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Green Earth Theme Party

March 14, 2009 lizette 21

There are really many ways to create an earth-friendly debut party. Just be aware first of what’s happening with the environment right now so that you can think of what ways to help mother earth. Here are some tips we can give you on how you can celebrate a “green” 18th birthday!

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R, S, V and P: Why are these letters so important?

March 6, 2009 lizette 4

RSVP comes from the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” which means, “Respond, if you please!” It is self-explanatory actually, but it is beyond me why people find it so hard to RSVP. It is simply rude not to reply to an invitation. So are you coming or not?

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A Party that Rocks!

May 7, 2008 lizette 27

A cool rocker chic that you are deserves a party that spells attitude. So let a rockin’ debut roll your way with a rock ‘n’ roll party!

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Guide to Splurging VS. Saving

April 30, 2008 lizette 4

Do you wanna splurge or do you wanna save? It’s up to you! Read this article from Seventeen Magazine Philippines for your planning guide to spending for your debut party.

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Debut: The Basic Manual

April 30, 2008 lizette 340

Sometimes, debutantes forget even the simplest of things! So before anything, read these super simple guides regarding your debut essentials. Make this your first step to your debut planning. >>

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A Traditional Debut Planner

April 30, 2008 lizette 77

How do you plan for your debut party the traditional way? Seventeen Magazine Philippines gives us a rundown on the things to do as the special day approaches!

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7 Unconventional Party Ideas!

April 30, 2008 lizette 100

Debuts don’t have to be formal all the time. So why not make it into something you will truly enjoy and remember? Here are just some of the coolest ideas to consider in place of your usual formal cotillions, candles and roses. >>

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The Kind of Party Suit Just for You

April 30, 2008 lizette 19

“For the past few years, I’ve been attending a couple of parties and even made one for myself. To help you plan one for yourself, here are three types you could choose from…”

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Prepping yourself for a friend’s debut

April 28, 2008 lizette 2

18th birthday parties are fun to go to if you know what to wear and what to expect. So it’s better to know the basic stuff about attending an 18th birthday celebration, whether it’s in a formal or intimate setting.

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Butterfly Theme

April 28, 2008 lizette 74

Choosing a butterfly theme for your party can both be refreshing and dramatic. A butterfly is similar to you, the debutante, in the sense that you go through changes in your life just like what happens to a caterpillar when it turns into a butterfly…