or RUNWAY related. Have at least five pairs of guests on stage. Ask them to dress up their partners using only a roll of tissue, afterwhich they will walk on the runway and pose their fiercest pose. The team with the most durable and prettiest design wins.




Photo: Select your cutest beauty shot without makeup. Print it in oslo paper (blow it up to size 8×11).
MakeUp: Eyeliner, lipstick, eye makeup and blush.

Have at least three to five FEMALE participants on the stage. Have them look at your photo for a good 30 seconds and another 30 seconds to look at their supplies: Eyeliner, lipstick, eye makeup and blush. Ask them to apply makeup on your photo. The trick is that they are going to do it blindfolded. The outcome I’m sure would be hilarious.

Another variation is getting three to five MALE participants instead. The big difference is that they are not blindfolded, but I’m positive the outcome would be equally hilarious.


I suggest you use cheap make up because I’m pretty sure they will be destroyed after the participants are done with it.

Makeup would stick best with an oslo paper rather than a photo paper, plus it is way cheaper to print it yourself than to have it blown up at a photo developing center.



This is a game good for debuts around the Christmas season. Have Christmas tree cutouts taped on the walls of your venue. Number each Christmas tree cutout and print questions related to Christmas. Upon entering the venue, provide your guests with pencil and paper and have them write down their answer to the numbered questions throughout the party. Ask them to place their answers in a fish bowl where you will pick five entries. The one among the five who got the most correct answers wins.

Sample Questions:

— On the fifth day of Christmas, what did “my true love give to me”? (five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.)
— Who was caught kissing Santa Claus? (Mommy)
— What did the Three Wise Men bring? (Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.)


For a GRECIAN-inspired debut party, print out a list of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses and what they each ruled over and make it into a quiz. Ask guests to match up the god or goddess with their power.



For a Greek inspired debut party, gather 10 guests and divide them into two teams. Dress the first player as a Roman with toga (a simple white cloth tied on one shoulder will do), a headress of gold leaves, slippers and a baton. The player will then walk the course and will pass the baton to the next player who will do the same thing until the last player has run the course. The fastest of the two teams wins.

This can be substituted with DRESS UP A SPARTAN where players are going to be all males. Players are going to be dressed with white linen underpants, cape and spear. It is just so hilarious to see grown men in diapers this day and age.



Two teams have to make the longest line possible by taking off their own clothing and laying it out on the ground.



Print a blown-up picture of Santa Clause without a beard. Have your players blind-folded and pin Santa’s beard on the blown-up picture. The one closest will win. This will be best played with a Christmas-inspired birthday party.



Buy ready-made clay or you can prepare a DIY clay beforehand:

Ingredients for clay:

4 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 3/4 cups water
food coloring (depending on what color motif you have)

You can make more if you plan on having different colors of clay.

Mix all ingredients and divide it into parts depending on how many players you have.

Ask them to make a snowman, angel, butterfly, flower (would also depend on your theme) in 1 minute and the clay that closely resembles it will be the winner. You can also give awards like Cutest Butterfly, Funniest Flower, etc. to add more fun into it.



This is nice for a PIRATES theme. Have a treasure chest up the stage. Fill it with your favorite things and add five or more items that will serve as decoy. Ask them:

“It has always been my favorite movie, go to treasure chest and give it to me.” (your guests will go to the treasure chest and bring you your favorite film)

“It’s my favorite color from the rest, bring that balloon to my treasure chest.” (your guests will choose one color from a set of balloons and bring it to you)

It’s sort of a “bring me” game but in this game, they have a lot of choices. only those people who know you well can answer them.



Prepare beforehand your venue by hiding things (a one-eyed eye patch, pirates hat, treasure map, mini treasure chest, etc). You can also hide loot bags of candies and chocolates. Ask the host at the start of the evening to announce that there are loot bags and other valuable things hidden around the venue. Prizes await those who find the treasures. Best played with a PIRATES THEME.


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